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    ?Jered Dean, Associate Professor at Colorado School of Mines and creator of the PITSCO 3D Printing curriculum . We're taking a lot at one of the most interesting things to come down the pike in years.

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    3D printing & community broadband will change the world! Are you ready?

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    Feetz don't fail me now! Chattanooga this week unveiled several awe-inspiring 3D applications that development teams created this summer on the city's gig network. As broadband champions get their brains wrapped around 3D printing and the technology's potential benefits, it's immediately clear why your broadband plan should include 3D printing apps. Two companies from Demo Day give you an eye-opening peek at the future. 


    This is is a 3D printing manufacturer and retailer that creates custom-fit footwear for consumers of all shoe sizes. Using patented algorithms and snapshots from the customer’s phone, Feetz integrates custom sizing measurements with individual design preferences to bring comfort, fit and style into each pair of hyper-customized shoes.


    These folks have created a 3D printing manufacturer that provides contract medical devices for pre-surgical planning. Using patient-specific data,  the company creates anatomical 3D models that enable surgeons to plan procedures before operating on patients.

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    Tom Polson Allegra Printing with Kevin Hunter on TBFS Radio

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    Guest Tom Polson of Allegra Printing and Host Kevin Hunter discuss some of the challenges in business signage. Tom has the rare gift of being honest instead of being a "yes-man." He tells his clients what will work instead of what they want to hear. Tom's roles include how to make your business visible from the outside. Tom routinely drives by a place of business several times before going in to talk about what kind of sign they should have to see what would be the most suitable kind of sign.

    For more information, you can find Tom Polson and Allegra Printing at http://www.allegraep.com/ 

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    3D Printing Has Arrived! Now You Can Print Almost Anything!

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    Welcome to the Return of Your Community Science Class, bringing to you 30 Minutes of Science in the Afternoon!  Our upcoming program explores 3D printing and its implications for our lives.  What does it mean to be able to print almost anything?  What does it mean for medicine and healing that organs can now be printed from a scaffold with stem cells?  What about the 3D printed complete and fully operational gun called The Liberator that was released on May 3rd -- just a few weeks ago?  Join us as we explore the implications of this life altering technology.

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    The Future of Apparel Printing Inks with Rob Coleman

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    We are excited to welcome for the first time the 2013 Reggie Award winner for best sales/customer service representative from Nazdar, Rob Coleman. We are going to talk to Rob about .; the global move towards non-pvc and sustainable ink technologies, and how this will ultimately affect printers in the US.  

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page or join us live via the online chat below during the show.

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    Print is Not Dead, It's Just More Colorful

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    On December 10 my guests will be Lani Doktori, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Colorfast, a full service printer doing traditional offset, digital, and large format printing, and Nancy A. Shenker, the exclusive digital consultant to Colorfast, handling social media, e-mail marketing, and web enhancements for the company and its clients.

    Lani counts among her clients large, mid-size and small for-profit corporations, as well as non-profits. Her clients currently include companies in the health and fitness industry, doctors and lawyers, public relations and advertising companies, artists, restaurants, media companies and manufacturing firms, to name a few.  She sits on the Board of Directors of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce heading up their Women’s Committee.

    Nancy, the founder and CEO of theONswitch, has developed and honed her superpowers as a marketing leader through decades of experience and innovation.  As one of the field’s most experienced, pragmatic, and thorough strategists, she considers herself a “dual citizen” of both the traditional marketing world and the ever-evolving digital planet. Although she was trained as a classic brand marketer, she is fluent in all manner of social media marketing.

    Nancy has held senior marketing positions at major brand companies.  She has helped businesses, both small and large, launch, re-brand, and flourish.  Her experience and expertise spans a wide range of industries, including retail, food, fashion, kids and education, health and wellness, packaged goods, real estate and shelter, marketing services, technology, service businesses, and the event industry.

  • 2014 Reggie Awards Winners Announcements

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    Dust off the the old tuxedo it is that time of the year again where we announce the winners of the prestigious 2nd annual Reggie Awards. We will have as many of the winners on the program as possible and try to get some reactions to their winning the Reggie honors. Should be a great time.

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    Planning for 2015 - Part 2

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    This weeks show is a continuation of Terry and Aaron discussing their plans for 2015 and also how to best plan for the future in your business. Terry wrap up the ins and outs of training and operational planning while Aaron will tackle marketing and sales planning. This show will help all business owners be prepared to tackle 2015 and help you be successful.

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation at our Facebook or Google + Page or even hit us up on Twitter. Tell us about what you have going on in your business!

    Also don't forget to join us live via the online chat below during the LIVE show.

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    Model Railroading in the 21st Century

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    Model Railroading has been a popular hobby for many decades. This week, Kansas City Nathan, a model railroader himself, will be discussing the Model Railroading in the 21st Century.

    Long gone are the cracker-jack boxcars or half-hearted attempts to create quality locomotives and other rolling stock. Today, we have highly detailed models that are ready-to-run and highly detailed, to the point that rivet-counters are drooling! A newcomer to the hobby is 3D printing.

    This and much more will be discussed, we invite you to join in the conversation by calling 646-716-7106.

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    Robby answers the Liberty Candidate questions below:

    I) Re. the U.S. Financial System:
    1. What is your view of the monetary system in the U.S. today?

    The United States faces major challenges because of the Federal Reserve (FED). The Fed is a secret society that has devalued the face amount of the dollar by 95%. By printing money out of thin air, the FED has made the value of the dollar plummet and the prices for goods and services continue to climb. The FED does secret deals with top executives on Wall Street, loans money to foreign banks, manipulates interest rates, and has lined the pockets of those in political power. As President, I will push Congress for a full audit of the FED and have it shut down. According to Article I-Section 8 of the United States Constitution, “The Congress shall have Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures.” The Constitution does not give the power to a central bank (FED). This will change under my watch.

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    Show #8 - In Depth Look at Screen Printing

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    This is the fourth show in a 6 week series of shows where we dig down a bit deeper into each of the potential decorating methods we see in our industry on a regular basis. We will bring in experts as we can and try to talk as much details as available. The fine details will be up to you, the listener. Be sure to catch these episodes live and join our online chat room, or even interact live with the show through Facebook and Twitter.   For this 6 week series, we are going to be having a podcast every Friday so we can get all this information to you. Look for our next show on the 26th of April.   This week we will be discussing screen printing. This episode will cover all of the ins and out of screen printing. Terry will bring you his unique perspective on screen printing, from garage printer, large shop production manager, trainer and author. Aaron will just grilling him on all things screen printing. Should be fun!

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