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    Print is Not Dead, It's Just More Colorful

    in Business

    On December 10 my guests will be Lani Doktori, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Colorfast, a full service printer doing traditional offset, digital, and large format printing, and Nancy A. Shenker, the exclusive digital consultant to Colorfast, handling social media, e-mail marketing, and web enhancements for the company and its clients.

    Lani counts among her clients large, mid-size and small for-profit corporations, as well as non-profits. Her clients currently include companies in the health and fitness industry, doctors and lawyers, public relations and advertising companies, artists, restaurants, media companies and manufacturing firms, to name a few.  She sits on the Board of Directors of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce heading up their Women’s Committee.

    Nancy, the founder and CEO of theONswitch, has developed and honed her superpowers as a marketing leader through decades of experience and innovation.  As one of the field’s most experienced, pragmatic, and thorough strategists, she considers herself a “dual citizen” of both the traditional marketing world and the ever-evolving digital planet. Although she was trained as a classic brand marketer, she is fluent in all manner of social media marketing.

    Nancy has held senior marketing positions at major brand companies.  She has helped businesses, both small and large, launch, re-brand, and flourish.  Her experience and expertise spans a wide range of industries, including retail, food, fashion, kids and education, health and wellness, packaged goods, real estate and shelter, marketing services, technology, service businesses, and the event industry.

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    GYST DO IT! With The Pit

    in Art

    Guests Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder founded The Pit in 2014 as a creative exhibition space focused on emerging and mid-career Los Angeles based artists, with shows running every eight weeks. 

    The Pit is housed in a 600 square foot bay in Glendale, CA. Formerly a section of a mechanic’s auto shop, the space adjoins both artists’ studios.  Supplemental publications are designed and printed in-house on a Risograph printer. Limited artist editions are created and sold in conjunction with all exhibitions.



    Hosted by GYST-Ink Radio Manager Kara Tomé

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    The Riddle of the Simaniyot Nun

    in Christianity

    Inverted nuns are found in nine passages of the Masoretic Text of the Bible. The exact shape varies between different manuscripts and printed editions. In many manuscripts, a reversed nun is found—referred to as a "nun hafucha" by the Masoretes. In some earlier printed editions, they are shown as the standard nun upside down or rotated, because the printer did not want to bother to design a character to be used only nine times.  These are sometimes referred to in rabbinical literature as "simaniyot" (markers).

    Psalm 145 is an alphabetic acrostic, the initial letter of each verse being the Hebrew alphabet in sequence. (For this purpose, the usual Hebrew numbering of verse 1, which begins with the title, "A Psalm of David", is ignored in favor of the non-Hebrew numbering which treats verse 1 as beginning (Aromimkhaw, "I will exalt You"). But there is no verse beginning with the letter nun (?), which would come between verses 13 and 14.  That the absence of a verse beginning with that letter was noticed and was undisputed even in antiquity.

    However, the Septuagint provides a verse at this point which commences (in Hebrew) with nun— "Faithful is YHVH in all His ways, and merciful in all His works". . 

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    Computer America - Epson (XP-820 Small-In-One) ; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one: Epson.  Epson makes some of the finest printers available. Tune in when we discuss their latest model, the "Small-In-One" XP-820 all in one printer that prints, scans, faxes and copies on both sides of the page.  This amazing unit is the thrid genertion model and has some amazing refinements.  Tune in the hear all about it!

    Hour two: Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

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    Government Vs. Christians Round 361

    in Politics Conservative

    No, I haven't literally counted how many "rounds" we've had.  Actually, if I did literally count it might be more than that.  But, for today's show, I wanted to pick up and continue a little bit on where the show cut off Thursday on this case with this t-shirt printer in Kentucky forced to violate his conscience and his beliefs to pacify the aggressive gay activists.  I wanted to continue on it due to being cut off with my long winded style, and because there's some points made to me from people on the other side that I just can't let go concerning freedom, discrimination, and yes persecution in this country.  Along those lines, some news of California churches FORCED to provide abortion insurance coverage, and if time permits a Christian college maybe looking at losing its accreditation for not allowing homosexual acts on its campus.  Also, I've got to talk a bit about ebola and EV-D68 as well.  Right now, EV-D68 is of course a bigger mess than ebola.  Hopefully it stays that way.  But this is tragic.  This is tragic, this is uncalled for, grossly negligent IF, and more and more signs are pointing to this, IF this has come about primarily due to the illegals flooding our borders and being dispersed throughout the country.  I'll cover what I can, today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived afterward

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    Hewlett-Packard Shares Rise

    in News

    Hewlett-Packard shares rose Monday ... the comapny plans to separate its personal computer and printer business from its corporate hardware and services operations.

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    A Kind Voice on Employment, Opportunity and Innovation

    in Business

    As 3D printers become more affordable and functional, they will change the way we do business.  Today, we will interview Nicco Macintyre, of Zeni Kinetic, the makers of The Origin which is a professional grade 3-D printer sold at a consumer friendly price.  We will learn all about this game changing technology as well as the story of Zeni Kinetic and how they are helping to print the future...

    To learn more about Zeni Kinetic please check out their Kickstarter campaign.


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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 29

    in Education

    Carolyn Yeager and Ray Goodwin read and comment on the Feb. 27 to March 7th 1942 lunch and dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by trusted aide, attorney Heinrich Heim. Included in this episode:

    Hitler's planned response to the housing crisis - to build a million standardised houses a year for five years "after the war";
    His treasured experiences at Bayreuth and with the Wagner family;
    Stories about the NSDAP printer Müller and his women;
    Criticisms of women's vanities, followed by men's, followed by marriage and his acceptance of single mothers;
    How to treat the Eastern territories, plus school curriculums in Germany;
    The virtues and faults of the German language compared with others and usefulness of "borrowed words".


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    Is There a 3-D Printer in your Future?

    in Internet

    Everyone knows how handy a printer is to consumers and business people alike.  But how much more useful is a printer that can create products, mockups and even food in 3-D?  That's right techies, the latest craze in printing are machines that can turn your doodles into reality.  Where 3-D printers used to cost hundreds of thousands to own and operate, prices have fallen to the point whtere literally anybody can afford to own one.  Tune into this episode as we explore the many uses for going 3-D.

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    Future of Food: 3D Food Printer!

    in Food

    Super Food Network is your premier source for Nutrition. Get informed about the politics to food, food laws and how it effects your families health. Listen to what food experts are saying, what food are trending, food technology, food recalls, recipes and more.   Tune in Weekdays, 4:30 am (PST) on Blog talk radio and online at www.blogtalkradio.com & www.smilefoods.com anytime!  Super Food Network is brought to you by Smile Foods.

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    Why is wallpaper making a comeback? Let's talk.

    in Design

    If you're on Pinterest or follow any trendy designers, you know that wallpaper is being talked about. But why? Join us.

    It seems like the most-asked-about question in home decor used to be 'how do I remove wallpaper?' But these days wallpaper is now being recommended as a perfect way to add color and pattern in home design. So what happened? Why is wallpaper trendy again?

    Is it new patterns? Is it that wallpaper is easier to install and remove? Why?

    We want to know, so we're talking with wall coverings expert Laurie Laizure from Customized Walls. Laurie is the founder of the Interior Design Community on G+, IDC Hangout Host, Graphic Artist, Printer and Color Expert, Blogger, Social Media Guru.

    "My habit of surrounding myself with people that are more talented, intelligent, creative than I am, has made all the difference in my career. Printing in the art and design business is the best job in the world and I am lucky to be in it" - Laurie Laizure

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