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    Black Thoughts And Theory:The Radio Show - The Emasculation of the Black Male

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    Thursday's Topic: The Systematic Emasculation of the Black Male and the Intentional Decimation of the Black Family.

    This week Joseph Whitfield , Runningcowboys Futureattorney , and Alex Primo (Lex Primeone) will be tackling a subject that most of us don't really deal with too well. We will be examining,dissecting,and debating the systematic emasculation of the Black male in modern society and its devastatingly negative side-effects on the Black family dynamic.

    We will explore the current pattern of dismantling the strong male archetype and the love affair society seems to be having with dressing our young men in fashions that appear to come straight out of a women's workout catalog.

    We will also look at the pattern of silence. Men that don't have the courage or the voice to speak up in defense of righteousness or against injustice.

    So call (917)889-2830 between 9-11 pm EST to join the debate and be a part of the solution.

    And remember keep it clean and keep it on point. ?#‎One?

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    Black Thoughts And Theory:The Radio Show - Bill Cosby Allegations & Conspiracies

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    We gotta do it brothers and sisters. We just have to ... talk about Bill Cosby,the man,the legend,the beloved star of one of the most successful TV shows ever.

    We will examine the rumors and allegations,because that's all they are right now,that have been levied against Dr Cosby.

    We will take a look at each accuser and their connection to Bill and take a look at what could be going on behind the scenes that would cause something like this to happen right here and right now.

    So join us,the Conspiracy Realist Alex Primo(Lex Primeone), the Thoughtful and Enigmatic Joseph Whitfield, and our Wonderfully Insightful Moderator Runningcowboys Futureattorney this coming Thursday at 9 pm to have a good chat about Bill Cosby,Sex allegations,and Conspiracies. 

    Call in at (917)889-2830 to listen or participate.

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    Black Thoughts And Theory: The Radio Show - Exodus:Hollywood &Racism

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    Join Lex Primeone(Alex Primo) and Runningcowboys Futureattorney as we discuss,dissect,and debate the new movie Exodus and the blatant racism in Hollywood movies and TV shows. We will be taking a close look at how HollyWeird came to the decision to paint ancient Kemet(Egypt) as a very Caucasian place that just happens to be located in the heart of Alkebulan(Africa).


    We will also be taking a look at how there is virtually no variety of Black films and TV programs coming out of Hollywood. When you look at your movie collection,just have a look at how many movies have the same or similar themes. Some even have the same actors. We will deal with issues that Robert Townsend covered very well in his mid 80's movie Hollywood Shuffle. A movie that dealt with the stereotypes and hardships that Blacks have faced for generations when ttrying to break into the entertainment industry.


    Tune in at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time for 120 minutes of controversial opinions and hard facts. See you there. 



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    Black Thoughts and Theory : The Radio Show

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    Your hosts Lex Primeone/ Alex Primo & Runningcowboys Futureattorney will be discussing Black on Black Crime and how it is being used as an excuse to rationalize White on Black Crime and Police Brutality.

    The high number of black-on-black crimes in America is mirrored by a high number of white-on-white crimes. The statistics don’t reflect pathologies, but they do reflect the continued socioeconomic segregation of races in America.

    According to the most recent statistics, 83 percent of white murder victims are killed by other whites.

    It’s only “black-on-black” crime that politicians, pundits and armchair sociologists regard as indicative of some sort of social pathology.


    The "Black-on-Black crime" moniker is racist rhetoric functioning under the guise of concern for the state of Black America. People of all races -- Blacks included -- seemingly love to discuss how not killing our own and being more respectable will alleviate the effects of racism. 

    Call (917)889-2830 at 9 pm Eastern Standard time to listen or comment. That's just under 3 hours away so get your popcorn ready. It's going to be a hot one. 

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    Black Thoughts and Theory

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    Join your host Lex Primoeone(AlexPrimo) and Runningcowboys Futureattorney as they explore the Ferguson Riots and the behavior of Police and Law enfrocement across the country. We will examine the death of Michale Brown and other victims of White Supremacy/Institutionalized Racism. Let's be real we all know that the Police are the henchmen and goon-squad of the racist Elitists. 

    We will also examine how these scenarios can be avoided. The strategies that we can employ to resist unjust treatment while it is happening. We will take a close look at the difference between fighting back and staying silent. 

    We will look at the conspiracy theory that believes that this is a training excercise to install Marshall law in Urban Communities. A theory that includes sending military into cities across the nation to curtail Black protests and cries for justice.

    We will discuss and debate the best way to respond to Blue on Black Crime. We will talk about why Blacks should think carefully before they raise their hands and surrender to the authority of a system that does not value them as equal citizens.

    "I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don't believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn't want brotherhood with me. I believe in treating people right, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to treat somebody right who doesn't know how to return the treatment."

    Malcolm X


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    Black Thoughts and Theory

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    Hosted by: Alex Primo & Runningcowboys Futureattorney of Black Thoughts and Theory
    Tonight we begin a new age of internet radio. Black Thoughts and Theory will be live on net-radio tackling what may be the most heavily debated topic on Facebook ... Religion vs Atheism. That's right belief in the Most High versus the belief that there is no Creator. We are open to all opinions,
    viewpoints, and religions. So bring your best questions and your manners, but be prepared to have an intelligent discussion about Black Biblical principles versus Black Atheism.
    CALL (917)889-2830 to participate or just to listen. And please no cursing,rudeness,talking over each other,or silliness. We are going to settle this one once and for all.
    I encourage everyone including but not limited to Kemetians,Hebrew Israelites, Christians,Atheists, and those that practice Spiritualism to call in and share your views.
    No cartoon characters,funny movies,or graphics can save you guys tonight. Let's have a good debate brothers and sisters. ?#‎Peace?

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    Black Thoughts and Theory : The Radio Show

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    Join Lex Primeone(Alex Primo) and Runningcowboys Futureattorney Live Every Thursday at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time 

    This week we explore why Black America MUST boycott this shopping season and every holiday for the rest of the year and perhaps beyond. Marching is great for a workout. Protesting is great to let people hear your voice. But a Boycott ... that really gets people's attention in the right way. It hits them in the pocket,wallet,and/or purse.

    As a group Black Americans have approximately ONE Trillion Dollars worth of buying/spending power. Imagine how many industries and corporations rely on us being spendaholics.

    Let's see what happens when we cut off their "supply". How many of them will change their foolish/racist ways? Let's find out.

    It is up to us to determine our destiny. So no more asking for cameras. No more begging for lip-service. All we need to do is stop spending our money with those that don't care about us and start spending our money with each other. 

    So this holiday season,let's send a clear message that we are not going to spend our money with those that do not respect us or invest appropriately in our neighborhoods.


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    Black Thoughts and Theory

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    Black Thoughts and Theory is the study and exploration of ancient history,liberation,current events,conspiracy theory,religion and philosophy.

    Your hosts Lex Primeone(Alex Primo) and Runningcowboys Futureattorney offer unique perspecives and sometimes funny responses to some of the most provocative topics you can imagine. 
    Tonite's show will be a detailed examination of various religious views including the origin on modern catholicism. We debate callers that are believers and nonbelievers to get to the hard truth. 
    This show will serve as a test and practice run for future episodes. 



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    Wamuhu Waweru - Owner of PriMo Arts in Los Angeles

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    Meet Wamuhu Waweru -  Kenyean born owner of Primitive Modern Arts (PriMo Arts) located in Los Angeles, CA. Wamuhu's vision for her gallary is to to help create and maintain a platform where the awe-inspiring expression of culture is shared, preserved and enjoyed through different mediums of art and entertainment.  Wamuhu is a designer, stylist and event producer. It is her love for people and cultures from around the globe that spawned her feverish interest in wanting to use the arts as an avenue to showcase the immense beauty and diversity the world has to offer. Wamuhu was raised in Nairobi Kenya by a single mother and grandmother with a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. It is these strong women influences in her life that Wamuhu credits as the driving force that molded her ‘can do’ attitude, perseverance and sense of adventure. Wamuhu has worked alongside several non/for-profit organizations as an event producer where she offers her specialty services in organizing/booking culturally based entertainment. She is also an accessories and clothing designer whose personal and work style definitely tells a story of her love affair and adoration for all things world culture.

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    Laura and Tony Falasca sure came up with a great idea when they decided to bring Italy to the South.  Mixing Italian Food with BBQ and other southern rescipes is an art as well as a gift.  

    Tony, being Italian, knows all of the secrets of the great recipes of Italy.  Laura being Southern, knows all of the secrets of the great recipes of the South.  So VOILA!  ITALY GOES SOUTH.

    Laura has been in the catering business for over 25 years.  She served as "personal chef and kitchen staff advisor" for one of the most famous Basketball Players in the history of Basketball. You'll have to tune into the show to find out who he is.

    My Co-Host, Sybil Marie Presley will definitely be back in the studio.  WELCOME BACK Sybil.  Me and the radio listening audience sure missed you!

    Our regular Radio Personalities will be back as scheduled.  Sharon Colemon, with her "WRAGS TO RITCHES" segment, will continue Part 2 of her "Domestic Violence" topic.  Be sure to call in early to get a good seat for this one.  The studio will only seat 50 callers.

    Larone Woodard, will also be in the studio for his upcoming "NEVER GIVE UP" segment focusing on:  "How Do You Find Your Gift?"

    Tune in this Friday, Octobe 17th, at 7:00p, (CST) 


    SHOW DIAL IN#  1-646-200-3422

    GO ONLINE:  www.blogtalkradio.com/theemilypearlsshow



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    XKLUSIV SELEKTA AND BLAQ-ODESSY presents The Weekend Vibes

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    Playing music straight from the underground.Rap/HipHop, Reggae/Dancehall. Get your vibes up before hitting the club, or your favorite late hour spot. From hood to hood, city to city,state to state. Jamaica to Cali, Midwest to Miami.


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