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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed and Future Primative Joanna Harcourt Smith

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Joanna Harcourt Smith. Joanna was born in 1946 high up in a the Mountains of Switzerland. She grew up in Paris and went to school in France. She speaks five languages, three very well and two well enough to create relationships in that language. Her book "Tripping the Bardo with Timothy Leary" is the love of her life. It took her 30 years to digest and compost the experiences she writes about. She has lived for 40 years in the US and this is where she has learned to love herself and others. Joanna is the producer-interviewer for the weekly podcast she created eight years ago. 

    this episode Q&A- includes:

    • adrenal dysfunction- do not drink water, drink nourishing hebal infusions..

    • the seven medicines- serenity, story, mind, lifestyle, alternative, pharmaceutical and high tech medicine..

    • chaga mushrooms is important medicine in short supply, save for those with cancer who really need it..

    • have lots of questions? need a mentor? www.wisewomanmentor.com

    • gas? bitters- dandelion, chickory, wornwood.. aromatic seeds- caraway, fennel, corriander..

    • ovarian cysts- fresh chickweed tincture- high success..

    • PCOS? animal fat at every meal, 3-4 dropperfuls of vitex ticture daily..

    • gluten sensitivity and oatstraw..

    • vegan diet- you will damage yourself..

    • bladder infections- cedar, juniper berry tincture, sage infusions by the sip, corn silk infusions, uva ursi infusions..


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    Nate Fortner LIVE-with Gospel Music Group/ Canaan's Crossing

    in Christianity

    Canaan's Crossing will be performing LIVE in Boaz, Alabama Jan. 11th along with the Primative Quartet at the Snead State Beville Center at 7:00 pm. For ticket information call: 256-426-5381 or visit: www.itickets.com. What a great night of worship this will be! Tune in tonight at 7:00 pm for my LIVE interview with Canaan's Crossing!

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    Food & The Body - Balanced, Healthy, Obese, Anorexic

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of I am the Light Network, Deb and Michele complete the 4 part series on food, by discussing why & what od food, & how to activate a more balanced relationship with food.
    Developing good habits to sustain us happens when we have a solid foundation. To create this, we need to understand & work through any blocks in the 3 areas we discussed in our first 3 podcasts:
    Fearful issues of the primative brain: starvation, freezing or fllight. These direct our bodies response to food
    The body image verses reality: Obese, Anorexic.
    Patterns developed in childhood as a result of family dynamics, rewards, punishments, meal time dramas, parental, peer and authority figures' intervention, prevention or attitudes toward food.
    Michele helps us see the human body as the organism or vehicle that it is, how to choose what to eat and even some ways to prepare food. 
    Get answers, recipes & techniques to help you take the next step. facebook.com/iamthelightnetwork
    Michele Avanti CAP ~ teaching metaphysics since '72, ISAR certified astrology professional, metaphysical minister, fixed star astrologer, emotional freedom technique professional & an award winning author. Contact facebook.com/michele.avanti
    Deb Blyth is a professional sports journalist, public relations specialist, coach, conflict resolution specialist & mom. Always on the cutting edge of human experience, Deb brings a fresh perspective to every show. Follow her at: facebook.com/deb.blyth.3

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    The Human Path 9 Oct 12

    in Education

    The Human Path is comprised of 3 episodes tonight

    012: Introduction to Permaculture

    July 17th, 2011 at 12:19 pm   Human Path instructor Paul Range, Ph.D., discusses the basics of Permaculture from its history to its intended purpose as a self-sustaining food source, part of the green homesteading movement.

    013: - Primitive Engineer Specialty Overview

    During this episode, Sam Coffman talks about the specialty of "Primitive Engineer."  The primitive engineer represents (more than any other specialty) the ability to "improvise, adapt and overcome."  Adaptability is one of the two major components of good survival skills, and in order to adapt, a person has to have a base set of skills.  

    014: Urban Scenario Discussion, Part 1

    Sam Coffman and Paul Range discuss a scenario that should benefit any listener:  Assume you live in the city in an apartment and have at most $50 - $100 of disposable income that you are willing to spend per month toward becoming more prepared.  This is the first segment of at least a few hours of discussion on this topic, so stay tuned for continuing episodes over the next 3 -4 days.This discussion will span several episodes.  In today’s podcast, Sam Coffman and urban survival instructor Paul Range Ph.D.  start by talking about:

        Basic Urban Strategies based on your Location

        Prepping on a Budget (again, more on this in the next few episodes as well)

        Water - Acquisition, Purification, Storage

        Food - Storage basics

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    Hip Hop Underseize

    in Music

         The aftermath of Sandy.  If all of our resources are taken away from us such as electricity , water , gas and other things that we take for granted do we evolve as a stronger people or do we resort  to our primative ways?  Biblically where are we ? Fighting , Stealing , Survival of the fittest , STOP , PRAY , HELP ONE ANOTHER . Lets be Christlike i feel as though we are being tested . Two Great cities in America have fallen to Natural Disasters , Do we not remember the great flood 40 days and 40 nights , If one night could cause this much damage imagine what 40 days and 40 nights would do .
    REVELATIONS is upon us .

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    Ninmah, Mother of Humanity, Peacemaker, Our Champion ET

    in History

    Ninmah (also known as Ninharsag, Hathor, Great Mother) is the daughter of Anu (King of Nibiru the 10th planet in our solar system), sister and lover of both Enki/Ea and Enlil/Yahweh. Ninmah’s the mother of both her brothers’ children.
    With her beloved Enki and nephew Thoth/Ningishzidda/Quetzalcoatl, Ninmah co-created Homo Sapiens and thus became the MOTHER of HUMANITY. In her womb she bore the first human; a hybrid combining four essential elements; egg from a primative female, sperm of father Enki, clay of the Earth (Gaia)and womb of an Anunnaki Goddess (Ninmah). All prior attempts to create a viable species capable of carrying sentient souls had failed. Homo Sapiens succeeded with the genetic material of man, god and planet.
    Listen to Ninmah’s story. Ninmah, peacemaker, voice of reason, Mother of Humanity who loves us unconditionally, longs to be heard. Her pespective, lost in the patriarchy, overwritten by women-fearing religions, survives through those who chose to remember. She speaks to us now through the ages, across time and space through those who provide a voice. Listen to her story. Be her voice. She has much to say. Her time is NOW.

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    Terror Beyond the Campfire Series: The Tale Tell Heart

    in Paranormal

    Newbe Paranormal Special Series, "Terror Beyond the Campfire:   Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tale Tell Heart" presented by your ghost host with the most, TJ.  
    Also, TJ discusses the primative capability of each human being to commit murder.

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    The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology ~ James A. O'Kon P.E.

    in History

    James O'Kon , PE, Is an engineer with decades of experience designing award winning projects. His last 40 yrs. have been spent investigating Maya engineering feats and lost Maya technology. He has investigated over 50 Maya sites.
    Maya has been an enigma that developed a mathmatical system, astronomy, and one of the original five languages with an advanced technology that precedes European technology by a thousand years.
    Have you ever wondered how Mayans developed such technology ? Have you wondered why our ancient ancestors  seem superior to us in their ability to have tool fabrication,hydraulic cement , high rise structures,superhighway system, water management ,and more, far before any civilized culture was able to create.
    Tune in and learn about the Mayans, and all their advanced ways; including their  calender that changes at 12/21/12 and how they developed such advanced ways of being in a world that was still primative by nature.

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    The Survival Podcast

    in Family

    The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko. Daily Monday-Fridays @ 5:00pm Central 6:00 EST
    Self Reliants, Prepping, Preppers, and Survival Preparedness.
    Episode-850- Natalie Bogwalker on Firefly Gatherings, Permaculture, Primative Skills and Homesteading
    Thursday, March 01, 2012
    Natalie Bogwalker practices and shares skills she considers vital to humanity’s future.  She lives in a lovely, growing homestead nestled deep in community in the Southern Appalachians. She is the co-founder and director of the Living Skills School

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    RFID: You are being tracked

    in Health

    In todays show we look at what first started out as a good idea for inventory control, the RFID chip. Now however, it can be used to track your every move. RFID chips are in your clothes, the carpet,cash. Since the powers to be look to chip everything, discover how to protect yourself from RFID tracking. With the festive season upon us, Julia Armstrong looks at the different evolutionary shoping patterns of men and women. Why can't men tell the differance between a beige or sage sock and why women cant remember if the shoe dept is north or south of the mall. The Answer, well it is all to do with our primative past of "The hunter" & the "house keeper"