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    Upbeat with Tom Hayes and Rosemarie Young and Elisha DeWitt

    in Comedy

    Tom and Rosemarie intervies Elisha DeWitt, a 21 year old musician, step mother, young woman activist and advocate who has a program entitled, "Beauty Sparkles Within" to encourage girls and young women to look within to their real beauty. She addresses bullying, self esteem, self love and confidence and core values for 'girls' of all ages to reach their dreams. 

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    Remove the Shackles and Help Kids Succeed

    in Legal

    Many people are unaware that teens and preteens can be brought from detention and correctional facilities to juvenile court in leg irons, belly chains and handcuffs, often even before a youth is charged with any wrongdoing. The practice of shackling rarely occurs with adults in criminal court, but is a common sight in juvenile courts across the country and its use is frequently unrelated to any identified safety or flight risks. Shackling interferes with due process and increases poor outcomes for youth. Numerous jurisdictions have successfully reduced or stopped the use of shackles without increasing risk to their communities. On this episode of Spotlight on Youth, guests will discuss why shackling is harmful, explain the national movement that exists to end the indiscriminate practice, and share their efforts and experiences in changing the norm for kids in juvenile court. 

    Judge Jay D. Blitzman, First Justice-Massachusetts Juvenile Court, Middlesex Division
    John D. Elliott, Private Attorney, Columbia, SC
    David A. Shapiro, Campaign Manager, Campaign Against Indiscriminate Juvenile Shackling, National Juvenile Defender Center

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    Children's Corner: Teen Wise: Acquire the Power of Self-Definition

    in Family

    Children's Corner:  Teen Wise: Acquire the Power of Self-Definition with Ms. Celeste M. Gonsalves

    Teen Wise is a book that introduces the concept of using Self-Serving Strategies effectively in the daily lives of preteens and teenagers for the betterment of their future.  Each chapter is devoted to its own grade level, beginning with the sixth and ending with the twelfth.  Its focus is to help preteens and teenagers develop cognitive reasoning skills by providing real-life dilemmas and scenarios that they may encounter in their everyday lives.  Its purpose is to provide solutions before problems develop or occur.  Each age appropriate example contains challenging decision-making situations 

    For more information, including Fundraising and Non-Profit Discount Program visit: http://teenwisebook.com/index.html

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    Money Making Mondays

    in Entertainment

    Ms. Celeste M. Gonsalves (Ms. Celeste) has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Family Resources from the University of Hawaiiat Manoa, and a Master of Science Degree in Organizational Leadership from Argosy University of Hawaii. Ms. Celeste also successfully raised a daughter as a single parent from the time she was three months old. Her daughter is a recent graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and has relocated to the Continental United States to explore her career options.Ms. Celeste strongly believes in giving back to the community,especially targeting underprivileged and underserved youth and teens in her home state of Hawaii. She plans on implementing scholarship and innovative programs for this particulardemographic in the near future. Making a difference and guiding preteens and teenagers to make wise choices are what she is truly passionate about.

    Celeste Gonsalves wrote a book titled 'Teen Wise" and it's workbook companion that guides preteens and teenagers to make wise choices by placing them in real-life situations they may soon encounter. Each example illustrated outlines different answer choices and a probable consequence or benefit as a result. 


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    Literary Diva Presents; Author Marcia Strykowski!

    in Books

    Join us as we welcome author Marcia Strykowski and her new book "Amy's Choice."


    We will be diving into Marcia's new young adult novel appropriately titled, "Amy's Choice."


    Amy's Choice dives into the life of Amy Henderson and her cast of friends.


     Amy's freshman year starts with a new best friend, Cat, and a newfound confidence. But she misses her crush, Craig, who has gone to live with his aunt in Boston. Craig has promised to write, and Amy checks the mail on a daily basis, but to no avail. There are plenty of distractions, however. Cat's brother, Ricky, seems interested in Amy, but is she interested in him? And a new friendship with Finn, the lighthouse keeper, who Amy discovers is a talented artist, keeps Amy and Cat busy as they arrange for him to exhibit his work. But things get complicated when Craig returns from Boston and Finn is accused of arson. There are more questions than answers for Amy as life becomes as turbulent as the cold and stormy ocean of her coastal Maine town.


    Ideal for preteens, this novel is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Call Me Amy and touches upon issues of friendship, boyfriend troubles, and the power of believing in oneself.


    Tune in as we dive into "Amy's Choice" by author Marcia Strykowski.


    Stay tuned and keep it locked.


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    The Clothing Wars: What’s Hot and What’s Not?

    in Moms and Family

    Do your teen's jeans hang down past their boxers? Do they wear suggestive, violent, or offensive clothing? In some form or another, moms and mom-types are in that struggle to determine what is allowed on their kids' backsides.

    It’s not easy being a parent these days; so many things seem to slip out of our control. What hasn’t changed is the war between good and questionable clothing choices. Your parents debated the case with you and now you’re at it with your children – the great battle over what is and isn’t appropriate to wear.

    This week, we talk about our parental fashion hits and misses and discover ways to allow our children the freedom of fashion expression.

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    FourFiveSix On-the-Air: Equipping Preteens to Lead

    in Religion

    Listen as Nick Diliberto, creator of PreteenMinistry.net, interviews Katie Gerber. This episode’s title: Equipping Preteens to Lead. Listen as Katie & Nick talk ways to empower preteens to take on leadership roles. What awesome things is Katie doing in her preteen ministry? How do leaders walk alongside students? What are her successes and failures? 
    FourFiveSix On-the-Air is a preteen ministry radio show brought to you every other Thursday by FourFiveSix at 12pm pacific (3pm eastern). Nick is your host who interviews preteen pastors from FourFiveSix, which is a group dedicated to helping your preteen ministry take the next step. 

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    in Radio

    PEER PRESSURE AMONG OUR YOUTH......Today, children can kiss their youth goodbye. Starting as young as 12 years old, tweens, the term coined for kids in between child and teen, begin to face the cruel world of reality: drugs, sex, alcohol and violence. We, as teens and preteens ourselves want to discuss with the world exactly what's really going on within the teen circle. Sometimes adults really think they have the answers but what they don't realize is what went on during their teen days is not what's going in in today's teen days. EVERYONE feel free to join us in this very important conversation. 

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    Off to A FRESH Start

    in Entertainment

    This is the first episode of FUN Pre-teen radio! Don't be afraid to listen in, too, parents! It's all appropriate, and Nya talks about real conflicts that might be happening in real life middle/highschool. Don't forget to tune in!

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    To Your Health Radio Show with Chere Cofield

    in Health

    Tune in with Chere Cofield and Special Guest Mark Davis. To Your Health, a show where Chere will educate the public on what matters the most (your health). The show will teach you 10 ways to add 10 years to your life through effective stress management, promoting consumption of a healthy diet, increased physical activity, adequate rest, & healthy skin care.

    Mark Davis is the Founder and CEO of Beans & Frank, two cartoon preteens who get a kick out of rapping lessons they learn from school or through reading. Their cartoon hip hop style is the modern-day, hip hop version of School House Rock, Fat Albert and the Gang, or most Disney songs with real urban flair.


    Slantress Magazine   Chere Cofield International   Heroes Academy   UnCuffed   TBAIMS

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    It's Real (Episode 13): Teen Pregnancy

    in Youth

    Tonight's discussion is about teen pregnancy. So many teens nowadays end up pregnant and sometimes preteens. This is a very real issue in today's society especially in the black communities.
    There are a number of reasons why these occurrences happen. The debate is on which issues do you think are the most likely to cause this? Regardless of how or why it happens, the matter at hand is that is does and needs to be addressed.
    Tonight we're going to do just that. It's time to air out this situation and there's nobody better to do just that then Tay Real & Nizzy Nay aka Team Unbiased.
    To listen to the live show by phone call (347) 838-9540 at 9PM EST.

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