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    ?The title says it all and our guests from Pearson , Dr. Liane Wardlow and Dr. Seth Reichlin  will explain it in detail.

  • Writestream Tuesday: The Supreme Awakening with Craig Pearson

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    Ready to develop a higher consciousness? Tune in to Writestream with network co-founder and Tuesday host Daria Anne when she welcomes Craig Pearson to the show:

    Craig Pearson is Executive Vice-President of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, and a leader in Consciousness-Based education, which develops student's total from within. He has spoken around the United States on this unique approach to education.

    He is the author of two books, The Complete Book of Yogic Flying and, most recently, The Supreme Awakening: Experiences of Enlightenment Throughout Time — and How You Can Cultivate Them.

    Among other topics, Craig will discuss his book, The Supreme Awakening, and his work as a speaker in which he travels to universities and colleges to share his message about higher human development. During the broadcast, please call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.

    Don't miss Writestream Tuesday with Craig Pearson!

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    Keith Preston

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    Keith Preston

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    MyNDTALK - Beale Street - Preston Lauterbach

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    Beale Street
    Following the Civil War, Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, thrived as a cauldron of sex and song, violence and passion. But out of this turmoil emerged a center of black progress, optimism, and cultural ferment. Preston Lauterbach tells this vivid, fascinating story through the multigenerational saga of a family whose ambition, race pride, and moral complexity indelibly shaped the city that would loom so large in American life.
    Robert Church, who would become “the South’s first black millionaire,” was a mulatto slave owned by his white father. Having survived a deadly race riot in 1866, Church constructed an empire of vice in the booming river town. He made a fortune with saloons, gambling, and shockingly white prostitution. But he also nurtured the militant journalism of Ida B. Wells and helped revolutionize American music through the work of composer W.C. Handy, the man who claimed to have invented the blues.

    In the face of Jim Crow, the Church fortune helped fashion the most powerful black political organization of the early twentieth century. Robert and his son, Bob Jr., bought and sold property, founded a bank, and created a park and auditorium for their people finer than the places whites had forbidden them to attend.

    However, the Church family operated through a tense arrangement with the Democrat machine run by the notorious E. H. “Boss” Crump, who stole elections and controlled city hall. The battle between this black dynasty and the white political machine would define the future of Memphis."


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    Field Day - The Pilot episode with John Preston

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    Dry run? Screw it! Here we are! With musician John Preston. Tonight's episode is our first recording together. Marines from the same unit, friends for over 10 years. As everyone vet knows, even when you have time apart from your brothers, everyone picks up right where we last left off. Since Pacific Records recording artist John Preston is our close friend, we're going to interview him and see what he's up to these days and maybe even keep him as our co-host. We'll also delve into the life of a 30-something bro video superstar named Dario, and see what he's been up to. Some UFC/MMA news, NY Comic Con, trying to get help at the VA, and much more. So grab a beer or whatever beverage you frequent and give us a listen.


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    14 years later: Remembering 9/11

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    Carlton Pearson and Josh Duggar: Hidden lives coming to light

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    With the news about Carlton and Gina Pearson's divorce and Josh Duggar's secret affairs, is it time for Christian leaders to be more transparent and if so, how should they go about doing it? I've always wondered why lay persons are more tolerant of someone's fall from grace after it happens instead of allowing leaders to show their own fallibilities How transparent should Christian leaders be to those they serve? Let's talk about this and more with Pastor Lorenzo Neal

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    Derrick "Doc" Pearson is "live" on Centertainment - Friday (9.04.15) @ 7pm CST!

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    Doc’s early musical work started with local artists in and around Washington D.C. but soon transitioned to national artist. He composed, recorded and produced chart-topping songs for The O’Jays, The Whispers, and more. As a bass guitarist Doc Pearson recorded with top tier musicians such as drummers Freddie White (Earth Wind & Fire), Rick Wellman (Miles Davis, Chuck Brown), William “JuJu” House (Grace Jones, EU), Jay Williams (Dave Coz, Jonathon Butler) keyboardist, Kevin Bond (Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams) and guitarist Mike Scott (Prince, Justin Timberlake).

    Derrick “Doc” Pearson gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1990 and since that time has only used his gifts, talents and abilities for the building of the kingdom of God by answering the call of the Lord to preach the gospel through his music and songs. He and his wife Lamar formed IAM Music Company to release his brand of inspirational gospel music. 

    IAM Music Company’s music projects have garnished thousands of song downloads, music streams and video views, while receiving numerous awards and accolades including: a Top 10 Billboard Gospel Album Chart position, a Top 50 Media Base Gospel Charts position, 7 Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominations, an EnSound Music Award and more. 

    2015 marks IAM Music Company’s 10-year Anniversary, commemorated with the release of a new 2 disk CD & DVD Collection of the most requested Derrick Doc Pearson music and videos titled, “No Greater Love”, which reached Billboards Gospel Album Charts #7 position, is destined to continue his reputation for musical excellence through God’s grace.

    Derrick states that, “These 10 years are only the beginning, as God is not through with me yet”. God promised that, “He who began a good work in me shall complete it until the day of Jesus Christ”. 

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    RELOAD RADIO PRESENTS:Preston Crawford  from Warriors Recovery

    Join Russ and Rachel as "THEY GO THERE" on the use of Cannabis and Holistic Therapies with Preston Crawford from Warriors and Recovery

    Warriors and Recovery. A non-profit organization founded to provide support the Cannabis, Hemp and Alternative Therapies.
     Back ground on PRESTON CRAWFORD. Preston is a a retired SFC. He spent his Army career as an Army Ranger and Special Forces Engineer. He retired from the United States Air Marshal program and have worked as a police detective in a local law enforcement capacity. He started Warriors and Recovery as a result of his own misfortune. In 2014  he found himself like many veterans. Homeless and struggling to survive. While living off the land in the Arizona desert He  had a vision. The vision was that my fight was not over.Our Mission is to educate on the use of Cannabis and other Holistic Therapies for PTSD and TBI and discuss the harmful side effects of Alcohol and Pharma.On the Second Hour of our show: THAT JOE VAN

    Medically retired, Infantry / EOD Veteran - anxiety and depression.

    Veteran -Branding Specialist-Cool Shirts Army 11B/EOD Veteran with over 10 years of graphic design, marketing, and small busines experience aiming to help other small businesses and make awesome shirts

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    Preston Smiles: The Love Mob

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    Preston Smiles is the founder of The Love Mob, "a global community igniting a multi-generational movement that promotes love as a lifestyle." Under the guidance of Michael Beckwith, Preston has become an internationally recognized motivational speaker. He is one of the spokespersons for Generation Waking Up and has a dedicated following on his "Questions with Preston" YouTube channel. Preston states:  My mission is to empower, inspire and ignite a mutli-generational movement of radical growth through conscious, creative content, acts of love and living boldly. I believe we're here to leave the planet better than we found it, and I'm committed to motivating others to join me on that mission, and live their best life NOW.

    Preston has been featured in LA Weekly, Los Angeles Magazine and RYOT News.


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    Bouncing Back: Patricia Pearson, How Improv Changed my Life

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    Patricia Pearson chose the solitary life of an illustrator and visual artist.  She tried for a long time to ignore her need to perform, participate and be seen in the the world.  She found it easier to show up on a canvas or in a drawing than in real life. Better to remain invisible than claim a place on centre stage. That is, until her need for self-expression in the form of performing overcame her. And then an improv workshop came calling...

    Today Patricia is a co-active coach,coaching artists of all kinds. An improviser, teacher, producer. She has performed with many improv groups including BATS Improv in San Francisco .  She shares her story of finding a voice, a purpose, and a way to serve others while thriving in her own life. Learn how improv can develop lasting change and quiet our egos, fears, and anxieties.