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    Is President Obama a Leader ?

    in Politics

    Le­on Pan­etta ar­gued that for all of Barack Obama’s strengths, he is miss­ing an es­sen­tial in­gredi­ent of lead­er­ship. He lacks “fire,” wrote Obama’s former CIA dir­ect­or and Pentagon chief. “The pres­id­ent re­lies on the lo­gic of a law pro­fess­or rather than the pas­sion of a lead­er.”Obama has proved Pan­etta right again and again dur­ing his pres­id­ency, but nev­er more dan­ger­ously so than with his shoulder-shrug ap­proach to IS­IS. Obama called it a “J.V. team” be­fore it star­ted be­head­ing Amer­ic­ans. He said it was “con­tained” be­fore it at­tacked Par­is. Now he’s call­ing it “a bunch of killers with good so­cial me­dia.”Ron Fournier

    President Obama is tired of all the critics who say his strategy to destroy Islamic State isn't working."The only thing that they're doing is talking as if they're tough," he complained last week. "If folks want to pop off and have opinions about what they think they would do, [they should] present a specific plan."What the rest of us need, Obama counseled, is more patience. "It's going to take time".Obama was right on one count: ?LATimes

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    The Last Year of President Obama. Daily Gogetemism #457

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    Let's recap some of the things that the president has done during his tenure.


    Captured Osama bin Laden

    Killed Muammar Ghadafi

    Opened up relations with Cuba


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    President Obama and American Muslims

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    "We have to understand that an attack on one faith is an attack on all our faiths, the mosque outside of Baltimore, received threats twice in the past year. When any religious group is targeted, we all have a responsibility to speak up.Think of your own church or synagogue or temple, and a mosque like this will be very familiar,Our television shows should have some Muslim characters that are unrelated to national security" President Obama

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    The State of the Union under President Obama – A Total Disaster

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    On the next edition of the Ray Starmann Show, Ray discusses President Obama's State of the Union speech, which could also be titled, the State of Denial speech.

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    The African-American Experience in Sports & the Legacy of President Obama

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    In sports, the African-American experience is constant rollercoaster. Does racism have a huge role to play from a marketing and professional opportunity standpoint?  

    Hurt’s House radio show host Bryan Carr, and Washington, DC Sports Fanatic Destin Banks join the Konscious Vibe panel to discuss African-Americans in sports and the legacy of President Obama.

    The panel discusses whether rapid technological changes, economic woes, and high-profile violence in the media are causing Americans to unravel at the seams.

    The panel discusses racism, decision making, or skill sets play the most important role on the level of success for African-Americans. President Obama’s legacy from a historical and social perspective will also be a topic of discussion.

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    Bible Study in Prov 3:29 -63% of Israelis Rank President Obama Worst for Israel

    in Christianity

    Today is our weekly bible study and we're in Proverbs 3:29 and will finish out the chapter today.  We'll also be looking at some of the news of the day, including a new poll that says that 63% of Israelis think Obama is the worst President for Israel.  This is no shock to anyone who sees how Obama has treated Israel.  Benjamin Netanyahu should punch Obama in the nose, just sayin. :)


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    What has President Obama done for African Americans (Black Folks)?

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    This is a Special Broadcast: Many African Americans, who turned out in record numbers to elect and re-elect our first Black President are finding it difficult to see or understand how they have benefited. What has Mr. Obama done to benefit this constituency?

    Well, this broadcast dedicated to offering a fairly detailed accounting of some of the most important Presidential Actions that Mr. Obama has taken that directly and indirectly impact the African American/Black and Latin Communities of this nation.

    Just dial (818) 739-8909 to listen live or simply click this link to listen to the Archive...

    'Let's Change the WORLD' airs every other Sunday, at 6:00 PM, E.S.T. with Sheryl Alyssa Mendoza and myself (Dale Davis). 

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    Is Trump a Republican? Isis in Philadelphia, Gitmo and President Obama

    in Politics Conservative

    Brenda Ward and Barbara Buffing take on the topics of the day and break them down in their own unique way.  Why is President Obama releasing Terrorists while we are at war?  Who is Donald Trump really?  Why are democrats in denial about Islam?  Tonight at 8:00 pm ET.  Plus Hillary under investigation by the FBI and why it doesn't matter to democrats.

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    Was Barack Obama a good president and a gay school for children to open?

    in Entertainment

    On the next edition of The Absolute Truth, we will examine the legacy of President Obama, entering his last year. Did he do enough in his 2 terms to help the country forward or is did he do more harm? Also, the opening of schools for LGBT children. Is it too young an age or is it just the right time? And your Twitter questions this Monday night at 9 pm on The Absolute Truth Show  with your host with the most, the king of kings himself  The Hot Rod, the one and only  Sean Black and  the lovely Anitra B!

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    Get an A+ in Country with Curtis Clinton as President, i mean it

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    I started using glasses when keyboarding this daily profile! Maybe now, no more unwanted keystrokes. Now with Iowans’ elimination of a few of the Political Party Candidates for Presi-dent, the task is to whittle away the remaining pretenders for the Oval Room Throne in the White House. Without getting on Youtube, I stand to remain invisible to our nation and still be unheard of. The problem is that Youtube’s registration resists my email and I can’t change my email, since Youtube recognizes my computer and suggests that I am not me, but instead, another user. Ironic. Sad. Devastating. I am cooked. It is over for me as long as no one listens to my 5:30 PM Broad-cast. A few candidates suspended their campaigns for President. I haven’t and never can. However, this situation sinks us both. I am still the best person to establish a CLEAN PRESIDENCY, unspoiled by MONEY, PARTY POLITICS and IMPLAUSIBLE UNNECESSARY COMPROMISES. What you should know about me are the simple facts that I don’t compromise - it’s needless, stupid to bleed the good out of Congresses’ Bills. Look what Political Compromises have gotten us. Look at our Country. Look at our States. Look at your lives. I am not owed by anyone or any Party, I am a good real person able to do wonderful real things. And with more good reasons in tow, I am genuine, caring and able to bring about good Government, intelligent and useful leadership, empowered by too many hurtful ex-periences to give in to Politics, let go of the solutions and forget you,,, bwell   c2it