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    prescription drugs/Toxic relationships

    in Relationships

    Relationships between drug companies and patients. The affects of medications are they friend or foe. What is a toxic relationship?


  • New Music Inferno w/ The Prescription!!!

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    The Prescription - 3 piece rock band from Jensen Beach,Fl...New single "Watch The Giants Fall" out on Tuesday but premiered here today Debut Full Length "Between Sight And Sound" out early 2016...Features Anthony Martone(Ex-Versa Emerge Drummer)...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/theprescriptionmusic

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    Drugs as Weapons Against Us

    in History

    John Potash,author of Drugs as Weapons Against Us, will talk about how corporate entities and the government have used drugs and other means to control the left in this country.

  • Love, Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll: Part II

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a lively discussion of "Love, Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll", topics we don't often discuss in a spiritual context, but none the less, have their place there.

    As always, there are a lot of insights here.  Enjoy the show!

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    Frightening - Prescription Drugs That Kill

    in Health

    My Health And Living . com Natural remedies for Life
    We have to be very careful when it comes to health and Medicines... Did you know that some Prescription Drugs - Properly administered by your doctor can kill you ? Do you know which ones ? Do you Immunize Your Childrens - Listen to this interview FIRST...
    In Fact it is one of the Highest Killers in the western world today... Why is it, we are "so advanced in medicines" yet we are experiencing over 1.65 million deaths by Prescription Drugs every year !
    This show: The Dangers of Prescription Drugs That can KILL You !
    This topic is very important for ANYONE taking ADMINISTERED PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. - It is frightnening
    Listen intently to this interview with Dr Richard Ruhling - USA
    This is Life and Death Serious !
    The real truth behind these "accidental Deaths" is startling. As a western society - these statistics (real people) are being killed off daily. Be aware of natural alternatives.
    Download your very own FREE healthy Living & Eating and nutrition guide at: www.MyHealthAndLiving.com/freereport
    Can you afford not to listen to this Interview ?
    Healthy Dave

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    America’s Addiction: Prescription Drugs

    in Politics

    Prescription medicine is a $320 billion industry in the US.  Nearly 4 billion prescriptions are written every year to Americans for classes of drugs ranging from oncology to antidepressants.  But this rapid growth of prescription medications has begun to show some negative effects on our society.  And those effects are addiction and abuse.  Prescription drugs now kill more Americans than cocaine and heroin combined. 
    In this episode we discuss some of the trends have emerged around prescription drug abuse.  We talk about the categories of prescription drugs most often abused, data around that abuse and possible solutions to the epidemic that range from education to monitoring.
    You can find the substance abuse treatment program nearest you by clicking here.

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    Comparison between marijuana and prescription drugs and which of them is better

    in Culture

    Serious conversations started several decades ago in the United States around whether to legalize marijuana, and we took baby steps toward ratification with California’s Proposition 215 which voters passed by fifty-six percent in 1996, making medical marijuana permissible by law. Though we believed otherwise, medical-marijuana was and is not a new trend.

    Medical scholars have been studying, using and writing about marijuana for a long time, leaving behind hundreds of journals written between 1840 and 1930 documenting marijuana-use as an acute pain reliever; and also to treat emaciation, neuralgia and convulsive disorders as well as nausea.

    Legalizing marijuana will not increase its number of users; it will merely remove the threat of punishment for those who do.  For example, the man or woman who did not care for alcohol during prohibition did not suddenly develop a thirst for it when alcohol was legalized.

    100 people die a day from prescription drug overdose, writes the Washington Post; and in comparison, there are no deaths attributed to marijuana overdose. Yet the drug that allegedly kills 100 people a day is legal, while medical marijuana is illegal.  

    Does this mean prescription drugs are accepted because they are legal? And marijuana is illegal because no one has overdosed on it yet?

    Dr. Sanja Gupta had this to say when making the comparison, “Most frightening to me is that someone dies in the United States every 19 minutes from a prescription drug overdose, mostly accidental. Every 19 minutes. It is a horrifying statistic. As much as I searched, I could not find a documented case of death from marijuana overdose.”

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    Freedom from Prescription Drugs

    in Health

    eFitFamily with Laura London welcomes Alesandra Rain, author and drug expert, to talk about the many aspects of prescription pills especially the abuse and risks with over-prescription.   She will also educate the listeners on the dangers of mixing pills with herbs, over-the-counter items and certain foods. Let her personal journey inspire us that independence from prescription pills is indeed possible!
    Alesandra Rain has 18 years experience in the field of prescription drugs and their effects on the nervous system; personality alterations due to addiction; drug/drug interactions; drug/herb; drug/food and the withdrawals from various classifications of pills. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of psychoactive medications within every age group.
    With a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and completed graduate work in a Master’s of Fine Art, Alesandra went on to become a renowned author, speaker and expert in this specialty field.
    Alesandra’s introduction to prescription pills came after an auto accident required nearly 3 dozen surgeries that left her plagued with insomnia, anxiety and pain. She spent a decade on over 1,000 pills a month and then suffered tremendous physical decline from the combination of pills. Eventually Alesandra wanted her life back and unable to find help, she chose to go cold-turkey in the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah. The excruciating withdrawals gave Alesandra an inside view of prescription addition that is also affecting millions of people today.
    Alesandra is a prescription drug expert and the cofounder of Point of Return, a nonprofit that assists the public in recovering their lives from prescription pill addiction. Her team is a group of committed professionals who have dedicated their lives to this critical cause. Do visit their website at www.pointofreturn.com.

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    Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain II: Treatments

    in Family

    With the assistance of the Dana Foundation, we present the second in our series on the brain and behavior. Leading researchers and behavior experts will discuss topics critical to families and professionals in the foster care system.

    Hi I'm Dave Balog of A Thousand Moms. We are pleased to offer this invaluable series of programs on our podcasts. You may listen on iTunes or download these programs to your device to listen on the go.

    Thank you for listening. We ask your support. Subscribe to these podcasts, more than 13 in total, covering Learning, Pain, Memory, Depression, Autism, Art/Music Therapy and much more. Please visit www.AThousandMoms.Org and with a donation of just $10 or more, we will send you the companion e-book to this series, The Dana Sourcebook of Brain Science. The Sourcebook has been used in schools, in community groups, among professionals. We conduct free workshops on the Brain and Behavior. Please contact us at 518 322-0607. Your support will help us continue to be a recognized voice for gay youth in foster/adotive care. Learn all about our programs at www.AThousandMoms.Org.

    And now, Gray Matters: Alcohol, Drugs and the Brain II: Treatments. Hosted by Pat Summerall.


     Please visit www.AThousandMoms.Org and with a donation of just $10 or more, we will send you the companion book to this series, The Sourcebook of Brain Science. Your support will help us continue to be a recognized voice for gay youth in foster/adotive care.  Look for our next program in this series, Stress, Trauma and the Brain.

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    The Hood: Spiritual Mapping (Bangerz, Drugs & Sex Trafficking)

    in Spirituality

    OnSunday, August 2 The Hood: Spiritual Mapping (Bangerz, Drugs & Sex Trafficking) 

    Have you ever wondered why violence, drugs and sex trafficking are so high in certain areas? Notice how they often link together? Of course we know finances and education are some elements we can see. But these evils are found across every social class. What about the elements we CAN'T see? 

    We sometimes think that we can cast off supernatural principalities through natural empowerment and means - but as we see this feels like a pointless process in places like Baltimore and Chicago. We often ignore or downplay the power of the gospel and prayer due to all of the fraudulent and deceptive schemes used through some self-absorbed churches and religious organizations. 

    People look at places like Chiraq and Memphis and get overwhelmed and feel the bold presence of a stronghold in these areas. There are spirits they feel. Demons - and they arent talking metaphorically. But the issues are certainly metaphysical. We're talking about it... Share with others but PRAY in the Name of Jesus over these hoods - specifically in or around your communities. Get with His Holy Spirit to give you understanding and vision on what to do exactly and what to hone in on. Its hard to have healing in the hood when the wars are on-going. Imagine the souls tormented from the constant experiences of loss and trauma. Satan knows exactly how these things affect generations of people & their souls

    Tune in and share. Facebook.com/tteib


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    : The Correlation between Psychiatric Drugs and Violence

    in Health

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    The Complete Failure of Psychiatry’s Drug Based Mental health Sysytem

    Guest: Dr. Gary G. Kohls is a family practitioner, who specializes in holistic and preventive mental health care. He has expertise in the areas of traumatic stress disorders, brain nutrition, non-pharmaceutical approaches to mental ill health, neurotransmitter disorders, neurotoxicity from food additives (and other environmental toxins) and the problems with psychotropic drugs.

    Dr. Kohls’ treats patients who have had adverse psychotropic drug reactions, dependency, withdrawal symptoms and/or toxicity symptoms from the drugs and who wish to safely discontinue the medications. He also works with patients who are fearful of synthetic chemicals that alter the brain and who wish an alternative approach.

    Dr. Kohls feels there are a number of integral parts to achieving optimal mental health. Educating the patient is essential. Therefore, Dr. Kohls does a lot of patient teaching, including teaching the principles of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), neuroscience, brain nutrition, and the importance of being fully aware of toxic child-rearing, toxic workplaces, toxic violence, toxic drugs (both illicit and prescription drugs), toxic food, toxic entertainment, toxic politics, toxic theologies.

    Dr. Kohls spends a lot of time with his patients, always 60 – 90 minutes for the initial session and usually at least 45 minutes thereafter for follow-up appointments.

    Dr. Kohls received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota. He now practices in Duluth, Minnesota.

    Dr. Kohls is a member of the International Center for the Study of Psychology and Psychiatry, Mind Freedom International and a past member of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.