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    Why Does WB Continue To Whore Out The Ideas Of Alan Moore & Frank Miller?

    Chappie Sucks? So, you still want Blomkamp to direct an Alien movie.

    Jennifer Lawrence Is The New Elizabeth Taylor.

    Yup another Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel.

    And a special guest from E! channel will be calling in.


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    Interview with Filmmaker & Set Designer Jay Burton

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    What's up Diamonds,

    Thank you for supporting the show please continue support by listening in or downloading Monday's show, when you show your support you are not only supporting the show you are supporting the guest and the #Indie Music artist promoted here on this show.

    We are still celebrating the show’s anniversary this month as part of our celebration we are giving away a free 270x175 or 270x300px advertisement banner on our website you can select the page you would like your banner to be seen on Free for the month of March this is a $20 and $25.00 per month value. So stop by and check out our website at each http://ljdnshow.com pick what page you want your banner to be seen on and send it your banner to ljdnshow@gmail.com.

    Monday’s show does not fall short on talent we have Indy artists Filmmaker and Story Designer Jay Burton he will be on talking about his new film “Dormant” due to open this summer he has also produced and starred in three other films “Dormant” is a prequel to a comic book series named “Bermuda City” on the Red Crow series label. If you like Alfred Hitchcock movies then you’re going to love “Dormant” it promises to be a mental suspense movie that doesn’t fall short of bloody action. Jay will all so be participating in the “Talent In 10” project starting April 27, 2015.

    Speaking of “Talent In 10” have you gotten your audio together yet? Although there is really no deadline went to send in your audio but… If you want to be on then premier of “Talent In 10” on April 27 you will need to have your audio submitted by or before April 20, 2015. For more information about the project go to our website or email ljdntalent@gmail.com.


  • Sistahs on Lit chats with Author Kai

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    Kai  is the author of the critically acclaimed Daughter of the Game series (Daughter of the Game I, II, III and Prequel) and The Loudest Silence. KAI's story Twisted Loyalty is featured in Gutta Mamis, published by Strebor in the Streetz (Simon and Schuster). She is also a contributing author to Solo Shivers and That Good Grind by Wilson. 

    She is a nationally recognized poet and was named AAMBC's 2013 Poet of the Year for her Peaceful Resolution collection. Her poem Pre-Destiny, was featured in the April 2008 issue of Essence Magazine.

    Kai has served as a Guest Reviewer for RAWSISTAWZ Reviewers. An alumni of Hampton University, SUNY Brockport and Georgetown University Law Center, she is a licensed attorney in two states and a proud parent.

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    On the Air With Norwood Holland (Rebroadcast)

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    Rebrodcast. Norwood Holland is a freelance writer, lawyer, and author of the Drew Smith legal thriller series based on the capers of an urban trial attorney. He is a graduate of Howard University School of Law with a bachelor’s degree in English from Fisk University where he studied under the renowned Harlem Renaissance author Arna Bontemps. Holland favors D.C.’s local color in his fiction He has served in several government agencies including the National Labor Relations Board and a number of Washington’s top national law firms. In the mid 90s Holland began freelancing for the local media. Some of his credits include The Writer Magazine, the Examiner, and Black Literature Magazine.

    10 years in the making the 4 volume Drew Smith series launched with the publication of Sleepless Nights,  where the practicing attorney/bon vivant Drew Smith keeps it real both at work and play.  Minus One is the series prequel.  The 3rd volume Snakehead to issuue in 2014.

    He blogs at editorialindependence.com promoting independent authors among other things, and currently sits of the Board serving as Treasurer for the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association.

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    GODTalk: Metamorphosis - Intelligent Design vs. Evolution w/ Producer Lad Allen

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    Did you know that there are six types of Atheists? Which one is 'open' to the metaphysical, or intelligent design? Sharon welcomes Filmmaker Lad Allen and Illustra Media are the creative team behind a series of DVD film releases making the case for intelligent design against Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Metamorphosis unveils the natural process by which the humble caterpillar shrouds itself in a tomb-like chrysalis only to emerge mere weeks later in the totally transformed appearance of a gaily-painted winged creature, the butterfly.

    Producer/director Lad Allen intends the film to work as a kind of "prequel" to his other DVDs, which include The Privileged Planet, Darwin’s Dilemma, and Unlocking the Mystery of Life. With stunning photography and an evocative international soundtrack, the film Metamorphosis follows the migration of butterflies in a beautiful and awe-inspiring way.

    Lee Strobel, author of "Case for a Creator" describes the film as..."Incredible! Stunning! You guys have outdone yourselves this time. Using a winsome, visually powerful, and unexpected subject like butterflies to argue for an Intelligent Designer is genius..."

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    Do Jesus Support Communism The Prequel

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    The Huddle with Israel Doctrine Topic of the day is Does Jesus Support Communism The Prequel Today We are here every day at 400pm CST. The call in number to speak with the host 760 454-8803 israeldoctrineentertainment.com/supporttithes.html

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    The 16Bit Assassins Podcast Episode 79: The Prequel Sequel Trilogy Part: IV

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    Ladies and Gentlmen, it's Friday night and we're Live, from our own video game convention right here in the 16bit assassins studio. While everyone else is at PAX  we're here bringing you any news we could find because, well someone has to pollute the airwaves while all the other personalities are in Boston. On this episode, we talk about EA suddenly being nice, Starcraft II is used to prove the obvious, the He Man movie gets some Kick Ass help, We talk about DC having a better handle on their Universe's transition to the big and small screens, Ridley and Halo, Dunny talks some GOT, Toaster goes off about Arrow, all this, and our usual banter on Episode 79 The prequel sequel


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    A Change of Habit With Author Patty Kogutek

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    A Change of Habit: A Spiritual Journey From Sister Mary Kateri To Sister Mary Vodka, has won worldwide acclaim with 14 awards, both nationally and internationally. Patty has also released “The Making of a Guilt Sponge” the prequel to “A Change of Habit” sharing how guilt trips can take you to unwanted destinations.Patty works with “women at risk” who try to please everyone, who have a difficult time saying “no”, and feel that they have to juggle life’s stresses taking care of everyone but themselves. She holds a doctorate in Educational Administration. Join us for a refreshing conversation on spirituality,guilt and empowerment.

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Colleen Houck

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    I'll be starting off 2015 with New York Times Bestselling author, Colleen Houck on Thursday, January 8th at 6pm EST!  A lifelong reader whose literary interests include action, adventure, paranormal, science fiction, and romance, Colleen and I will talk about her highly popular Young Adult series, the Tiger's Curse.  We'll also discuss the Egyptian Books, The Tiger's Curse movie, and all about those plush tigers!

    Book Blurb - Tiger's Promise:

    Before the curse, there was a promise. A prequel to the bestselling Tiger’s Curse series, this much anticipated novella recalls the beginning of Ren and Kishan’s story. Before Kelsey there was a girl, raised by a villain, whose love for a hero changed the course of history. 

    Trapped under the thumb of her abusive and powerful father Lokesh, Yesubai struggles to keep her own magical abilities secret while evading his dark powers. When Lokesh promises Yesubai to the prince of a neighboring kingdom, she becomes the central pawn in his plot to destroy the ruling family and take power for himself. Yesubai is trapped by her father's threats and desperate to protect the man she comes to love, but she knows that any decision she makes will have dire consequences. As dark forces gather around her, Yesubai must decide if she's willing to reveal that somewhere deep within her she has the power to change everything. 


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    The HD View PREQUEL Update

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    Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST
    Our incredible special guest tonight is Dr. Christopher Ross who is Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Director of the Division of Neurobiology, Director of the NINDS-funded Baltimore Huntington’s Disease Center, and Director of the Huntington’s Disease Society of America Center of Excellence at Johns Hopkins.
    Tonight PI Dr. Ross will give us an update on the HSG clinical trial PREQUEL. The results are in on this CoQ10 trial.

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    Welcome to the Prequel

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    Welcome to the show.

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