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    Prehistory: A Traveler's Guide S1-E7- Marine Reptiles Part 5: Sea Crocodilians

    in Science

    In this episode, we will cover the various groups of marine crocodilians as we pass the halfway mark in our Marine Reptiles Series. We have a number of family spotlights with artist highlights! A new video game in the works will be covered as well as the newest animals on the Mesozocia roster.  A former contender from Prehistoric Match Up will be our Paleo-Fauna of the Week. Then an exciting clash of aquatic collossusi in this week's Prehistoric Match Up!

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    Scott Wolter: America Unearthed

    in News

    America is full of archaeological secrets buried in the earth. America Unearthed  features forensic geologist Scott Wolter -- considered a real-life Indiana Jones by some -- travels across the country to uncover some of the hidden treasures and history associated with them.

    Most Americans don't know about the country's past, and the history that people do know may not always tell the whole story. Ancient symbols, religious relics and other artifacts that Wolter unearths indicate that various civilizations have left their mark on the nation.

    In this special program, Scott will provide his insights on some of the discoveries he's uncovered, many which are not aired on his television program.

    While working his “day job” as a world-renowned forensic geologist and the president of the Minnesota-based American Petrographic Services, Scott Wolter began developing a new science called archaeopetrography–a scientific process used to date and understand the origins of mysterious stone artifacts and sites. The first artifact Scott studied using this new science was the Kensington Rune Stone, which he believes is an authentic, pre-Columbian land claim carved here in America by none other than the Knights Templar. The Kensington Rune Stone was the subject of a documentary special called Holy Grail in America that aired on HISTORY in 2009. Now, in America Unearthed on H2, Scott has the chance to use forensic geology and archaeopetrography to explore many other untold stories in American history, changing everything we think we know about our past.

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    Johanna Carroll's Dialogue W/Divinity: The Goddess Temples Of Malta

    in Spirituality

    In this momentus edition, Johanna recaps her trip to the Island of Malta.

    Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments, including the seven Megalithic Temples, which are some of the oldest free-standing structures in the world.

    These prehistoric structures are referred to by some as the Goddess Temples, and are known to be one of the world's most sacred and mystical sites.

    You'll want to hear Johanna share her experiences while there along with others on the tour.  Johanna will also disclose many channelled messages she received in Malta from the Goddess Mary Magdalene.

    This will be one of the most exciting episode of DWD this year, so be sure to join us live!

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    From The Touchline in Seattle

    in Sports

    Todd Stauber and Aaron Heinzen return this week on From The Touchline in Seattle. The Women's World Cup is out of the group stage and while the USA has advanced, they've done so in prehistoric fashion. Hear what they have to say about the style of play and formation head coach Jill Ellis continues to go to. The Copa America is down to the semifinals and overall the tournament has been an mix of red cards, theatrics, and a little bit of good play. The boys break down the semifinal matches and talk about the gong show that has surrounded the tournament. It's rivalry week in the MLS and former Portland Timbers defender Scot Thompson comes on the show to talk about the massive Seattle Portland rivalry and give insight from a players perspective. As always we have Stauber's Bottom 3, Heinzo's World XI and 2-touch. Catch us today at 5pm Eastern, 2pm Pacific!

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    Atlantis and Lemuria- Ancient civilizations & revealing our true origins.

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever thought that there might be more to Earth's history than what we are led to believe?  I'm sure that we have all heard of Atlantis, but maybe not Lemuria.  These 2 ancient civilizations are spoken about through countless stories and are engrained very deep in our psyche.   These civilizations did exist thousands of years ago and both experienced catalysmic events leading to their destruction. However, remnants of them can be found in our consciousness as well as in other civilizations such as the Egyptians, Abrogines, and Greeks.  Many of us here at this time had lifetimes during these civilizations and are working to prevent the chaotic destruction from happening again.   If you have ever been curious about this topic and would like to hear more, then please listen to my show on Sunday March 1, 2015 @ 1PM Pacific time.  I will share what I have learned about this topic and lead us through a meditation to help us heal any past life memories and to awaken memories and spiritual gifts that may be helpful to us at this time. I hope you will listen.   

    For more information about Ascension magic, please visit my website at www.ascensionmagic.com

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    Moabite Oasis with Taj Tarek Bey

    in Education

    "When one studies issues involving Nationality & Birthrights, one begins to understand that Laws of Civilizations come from the natural people of Nations.  And if you are not part of a Nation you don't come under National or International Law.  Therefore, you are not recognized by the Nations of the Earth; because Law deals with the interchanges made between natural people across the planet, and has generally, always been that way.  And the (Nations) have governmental principles that are universal in their character. These international principles are not unique to us necessarily, they are universal in their character.  So when one deals with otherNations, there are certain universal and fundamental civil principles that are expected from you, when others communicate with you. And if you don't display a basic knowledge of such rules of order, then you are in violation of Divine Law, (from whence the principles of government law is derived). One may be deemed as being outside of the Law or considered to be what is called or referred to as an “outlaw”. Such a circumstance may be assumed by the natural citizens of a nation and government; and by virtue of such conditons or status, may do whatever they want to you and get away with it."            

    —Taj Tarik Bey, G.S. 

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    Marie Jones: Viral Mythology

    in News

    Viral Mythology: How the Truth of the Ancients was Encoded and Passed Down through Legend, Art, and Architecture 

    Behind every myth, fairy tale, and legend--hidden within the art, song, and structures of ancient times--is an encoded layer of wisdom, science, and truth passed down throughout history. This book will examine how information went "viral" long before the Internet, and served as the foundation for mythology, sacred architecture, and symbolic imagery throughout the ancient world.

    Viral Mythology reveals:

    How primitive and ancient cultures conveyed cutting-edge scientific knowledge in their origin stories and myths
    Why esoteric knowledge was hidden in symbols, art, and architecture during times of religious oppression and persecution
    How stories, songs, and art served to describe actual historical events
    Why diverse civilizations told the same stories and created the same art with common themes and symbols, despite no apparent communication

    From the great myths of the Greek, Roman, and Norse to the texts of the world's major religions, from folklore and fairy tales of old to sacred edifices and monuments, from cave paintings to the mysterious symbology of the Tarot,Viral Mythology uncovers the information highway of the past, and explores how it affects the more modern methods of communication today.

    It all began once upon a time...

    Marie is also a screenwriter currently developing “AURORA,” a science fiction feature film with Bruce Lucas Productions. She is also the author and co-author of over 100 inspirational books for PIL/New Seasons, as well as hundreds of articles, essays and stories in magazines, online ezines, newspapers and anthologies, including five Chicken Soup for the Soul books. 

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    Bill Murphy-Author- "Driving With The Brakes On" Energy Healing, Consciousness

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome our guest this evening Bill Murphy. Bill has always been interested in our spiritual essence, our spiritual paths, what happens after death, and why we might decide to return to physical form. He briefly studied religion in college, along with other spiritual belief systems.  He has always had strong interest in learning about phenomena shrouded in mystery such as the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, the Pyramids, ET civilizations, life force, and other subjects. Bill has pursued many different activities. He took a long break from college to pursue a passion for skiing and wound up on the professional freestyle skiing tour.  After that he became involved in aviation, becoming a flight instructor, charter and cargo pilot and eventually a corporate jet pilot. Bill also became interested in the financial markets and became a stockbroker in 1983.   Throughout this time however Bill has maintained a strong passion for the spiritual aspects of life and continued exploring energy healing, consciousness, and metaphysical subjects. He has also relied on his own observations and experiences in his continuing quest for answers to the spiritual questions of life. Bill is continuing his spiritual journey, writing as he goes along. He is the author of the Amazon bestselling book: Driving With The Brakes On.   He is working on two more books. Visit Bill at http://highmesallc.com/  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Driving-With-The-Brakes-On/416764695050834

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    God is a Fictional Character with no life anywhere in the world, per history

    in Religion

    Official history says that modern intelligent hybrid people, have a literal origin from a common ancestry.  This special human origin, is restrictively exclusive to the condition of being derived from fertilization in vitro-- in glass tubes. Historical record fully conveys that intelligent speaking, have been around for 200,000 years. As a matter of length of time, the history of many civilizations, have proven that the existence of people ascended far beyond the alleged lives of biblical so-called prophets, apostles and the 325 A.D. anno domini writings, which  alleged that a spurious God, began to send revelation by telepathy transmission to man from heaven to earth. The difference between literal human existence, and the bible's fictional statements that spirit a character created people out of the dust; is a matter of having serious condition of psychosis, and that exactly what that is in realism. The idea about God is eliminated by fierce word-process. Man natural academic intelligent reasoning, can only relate to literal historic realism, and the word God is merely fiction, it has no place with parochial computation, and cannot be counted into the system of algorithm formula. Except you articulate the word [God] in the approved manner, no coherent or logical situation, can exist in utterance when you say GOD-- because the word is simply fictional, and used as a misnomer...it is folly! See world history for civilized and intelligent understanding about human African indigenous religion

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    Michael Tellinger Discovers Ancient Ruins in Africa

    in Self Help

    A real-life Indiana Jones here!  Michael Tellinger is an author, scientist, explorer making groundbreaking discoveries about ancient vanished civilizations at the southern tip of Africa. His continued efforts and analytical scientific approach have produced stunning new evidence that will force us to RETHINK our ORIGINS and REWRITE our History.

    A real-hands on type of guy and thank goodness for his perseverance as the truth unrolls allowing us to see where our roots have been so our decisions can really resonate with our souls.

    Michael there is no higher calling!

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    The Future Ahead Is War & Economic Collapse

    in Current Events

    This episode of "The Star & Crescent Report" will deal with the ongoing economic crisis and delve deeper into the global climate of war, dissatisfaction, poverty, greed, deception, and total collapse. It will powerful. It will be educational. It will be unmatched in truth. And it will be impactful!