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    World Preemie Month with Dr. Jonathan Popler

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons nonors World Preemie month with Dr. Jonathan Popler and Prematurity Advocate Cathy Casamento. 

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    Facilitating Relationship Reconnection for Preemie and NICU

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    Facilitating Relationship Reconnection for Preemie and NICU Families
    Your baby has endured and survived more in their short life than few people would ever experience in their whole lifetime?
    Are those around you, (i.e. your family, friends or work colleagues) unable to grasp or understand the emotional and practical challenges you have had to face or are facing right now?
    Do you feel overwhelmed and/or dare I say guilty that your child was born early and/or sick?
    Do you feel lonely, angry and a bit ill-equipped in raising your child who has special needs?
    Are your relationships (i.e. marital, with other children, if any, etc) struggling as you care for your ill child?
    Most importantly, do you want to move forward but feel stuck?
    Join me for an inspiring interview with Gigi R. Khonyongwa-Fernandez Professional Life Coach and Founder of Families Blossoming LLC, which is a unique businesemies specializing in providing coaching-based emotional support  for parents of NICU babies or post-diagnosis, to parents of children born prematurely, parents of children who are sick/medically vulnerable and parents of children with special needs.

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    Preemie parents: Dad's view

    in Family

    Joel Brens of Aurora, IL. became Dad in May of 2010 to their son who weighed 3lbs. 6oz. He was 7 weeks premature, a "Preemie". Currently, Joel works part-time in the food service industry. After two different at-home daycares that didn't meet his family's needs, Joel and his wife decided he would stay at home to care for their son.
    Joel has his passions of community and father advocacy. Six months ago he created Papas of Preemies on Facebook as a support for Dads to share their stories. http://www.facebook.com/PapasOfPreemies
    We will learn about the developmental issues of Joel's preemie son, choices with daycare, how the family thrives and how Joel reaches out to other Papas of Preemies.
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    Preemie Parents: 26 Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby

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    Got preemies? Need advice? Tami Gaines, author of  Preemie Parents: 26 Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby, is in the studio with us today. Tami is the single mother of four children (including preemie twins) and has achieved national recognition as an advocate and spokesperson for preemie parents.  In her new book "Preemie Parents: 26 Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby", she helps parents learn to cope — as she has — by opening their hearts to learning life’s lessons. Bring your questions and concerns we'll all grow together. More at www.preemieparents.com

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    Preemie Parents: 26 Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby

    in Family

    Today on Family Talk our special guest is Tami Gaines.

    Tami is the single mother of four children (including preemie twins) and has achieved national recognition as an advocate and spokesperson for preemie parents.  In her new book "Preemie Parents: 26 Ways to Grow With Your Premature Baby", she helps parents learn to cope — as she has — by opening their hearts to learning life’s lessons.

    Tami has also recently been a Keynote speaker at events such as the "March of Dimes - Walk For Babies 2007"; "Maimonides Medical Center, Kings County Medical Center, and Columbia Presbyterian Childrens Hospital."

    Visit  Dr. Daisy Sutherland,aka Dr. Mommy, who's aim is to inspire, motivate and encourage you to be the best you can be in health, wealth and sanity!

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    Trauma & the NICU: Life Beyond the Pain

    in Self Help

    Trauma comes in many forms, shapes and sizes, including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). How do parents react to seeing their children in such distress, and how do they handle their own? Preemie fathers Joel Brens (founder, Papas of Preemies) and Nick Hall (founder, Graham's Foundation) join Michele to discuss how we move through trauma and turn tragedy into work of making a difference in the world.

    Michele Rosenthal is a popular keynote speaker, award-winning author and post-trauma coach. Her shows combine scientific research, cutting-edge guests and personal stories that highlight the challenges and successes of deliberately deciding to change the direction of your life. For more ideas about how to create change you choose, visit www.ChangeYouChoose.com.

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    Are You A Ride Or Die Women?

    in Spirituality

    You ride until the very end, I'm mean until that person you're claiming as a true friend, sister girlfriend that you are loyal too pass from this life to the next. You find yourself cheering them on more than yourself. You're reliable because your presents& deeds don't hold a hidden agenda.. You have No problems being You... 

    You die to do everything possible to destroy the person. The dreams aspirations & goals that person has shared with you. You fail to be true... You're a living fake waiting to say " I told you so".

    Kimberly Arrington...It was an amazingly hot summer day, on August 31, 1972 in a small town by the name of  Tuskegee Alabama,  and there was 5 pound preemie  being born in John Andrews Hospital. The mother of the child was frantic, because her baby was coming too soon, and there was only one Doctor on staff. As the nurse ran out to go and retrieve the Dr, they both rushed back in , only to find that a little baby girl had been born. That little girl was ready for the WORLD.  This baby girl was named Kimberly Kashanda Arrington.

    This morning help me welcome... Kimberly Arrington to the show... She is the CEO / Founder of I Am Me University..how you doing girl? I hope you're ready to beautiful us with your words of wisdom.. 

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    #205 Ideas for Young Toddlers who were Preemies

    in Parents

    Join pediatric speech-language pathologist Laura Mize from teachmetotalk.com as she talks with a great mom of a young toddler who was a 29 weeker (that's preemie talk, if you're not familiar with that term!) about ideas to help him become verbal when speech therapy is not an option.

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    The Light w. JB McGee

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    Everyone hopes when they find out they are going to be a parent that their child will be healthy.  When they’re not, it’s devastating.  Yet, most parents of special needs children will argue that their lives are full and blessed.  Host J.B. McGee is a special needs mother of two and her featured guest, Nicole Andrews Moore, is not only an author and owner of Domintrix Publishing, she’s also the mother to the world’s fourth smallest micro-preemie to ever survive.   Find out how she has used her gifts to make a difference in the lives of others

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    Proof That Trauma Can Be Overcome

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    Technically, our topic is “Parenting A Child In Crisis”, but after preparing the show we've decided it should really be called, “Proof that Trauma Can Be Overcome.” Here’s why…. With four fantastic survivor guests we'll cover: impact of trauma ways to begin moving forward delayed onset of post-trauma symptoms isolation the power of simple acts the benefit of alternative therapies making something meaningful come out of trauma And that’s just skimming the surface! You will both learn and feel so much from these four brave preemie moms. 

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    Using Writing To Open to Life for Creating Big Dreams

    in Self Help

    Former preemie (2 pounds, six ounces) Dallas Woodburn, author of There's a Huge Pimple On My Nose, 3 A.M., and founder of "Write On! For Literacy" appears Live on Tomorrow, June 30, 2011 on Internet radio's Full Power Living (9 a.m. PT or iTunes subscription). Toll-free call-in is also available over 800-630-7858.
    What can be learned from writing and volunteering? These activities allow you to create big dreams by taking small steps. A majority of people are challenged to follow their own passion, believe in themselves, and persevere until those dreams are realized. Dallas Woodburn has a story to share, about overcoming rejection, facing challenges and creating the life of her dreams. She appears June 30 on Full Power Living to entertain, challenge and inspire.

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