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    The Predators Coaches Show

    in Sports

    Talk about the upcoming tryuots
    Interview with Albert Fitz Saftey for the Predators, Talk wih Donald Henderson free agent WR,Defensive Coordinator Coach Buck and we will be taking call In to the show KC and the AFL YALL HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! KC PREDATORS FOOTBALL

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    Working Together To Stop Child Predators

    in Lifestyle

    After reading ?#‎ThroughAChildsEyes by Author Phillis T Forrest, I was moved by her story and led to do a show on the subject of child predators. After seeing the cunning way her violator manipulated her and those around her - it was all the more important to shed some light on this subject. Learn more about her story by watching this video.

    Join me tomorrow evening as we speak to the author of this amazing book and then tackle this subject with licensed professional Cyvonne Gaines who will offer information and other resources for victims.

    We'll close the evening with Mr. Officer. This segment will allow for any legal/police questions on the subject from a real police officer and provide ways to keep your family secure.

    Don't miss this impactful show as Mafietta Radio brings awareness to this issue. Call 347.237.4565 to listen in, share your story, or ask questions.

    ?#‎GetInformed ?#‎StopTheCycleOfAbuse

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    FeMale Sexual Predators cont:

    in Education

    Whats good fam and definitly THE ELECT? Ran out of time last night and didn't get a chance to play my last clip on how having sex with NEANDERTHAL leper cave dogs, give we melanin rich aka BLK folks CANCER. Evidence shows that prior to cleverly crafted integration and leper caucasoid planned and orchestrated racial amalgamtion. Negro Black Americans (never) suffered from diseases like Breast Cancer or Prostrate Cancer. So if we are suffering from a high rate of these disease NOW and more, it simply stands to reason that it is the LEPER Cauacasoid Tribes their (half cast) progeny and there never ending JEALOUSY of we who are giving these disease to us and aslo creating them for us. Sorry if these FACTS hurt some of you out there who feel swirling with the NEANDERTHAL is the best thing next to ice cream. But the high mortality rate at which we are dying when we where living to over 100 yrs not to long ago should want you/we to consider the PRICE we are willing to pay for being in love with and cohabitating with the leper neanderthal races.


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    Run Your Mouth Night: Predators On A Higher Level...Creflo Dollar On The Loose!

    in Education

    It's Run Your Mouth Night. And the Hot Topic is about Creflo Dollar, we have came up with another word for ECONOMICS for this cat, it's Trick-Con-Nomics. Creflo, has asked 200,000 of his followers to contribute $300, to a cause/campaign to buy a  $65M G650 Jet, so him, Taffy, and his crew can travel the skies in comfort in order to share the word of Grace around the globe.  Creflo Dollar has done the do, now. Do you followers know how much money it takes to fill up a jet to fly one way? Is yall, getting on the Jet, with him and them? Y'all getting a tax write-off...What?

    Has Creflo gone mad!? Is this a trick? We know God said ask, and you shall recieve, but now I have to question Creflo's grace with God.  The Devil is a liar! I thought the church is suppose to be about savings, Dollar on reserve? In this case, "The World Changers Church," is changing lives in the world of trick-con-nomics, and fleecing the sheep and pulling wool over their eyes to do it. Is Creflo Dollar pimpin' in the pulpit, or pimpin' in his convo?  Please somebody come and help us talk about this Brotha' cause if, the Church allow him to get this Jet, souls are going to be lost and their possessions too!

    Predators on a Higher Level, Yall! God don't need no gifts, and neither is you the President of the United States, Creflo; even the President is flying a jet, based on the economy...what's up with that?



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    Blackhawks Try To Make Predators Extinct, Bulls Head to Milwaukee, Bears #7 Pick

    in Sports

    After an epic triple overtime victory that didn't end until 1:17 AM Wednesday morning, the Blackhawks head to Nashville to try to close out their first round series versus the Predators.  Rookie goaltender Scott Darling continued to shine in Game 4, making 50 saves on 52 shots faced.  He gets the start again in Game 5, while head coach Joel Quenneville continues to play with varying lines on offense.  The NFL Draft is one week from today, and Bears fans are still debating about who the Bears will take with the #7 overall pick.  Will it be a wide receiver? Defensive lineman? Linebacker? Will they trade up to take a quarterback in an attempt to replace the ever-hated Jay Cutler?  The Bulls continue their first round series with the Milwaukee Bucks tonight, trying to take a 3-0 lead at the Bradley Center where Bulls fans will try to take over and turn it into another home game. The Bulls be without rookie phenom Nikola Mirotic, who was injured during some physical plays in Game 2.  Who will step up and fill the void, who will be the star for the Bulls in Game 3? Derrick Rose looks to bounce back from a poor shooting performance in Game 2.  All this and your phone calls at (347) 327-9183!


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    Bruins vs Predators Post Game Show | Studio # 347-215-7771

    in Basketball

    After an overtime win against the Sabres, the Boston Bruins will look to make it a winning streak as they take on The Nashville Predators 

    Joe Marracchino and Jeff Kane will break this one down on the CLNS Radio Bruins post game show immediately following the last play.

    As always, the Bruins Post Game Show is built for and controlled by our callers. The studio is equipped with 150 call lines, so you will never get a busy signal.

    Call into the studio: 347-215-7771 (press 1 to speak to the host)

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    LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO- Going Country with the Nashville Predators

    in Sports

    Join us for a country western edition of LA Kings Road Talk as we discuss all things LA KINGS hockey as our beloved LA Kings take on the Nashville Predators as talk all things LA Kings & NHL hockey.Will the Kings Road Woes Continue? Can the Kings limit chances for new Pred James Neal and long time Kings arch enemy Mike Ribeiro? These questions will be answered and oh so much more on the internets only live, uncensored LA Kings-Centric show you will ever need...the one and only LA KINGS ROAD TALK RADIO. Brought to you by Letsgokings.com, B&B Premiere Insurance Solutions & Lexus-the December to Remember Sales Event.

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    Sexual Predators

    in Entertainment

    Tonight's episode is about sexual predators, men who prey on women and use mental manipulation and physical dominance to try and take advantage of potential victims. This is a serious issue in society. It goes on all the time every day not just in the U.S., but across the world.
    So many people’s lives are affected by these heartless acts as many victims are left scorned and have to try and find some way to pick up all the pieces of their shattered souls and this does not go unnoticed. We want every victim of sexual predators to know that we're with you and support you, which is why we chose to make this tonight's topic of discussion.
    Sexually violating someone is never in any way, shape, or form acceptable nor tolerated by the good standing citizens, law enforcement, government, and surely not by Tay Real & Nizzy Nay and it's time to share with the people how we feel about it.
    We air at 9PM Eastern Standard Time and you can catch the live show via phone by dialing 347-838-9540.

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    Why Evil Wants to Savage Children, the Demonized Predators are Being Exposed

    in Current Events

    What has enabled multiple levels of our national culture to encourage people to become pedophiles, child murderers, child kidnappers, child rapists, child ographers? Why are there monsters willing to offer children in Satanic ritual sacrifice? Why are children being hunted for sport? Why are police and judges willing to cover up these crimes? Did you know that politicians are initiated into office with complicity in these kinds of crimes? Do you know about that agencies and churches that steal and sell children for hundreds of thousands of dollars? How did we become a nation that tolerates and promotes all these things? It is because our sin and rebellion against the Almighty God has produced in us a seared conscience and a cowardly co-dependence with evil? What has happened to the conscience of a once godly nation? Can the American people turn back to God? What agencies have been implicated in crimes against children? Do God's children have spiritual authority and power in this age of the counterfeit religions and false pastors and teachers that pretend to be real Christians? And how many Freemasons have infiltrated Christian churches to influence the people of God in subtle wickedness?

    When the people of God are deceived they will not engage in a holy warfare against the host of hell, and the seed of the evil one will multiply because Satan is not being chained by the holy prayers of Gods saints.


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    Can We Survive Without Necessary Predators?

    in Environment

    What would happen if your car had no oil or the steering wheel had been removed or you had no more gas? Your car would not function properly and clearly, you would have problems driving. When it comes to nature, every plant, every creature, every micro and macro organism plays its part much in the same way. Human beings are notorious for quickly destroying wildlife for the simple reason being that these creatures are either difficult to cohabitate with or are just a nuisance. It is unfortunate that people are so disconnected with nature and do not see how each creature plays an important role that impacts other creatures (human beings included) “Leading scientists working around the globe are learning that these much feared predators may in fact hold a key to life itself. It is the presence or absence of top predators that affects the health of the entire ecosystem.”-Lords of Nature The Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators, is a captivating documentary which tells the story of a science now discovering top carnivores as revitalizing forces of nature, and of a society now learning tolerance for beasts they once banished. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Karen Anspacher-Meyer, Executive Director, Green Fire Productions and Craig Miller, Southwest Representative Defenders of Wildlife. We will also discuss the issues with efforts to minimize the protection offered to these species under The Endangered Species Act. Stay tuned!

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