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  • Updates on a Season: Back to the 2014 Film Awards Season!

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    So with the Christmas and New Year's holidays all behind us, it's time to get seriously re-focused on the 2014 Film Awards Season!  Oscar nominations are less than 2 weeks away, so join in tonight as we recap the latest precursor awards and see where the Oscar race is as 2015 begins!  Happy New Year!

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    SAG/Golden Globes/Critics Choice - Awash in Nominations!

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    A SPECIAL TUESDAY NIGHT EPISODE!  It's been a busy couple of weeks for the 2014 Film Awards Season, so there's a whole lot to catch up on tonight!  The Screen Actors Guild, the Golden Globes, and the Critics Choice Awards nominations are all in, as well as other critics groups, the AFI, and so many more!  Join in tonight for all the latest updates and analysis and see where the Oscar race stands!

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    The 2014 Film Awards Season Begins!

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    And so it begins!  Hard to believe we're about to close out another year, and that means it's time for the Film Awards Season coverage to begin here on the show!  Tonight, we further preview the precursor awards, and discuss the very early Independent Spirit Award nominations and the first critics ten best lists, and see where the current state of the Oscar race finds us.

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Playful Engineer Ann Marie-Thomas

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Dr. AnnMarie Thomas. AnnMarie is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering at the University of St. Thomas. Her teaching and research focus on engineering design, particularly as it relates to PK-12 education. With her students, AnnMarie explores the playful side of engineering exploring topics such as Squishy Circuits, the Engineering of Circus, and toy design. She is the mother of two young makers.  AnnMarie is the author of the recent book Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation, a book for parents and other educators—both formal and informal, who are curious about the intersections of learning and making. Through stories, research, and data, it builds the case for why it is crucial to encourage today’s youth to be makers.

    this episode Q&A includes: 

    • vaginal steams- why are you doing it?
    • St. John's wort and St. Joan's wort are the same thing- Hypericum perforatum 
    • hypericum used to treat pain that arises from the nerves
    • parasitic worms- drugs are usually more effective and less damaging than potent herbs..
    • the sexual relationship with yourself is what counts most..
    • plants do not contain estrogen, but do contain phytosterols which are precursors to hormones..
    • seeds, roots and most leaves contain phytosterols..
    • late 40's trying to conceive? vitex, red clover infusion, up the amount of animal fats in diet and petition the soul of unborn child..
    • when we are sick it gives our immune system a chance to work..
    • mental illness and coping strategies..
    • essential oils used in diffuser- most dangerous because they go into lungs and directly into blood..

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Award Winning Author Michael Largo

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Michael Largo. Michael Largo is the author of God’s Lunatics, Genius and Heroin, The Portable Obituary, the Bram Stoker Award-winning Final Exits: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of How We Die, and three novels. His latest book is THE BIG, BAD BOOK OF BOTANY: The World’s Most Fascinating Flora, an entertaining and enlightening one-of-a-kind compendium of the world’s most amazing and bizarre plants, their history, and their lore. He is the former editor of New York Poetry and the researcher/archivist for the film company Allied Artists. He and his family live in Florida with their dog, two turtles, a parrot, two canaries, and a tank of fish.


    this weeks Q&A includes:

    • making herbal medicinal vinegars

    • explanation of dosing different herbal tinctures

    • 4 types of plant poisons- alkaloids, glycosides, resins and volatile oils

    • why to make infusions, cook greens for an hour and the difference between seasoning herbs and nourishing herbs.

    • ingesting too many volatile oils in plants gum up the kidneys and liver

    • do plants contain estrogens? not many, but phytosterols which are precursors to be converted by intestinal flora..

    • motherwort tincture to moderate blood pressure, no hydrogenated oils and movement..

    • calcification in blood vessels? drink nettle infusion!

    • hormonal disruptors..

    • motherwort, lavender and other mints in regards to the thyroid..

    • poke berry seed safety..

    • estrogens in the body and vitex berry tincture..

    • anxiety, motherwort tincture, visualization exercise..

    • why Susun uses 100 proof vodka for tinctures

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    Episode A - Best of Worst, Episode of Mix, Down

    in Current Events

    Tonight, we revisit some of the recent audio mixes from issue episodes. The themes are still currennt events, although 2 of the topics are overshadowed or forgotten in the mainstream because the other issue serves their agenda more to oversaturate the narrative with their divisive point of view. 

    These topics are all precursors to what some are calling the "Negro Spring". I don't know if thst title holds with it some historical racism or if it shows the reality of modern prejudices and delusions of a post racial Murica. What it does show, is that it's again time to fight for the underdog, and it is all of us. 

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    Early and Safe Detection of Precursors of Disease

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    Inflammation and lypmphatic congestion. These terms sound familiar? If these word are not in your vocabulary yet, please do take notice. These are precursors of the diesease process. And th e earlier they are detected in your system , the better for you health, vitality and longevity.  Might as well call these precursors , our body's "red flags. And today, one of the most superior tools to detect systemic inflammation and lymphatic blockages is with the FDA-approved thermal imaging system. Listen to its many benefits on this episode.

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    The Fix Episode #14

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    Sport kinesiologist and baseball pitching mechanics expert Angel Borrelli discuss Chad Billingsley's setback, including a description of the flexor tendon, its role in the pitching motion, and how it relates to the UCL and Tommy John surgery. Further, Angel explains the importance of recognizing warning signs / precursors to UCL injury, as well as finding the root cause of injuries -- which are often traced back to a flaw or flaws in the pitching motion. Also, Angel defines the olecranon, how Gavin Floyd may have fractured it, and how Floyd's fracture of it may be related to his UCL injury. Finally, Angel addresses the myth that velocity increases with longer stride / stride length should be a specific percentage of body height. 

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Cat Channeler Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with Mary Elizabeth Hoffman. Mary gives fast paced direct readings focusing on creative, empowering solutions to life's challenges. She uses astrology, tarot and psychic intuition.  Mary has led workshops and trips to sacred sites around the world since 1986 on such subjects as astrology, personal growth, earth energies, earth changes, lost civilizations, prophecy, sacred geometry and alternative healing. 

    this episode Q&A- includes:

    • poke root salve is a escharotic which erodes the skin allowing cancer and other infections to come out.. chickweed helps to dissolve cysts..

    • nettle infusion rebuilds veins so they are like those as a teenager, legs up the wall massaged with herbal oils also relieves veins..

    • persistent vaginal infection, possible undiagnosed chlamydia and lots of information talked about and found in Down There: Sexual and ReproductiveHealth the Wise Woman Way

    • poison ivy and witch hazel..

    • alternatives to valerian- skullcap tincture better at bringing on sleep and hops..

    • when we wake up and cannot fall back to sleep- usually adrenal stress, nourish with nettle infusion..

    • 47 and would like to get pregnant- risks and options..

    • brandy has too much other stuff in it to absorb other plant constituents- use 100 proof vodka..

    • rosacea and burdock root..

    • phytoestrogens, phytosterols, precursors to hormones, intestinal flora, tamoxifen and breast cancer prevention..

    •  you have to be able to get sick to get healthy..

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    Countdown to Oscar 86: 35 Days to Go

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    So the Oscar Nominations have been announced, and the countdown to Oscar Night is on!  With 35 days to go, the precursor awards are still being presented, and will no doubt have an influence on the Oscar race.  So tonight, an update on the Producers Guild and Directors Guild awards, and a look at the state of the Oscar race as the crucial month of February is about to begin.

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    The Wellness Blueprint

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    Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday as they discuss  Cervical Cancer  with the Director of Communications for  the Cervical Cancer Prevention Center ans Bylinda Foster the  West Atlanta Chapter Leader for the National Cervical Cancer


    Fred Wyand’s Bio:

    Mr. Wyand has directed ASHA’s HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention Center since 2003, and has served as editor of HPV News since that time. He has developed a number of resources around HPV infections and diseases for diverse audiences, including patients and health care providers, and served as project manager and co-developer on two prior, successful ASHA HPV CME programs. In 2012 he also served on a Workgroup with the Update to the 2006 ASCCP Consensus Conference on the Management of Cytological Abnormalities and Cervical Cancer Precursors.


    Bylinda’s Bio:

    Bylinda Foster is the West Atlanta's Chapter Leader for the National Cervical Cancer Coalition. She has been with the NCCC for 3 years and enjoys creating fun ways to get communities involved in spreading awareness!

    Getting involved once a family member was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, she came to realize her lack of knowledge about the prevalence of cervical cancer and that it is a cancer that does not need to exist. Knowing that this disease could affect anyone, of any age or race, really hit close to home to as a mother, sister, and a woman.