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    Pramek Radio - Science

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    Pramek Radio is back with Matt Powell hosting...
    Don't worry folks, this time, we have a new internet connection, it'll come in loud and clear.
    This show's topics:
    What does Zimmerman teach us?
    What is tactical?
    How do I decide on a strategy?

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    Pramek Radio - Firearms with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics

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    Pramek Radio is back with Matt Powell hosting...
    This show's topics: Firearms
    In preview of tomorrow's Sage Dynamics Force Focused course, we will be talking to Aaron Cowan, of Sage Dynamics, about firearms, shooting, teaching, and a whole host of other topics on this special episode of Pramek Radio.
    Links for today's show:
    www.pramek.com - Pramek's website
    www.sagedynamics.org - Sage Dynamics Corporate Page
    http://www.sagedynamics.org/#!staff - Mr. Cowan's bio
    Force Focused Flier - Flier for the class we will be discussing
    Music for today's show by:
    WolfPack Tactical, from the Warrior Album by E.S.I.K available at:
    Shouting at Satellites by SAS, available at:

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    Pramek Radio - Subscribers Only Edition

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    Welcome to the first ever, Pramek Radio show.
    We are excited to present this to our subscribers, as next week we will go live to the public!!!!
    Tonight we will be discussing a variety of topics about the new Pramek, talking some calls, and talking to one of our new instructors.
    We won't be putting up the schedule for the night, but from 730pm - 930pm EST, we will be discussing the new direction of Pramek, our new instructors, new programs, and new books.
    If you can't catch it tonight, download the podcast until next week's show, when we go public!

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    Pramek Radio

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    This morning we will be discussing the week in Pramek, the new Facebook lecture, as well as:
    Testing:  How Do We Know Pramek's DPT is working
    Combative Striking:  Distraction vs. Self-Distraction
    And much more!  Tune in for more!

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    Pramek Radio

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    This week's theme:  combative physics.  
    In the past two weeks we have had a lot of questions about combative physics - what is it?  What do we mean by combatives physics?  This week we will discuss how to look at combat through the eyes of physics.
    We will also be talking about everything going on with Pramek and announcing another coupon code!

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    Pramek Radio is back

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    What do FBI Crime Statistics Tell Us About Today's Martial Art Industry?
    Becoming A Better Teacher:  How Can Words Make or Break a Student
    Today's links
    FBI Statistics:  http://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/crime-in-the-u.s/2010/crime-in-the-u.s.-2010/tables/10tbl01.xls
    UCR Search:
    Atlanta Crime Map http://crime.mapatl.com/
    Teaching: http://www.pramek.com/shop/default/clm-manual-three

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    Biomechanics (starting at 20 mins)

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    This week's theme:  biomechanics (interview begins at 20 mins)
    Pramek's movement science staff adviser, biomechanist Stephen Braybrook and Matt Powell talk about biomechanics, movements, and the applicable study of biomechanics in martial art!

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