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    Becoming an Angel Practitioner ...Plus Medium Savonn Champelle!

    in Spirituality

    A Double Feature!

    IN THE FIRST HOUR: The Angels Monday Show! - Angel Practitioners – Angel Practitioner Certification Course  -  Hosts Maria Maas, Dr Dax Carlisle, and Janice Fuchs, discuss becoming an Angel Practitioner, their Journeys,  Maria’s upcoming Angel Practitioner Certification Course and MORE! …Plus, offer FREE Angel Messages for Callers!

    IN THE SECOND HOUR: Over The Rainbow – Your AfterLife Connection!  - Medium Savvon Champelle – FREE Medium Readings! -  Directly after Angels Monday – at 2:30pm Pacific/5:30pm Eastern, Join Host Rose Fulhorst as she chats with Medium Savonn Champelle and they take your Calls! Be Sure to grab a VIP Pass for this show! LifeScapeRadio.com/VIP

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    Savonn Champelle - Angel Practitioner of The Month!

    in Spirituality

    IN HOUR ONE: The Angels Monday Show! Dax's Special Guest is Psychic Medium and Certified Angel Card Reader/Angel Therapy Practitioner Savonn Champelle - Our Angel Practitioner of The Month!....

    IN HOUR TWO: The Spirit Talk Show! Book Club – Reiki Guidebook – It’s our Book Club Episode, and The Book of The Month is The Reiki Guidebook!…

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    The importance of self care for the caregiving practitioner

    in Training

    How many times as a practitioner do you recommend to your clients to have an epsom bath following a treatment?

    As a doula, do you suggest your clients prepare for their birthing time by stretching and working on their posture in the days/weeks leading up to birth?

    Now let me ask you, how often do you take your own advise???  As a caregiving practitioner it is SO important that we take our own advise and practice proper self-care techniques on a regular basis.  Stretching before a birth, detoxing our body by having a bath, regular wellness techniques such as massage and reflexology.

    Let's talk about the importance of self care in this episode and ways that we can begin bringing these practices into our regular life.

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    Angel Practitioner of The Month! ...Diego Berman, PhD

    in Spirituality

    It's our third show on our NEW Angelic Realms Radio channel! After four years of broadcasting and 200+ episodes, The Angels Monday Show is NOW: Angelic Realms Radio!

    On today's show, Hosts Janice Fuchs, Maria Maas and Dax Carlisle welcome The Angel Practitioner of The Month, Diego Berman, PhD!   ...they will ALSO be taking your Calls for Angel Messages!

    ...plus, filling you in on the latest News, about AngelPractitioners.com, the Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course, the International Association of Angel Practitioners and MORE!

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    FREE Class: Introduction to the Certified Angel Practitionerâ„¢ Course!

    in Spirituality

    Join us Saturday February 21st at 10am Pacific - 12pm Central - 1pm Eastern (US) - 6pm UK for a FREE Class: An Introduction to the Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course! Presented by course creator and instructor Maria Maas, MA, CTM, CACR™, CAP™ and Hosted by Dr Dax Carlisle, DD, CCH, CTM...

    Find out ALL about our upcoming course to become a Certified Angel Practitioner™. The First of it's kind, this is an extensive, yet affordable course that will have you certified and ready to practice as a CAP™ in just a few weeks!

    Find out MORE about the CAP™ Course here: AngelPractitioners.com/Certification

    We will also be discussing our new website for AngelPractitioners.com, and the IAAP - International Association of Angel Practitioners!

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    This Week's Guest is Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette

    in Health

    Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette joins us to talk about Essential Oila.  Our main topic today will be keeping balance in our lives, Body, Mind, and Spirit, and how essential oils can be a useful tool in attaining that balance..

    During the first half hour, Tony will go over additions to our website and will talk about Fats, Cholesterol, and Statin Drugs.

    During the second half hour, Luella will continue her discussion on Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks:  The causes and how they can be eliminated.

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    This week's guest is Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette

    in Health

    Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  This week we will focus on healing our pets with essential oils  She will also talk about what she's doing in bringing natural healing to Puerto Rico.

    Tony will go over additions to our website and will talk about cleansing the body with Juicing.

    Luella will finish her series on bullying.  I will talk about how to deal with bullies and focus on certain important points made during the past few weeks.

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    Brenda Williams - Energy Leadership Master Practitioner

    in Self Help

    Brenda Ingham Williams is s Certified Professional Coach & Energy Leadership Master Practitioner.  Her focus is on leadership development and emotional intelligence, creating a Self-Mastery System that leads to progressive communication skills and extraordinary relationships. 

    Brenda helps individuals and organizations make critical changes in their behavior, mindset and skills - leading to Laser Focused Results and Transformational Change! Her clients gain clarity, get focused and implement achievable action plans to get the results they want in life, creating a mindset where “Anything is Possible”.



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    Angel Practitioner of The Month ...and in Hour 2: Medium Lorraine Smyth

    in Spirituality

    A Double Feature!

    IN THE FIRST HOUR: The Angels Monday Show! - Angel Practitioner of The Month: Jena Turner! - Hosts Maria Maas, JaniceFuchs and Dax Carlisle welcome their special guest, Angel Practitioner for The Month of January: Jena Turner! ...and Take Your Calls for Angels Messages!  - Show time will be 1pm Pacific - 3pm Central - 4pm Eastern....

    IN THE SECOND HOUR: The AfterLife Connections Show! - Medium Lorraine Smyth - Learning to Trust Your Path as a Medium!  -  Host Lillian Suarez welcomes Guest Psychic Medium Lorraine Smyth, and discuss Learning to Trust Your Path as a Medium ! 2pm Pacific - 4pm Central - 5pm Eastern - 10pm UK  ...Be Sure to grab a VIP Pass for this show! LifeScapeRadio.com/VIP

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    This Week's Guest is Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette

    in Health

    Holistic Practitioner Marlene Ivette joins us this week on The Best Years in Life Radio.  We will be discussing the effectiveness in addressing mental/emotional health using essential oils.  

    During the first hour of the show, Tony will go over additions to our website and his topic will be:  How to beat and avoid the flu naturally.  .

  • From Stage 4 Cancer to Thriving EFT Practitioner: The Power of Tapping

    in Self Help

    It’s well known that many people who become EFT Practitioners reached a crossroads in their life, and used EFT as the tool to help them along the journey. Imagine being told you have less than a year to live. Imagine transforming your health to such an extent that you can now work with clients going through what you went through.

    In today’s show, Annabel talks to Peggy Mangan about how she offers full support to her clients, yet stays energetically removed from their stories, and the processes she finds successful in her work.

    In 2005 Peggy Mangan was diagnosed with a stage IV aggressive blood cancer. Her doctors told her to expect to live less than one year. Today, she shares ways to overcome the traumatic stress that often comes with the diagnosis, treatment and fear of the recurrence of cancer. Peggy is a registered nurse, Reiki Master, AAMET certified EFT/Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting practitioner.  She is the author of the forthcoming book: Joy After Cancer - Finding Peace For Life

    Annabel Fisher started her EFT Practice on a shoestring. Still experiencing many of the side effects of serious CFS, she used her experiences to establish a niche working with chronically ill clients, and created a 6-figure business after clearing many limiting beliefs including the biggest: “People who are very ill can’t afford to pay for my services”. A Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer, she now focuses her attention on training and mentoring students to become masterful Certified EFT & MR Practitioners, and empowering them to create wildly successful EFT Practices.

    To learn about her Complete EFT Practitioner Certification Program or find out about her EFT Practice mindset mentoring service please visit www.eftworkshopsandtraining.com

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