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    MS UPDATE 2014 w/Dr. Brian Steingo-MD Neurologist Researcher

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    Host Stuart Schlossman and Co-Host Producer Deanna Kirkpatrick get an MS Update for 2014 from Dr. Steingo, Neurologist/Researcher and Medical Director of MS Center in Sunrise, Florida. Updates include rare diseases that are cousins to MS too. ADEM, NMO, ON,  TM, PPMS, etc.

  • 00:59

    Dr. Terry Wahls

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    Stuart Schlossman and Deanna Kirkpatrick interview Dr. Terry Wahls and ask all your questions about her MS diet, her amazing recovery from having Secondary Progressive MS (from wheelchair to riding a bike again), how functional medicine plus nutrition can give all of us who have MS HOPE. However, I do want to add that she clearly states she still has MS, it is NOT a cure, and you need to consult your physician before making any decisions of a medical matter.

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    Neurologic Concerns and Answers of Multiple Sclerosis

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    This is a GREAT show with our guest Dr. Daniel Kantor who answers all your questions from last months show (we were overwhelmed with questions!! whooo hooo). So in this podcast you will hear about the two NEW oral medications coming out, how a Dr. determines your when to change your diagnosis from RRMS>SPMS and PPMS. The difference between Neuro Myelitis Optica and Optic Neuritis and when you should fire your doctor! :o

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    Living Healthy with Multiple Sclerosis!!

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    Life Sentence ???
    Diagnosed with PPMS (Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis) IN 2001, Doctors told my guest to get her Affairs in order!!!!  
    Always a WARRIOR  and against all odds, she fought to keep alive, to be a WIFE, a MOTHER,  SISTER, A DAUGHTER,..TO KEEP HER IDENTITY AS A HUMAN  with  PPMS, bombarding her daily, hourly.....
    Disease progression,  had her speeding down DISABILITY highway!!!!!
    Her mind still fertile roamed the information highway with Hope in her heart...despite doctors prognosis....ever seeking..ever searching..... 
    Diet Modification,  Physical Therapy,   Stress Reduction,   etc.....this Warrior  kept on diligently searching... 
    For anything to help her bear this burden,  that she had in effect become on her family...