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    Do you miss POW-WOW? Well Chicago April is Poetry Month and CWT4R would like to give you a night of POW-WOW, radio style, Wednesday night. Sit back, click on the Facebook link turn up your computer and enjoy the last night of Poetry- POW-WOW Style. Yes we will have 5 words, oops 6 words, and poets from the past and a special feature. Join MC Lucy who will keep you laughing as she sips on that Blue drink from home…watch her after 2. Also gracing the airwaves will be some of poets that packed places POW-WOW called home like the Jeffrey Pub, Leo’s Den, 917, and Lee’s Unleaded Blues. Remember, Sharon Bridgforth, M’reld, Enina Jay, Tim’m, Logic, Ugochi, and Rah just to name a few. Bet you long to hear F*** my Blues Away or Pu*** Play just to name a few pieces you might hear that night. Welcome to POW-WOW and it’s on. We want you to feel like home so don’t forget to RESPECT the MIC. By the way what is your drink? Make sure it’s right by you and image SMOKE serving you with that smile. One last thing for all you smokers, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your seat…Light Up. Now what would POW-WOW be if we didn’t have the Founder to grace us with her poetic voice, her Hips, her  being a lady, CC Carter. A double WOW will be when our feature RED SUMMER takes you back to First Person, Raw Sugar and Shades of Red. This night is shaping up to be a POW-WOW Reunion so join us and feed your poetry soul.


  • End time WOW Bible Study

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    Apostle Debra Deanes

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    Pow Wow Radio and Afternoon's Schools Out Special

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    Join Collin, Brandon, Rachel, and Morgan for the hour long Schools Out Special brought to you by Pow Wow Radio and Afternoons!

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    Episode 5 Pow wow Problems on The Powwow Trail!

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    Have you ever been singing at the drum that your powwow tip flew off? Have you ever been dancing and had your moccasin's blow out? Or have you went to that powwow and realized you brought that broken chair? What other Mis-haps have happenend on the Powwow Trail? Join in tonight as Trilby has made it back from the powwow and hopefully he didn't have any Mis-haps, or did he? Some music and some stories from the powwow trail!! Come join in as we continue on the powwow trail!!

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    wow radio worship

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    Apostle Deanes

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    WOW....Just WOW..... All things UL....

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    This week, we will cover the games of basketball....the self imposed sanctions.....the repercussions of that.....The women's team.....the recruiting for football....

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    Apostle Dean 

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    America's Deadly Sins - Wow, Really? WTF? - Call-in Show

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    You know, it's time we just throw together a show real quick, promo the hell out of it...and just talk about life over the last week, and let's get it on, ok?  I mean, what fun is life, if you can't just be...SPONTANEOUS ABOUT SHIT, RIGHT?  Whaddya say, we make this for  a specail time...and I'll start things out....and you join in, whenever the HALE you wanna.  I'm game...LET'S TALK ABOUT IT...Whatever the heck "IT" IS.  DATE:  RIGHT THE FUCK NOW.  SPECIAL TIME:  5:30 P.M. CENTAL ('BOUT 45 MINS OR SO).  GUEST CALL IN NUMBER - 347.324.5146.  ALL ARE INVITED.  COME AS YOU ARE.