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    Making A Difference with Pottery

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    Are you looking for real-world best practices and a model for giving locally through the Arts?

    Join the conversation as we invite Dan Goddard, the Founder of the School of Pottery as he shares some insight, thought leadership and success stories for developing children, teens, families, and their communities through the language of the arts enabling them to reach their full potential.

    About the Guest

    Dan Goddard was born in Billings, Montana in 1960. He graduated from Minnesota Graduate School of Theology where he studied Theology and Counseling. In his early years from 1982-1999 Dan served with Randall Parr Ministries, The Upper Room Church, San Antonio, Texas, and Church On The Rock, Dallas, Texas. Following that, he worked with Greater Life Christian Fellowship in Dallas, Texas. He served as Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Youth Pastor early in his ministry.

    From 1994-2004 Dan served in missions working in Development for Mercy Ships, and served as one of the founding board members with Arise & Rebuild Ministries. While with Arise & Build Ministries he served as the Executive Director and lead Pastoral Services. His time working with Arise & Rebuild Ministries continued bi-vocationally as he moved back into his Senior Pastor calling.From 2004-To Present Dan serves(ed) as the senior pastor of a two Free Methodist Churches, Allen Creek Neighborhood Church in Grants Pass, Oregon, and Martha’s Chapel in Deville, Louisiana. He also served as the Director of Development for Teen Mania Ministries.

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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After- Caroline Travis, Illustrator

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    Please join us as our very talented, interesting, amazing and inspirational guest, Caroline Degler Travis, shares her Hurricane Katrina story and where she is ten years after. Caroline will tell the story from the perspective of a Baton Rouge vicinity resident....a first in the history of our radio blog show.

    Caroline was born in 1953 to Ruth and Rolland Degler in Oregon City, Oregon. She moved to Louisiana at 5 yrs of age, married right after high school and had three children within six yrs of marriage. Caroline married Jerry Travis with whom she has one child.

    Caroline, a former nurse, and current artist and painter, provided the illustrations for the children's book, "French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl" (by Cary and Gretchen Black).  A book about the value and specialness of friendship through hard times and great moral and geographic lesson for children of all ages.

    Caroline says, "I feel I have accomplished my dreams but there is still more in store for me. I have become an artist after my retirement although I knew throughout my life this talent was always there. I just never put it into action. I have recently bought a pottery wheel. This will be my next accomplishment. I will make pottery!! I am trying to pass some of my talents down to my grandchildren. My oldest grandson loves art also. I love spending time with my grandkids.

    Please join us for an inspirational discussion with Caroline


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    Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod TV-Guest: Teresa Velardi

    in Self Help

    This is the Audio for the Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod TV Show. Our Guest: Teresa Velardi gives a moving account of her experience with an abusive husband. This episode is called "Abuse to Abundance". 

    In 1999 having been totally dissatisfied with her own life, Teresa began her journey to her authentic self with a decision to leave an abusive marriage and an unfulfilling position in corporate America. While on her own journey of personal growth and development, this gifted ceramic artist, focused on creating beautiful works of art as a way of connecting back to herself and to God. Her daily writing practice has kept her focused and moving forward as life unfolds before her.

    Teresa currently lives in Pennsylvania. Besides creating pottery and writing, she also enjoys spending time with friends & family, volunteering in the community, and is active in her church.

    Teresa Velardi is a coach, author, speaker and artist. Her work is published in the Wake Up Women Anthology. Her dynamic coaching program is available on her website as is a free workbook. Please go to www.TeresaVelardi.com

    Contact Information:




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    Conversation and Poetry with Bruce McCausland

    in Poetry

    Welcome to conversation and poetry with Bruce McCausland. Bruce is s a Western New York artist, potter, poet, and humorist whose family historically, is very familiar to the Buffalo art community; his mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother were all noted artists in Western New York.  His experience in pottery and writing poetry dates back to around 1980 when he lived in Connecticut and was in the US Navy. Some of Bruce’s other interests include photography, singing, collecting acoustical 78’s, and restoring old wind-up cylinder machines and Victrolas. Read his full biography at buffalopoets.blogspot.com. Visit his webiste at http://www.wise-arts.com/Bruce_McCausland.html. Links to his pottery are at http://buffalopotteryfaces.blogspot.com/ and http://ussboston-ssn703.blogspot.com/.



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    What to do with a BFA: How Nawal Motawi Created a Robust Ceramic Tile Studio

    in Art

    Nawal Motawi joins us to talk about her journey from art school graduate to founder of an award-winning Ann Arbor-based nationally known art studio that creates unique handmade tile reflecting the classic styles and craftsmanship of 20th Century American design.

    Nawal Motawi founded Motawi Tileworks more than 20 years ago. A University of Michigan art school graduate with a restless spirit and an interest in applied arts, she moved to Detroit to learn tilemaking at Detroit’s storied Pewabic Pottery. She returned to Ann Arbor after a few years and began making her own tiles in a garage studio and selling them from a stand she rented at the local farmers’ market. Today, Nawal is still designing and making tiles in Ann Arbor. Her companies, Motawi Tileworks and Rovin Ceramics, employ more than 30 people. The tiles are sold in over 400 stores across the United States.

    The Motawi business philosophy:

    We make distinctive ceramics in a healthy way. We share our story. And we have fun.


    We believe that we can make the world a better place by making beautiful things for everyday places and modeling healthy company practices.

    How do we do this?

    We make things that are valued for their design and quality.

    We cultivate an intentional workplace culture that fosters constant improvement, positivity and consistently high performance.

    Listen to learn how she made the move from her first art classes to a successful business owner, plus her best tips for building a sustainable career in the arts.


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    Sharon Weil w/ Jackie Welch Schlicher: Creative Translation

    in Lifestyle

    Jackie Welch Schilcher is the consummate creative artist, an accomplished Nashville actress, singer, writer, director, creativity coach and drop dead funny improv performer… now she is working with clay!  Sharon Weil and Jackie travel fascinating territory in discussing how one form of creative expression translates into another, and what is at the core of them all. For Jackie, it’s improvisation, meeting the unexpected with authentic, curious, playful response. All problem solving requires creativity, and all creative expression is shaped by the question, what else can I do with this? Find out.  www.facebook.com/WildHairPottery  www.wildhairpottery.com

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    WHAT YOU MUST DO; DO QUICKLY = Vessels of honor / Vessels of dishonor

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    What if it Judas was commissioned to betray Jesus? 

    New International Version
    As soon as Judas took the bread, Satan entered into him. So Jesus told him, "What you are about to do, do quickly."

    New Living Translation
    When Judas had eaten the bread, Satan entered into him. Then Jesus told him, "Hurry and do what you're going to do."

    English Standard Version
    Then after he had taken the morsel, Satan entered into him. Jesus said to him, “What you are going to do, do quickly.”

    New American Standard Bible 
    After the morsel, Satan then entered into him. Therefore Jesus said to him, "What you do, do quickly."

    King James Bible
    And after the sop Satan entered into him. Then said Jesus unto him, That thou doest, do quickly.


    But who are you, a human being, to talk back to God? "Shall what is formed say to the one who formed it, 'Why did you make me like this?'"  Does not the potter have the right to make out of the same lump of clay some pottery for special purposes and some for common use?  
    Rom 9:20-21



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    Home Decor with Italian Majolica Ceramic and Glazed Earthenwares

    in Design

    Hello Family!   Happy Wednesday, and good to see you again! We have an exciting segment tonight we like to bring with Italian Ceramic Earthenwares.. A very favorite area of mines as I have a real appreciation for artistry in ceramics and giftwares. We go over the Majolica Technique and show you how to transform your lifestyles into fanciful! So if you enjoy good, great music and beautiful things, then you don't want to miss out on this segment!

    See Ya There!

    (10:30 pst), or if its a little late, feel free to drop back on my past demand episodes!

    Much love,

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    Visions of the Past – The World’s Most Ancient Temple

    in Religion

    In a world that was thought to be before tools, pottery or complex structures; the discovery of an ancient temple is changing our understanding of human development and evolution. Come join me, William Brigley; as we explore another page of the story that is our history.

    Visions of the Past is designed to discuss the world of archaeology and anthropology and how it relates to modern Paganism. It helps educate people on the real history, beliefs and practices of our ancestors and mankind's view of the divine.

    Spiritual Unity Radio Network is dedicated to the concept that “All Manifestations of the Divine are equally valid.”  We are committed to bringing you quality programming each week.  Our vision is to provide nightly shows covering a wide range of spiritual topics spanning multiple Expressions of Faith. We wish to see programming developed to fill a niche of broadcast for all people who understand that all Manifestations of the Divine are sacred.

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    Psalm 2

    in Christianity

    Psalm 2

    1 Why do the nations conspire[a]
        and the peoples plot in vain?
    2 The kings of the earth rise up
        and the rulers band together
        against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
    3 “Let us break their chains
        and throw off their shackles.”

    4 The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
        the Lord scoffs at them.
    5 He rebukes them in his anger
        and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
    6 “I have installed my king
        on Zion, my holy mountain.”

    7 I will proclaim the Lord’s decree:

    He said to me, “You are my son;
        today I have become your father.
    8 Ask me,
        and I will make the nations your inheritance,
        the ends of the earth your possession.
    9 You will break them with a rod of iron[b];
        you will dash them to pieces like pottery.”

    10 Therefore, you kings, be wise;
        be warned, you rulers of the earth.
    11 Serve the Lord with fear
        and celebrate his rule with trembling.   Blessed are all who take re
    12 Kiss his son, or he will be angry
        and your way will lead to your destruction,


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    Healing from Harmony Hall with Frances Micklem

    in Art

    Sale on Easter Weekend at Rosemarie Durr Pottery, where Andrew Ludick is based. Look on line for items or come to Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny! 

    Join Frances Micklem for Healing From Harmony Hall talking to ceramics artist Andrew Ludick. More can seen on his blog of the same name! We will get to hear a few of his favourite artists - of the old time American Blues genre! - and how his love of Ireland and one woman in particular allowed him to get out of the rat race and pace of American culture and live happily ever after here in rural Ireland. A chance to hear the living proof that you can do what you love, keep growing and changing and make a lifetime of it.

    Tracks from the 1920s, in order:

    Tommy Johnson - Canned Heat Blues

    Eddie Miller - Chicago Piano, School Day Blues

    William Harris - Bulldog Blues

    Lowe Stokes - Four Cent Cotton 

    For more information on Frances Micklem, healing and BioArchitecture Retreat, write to info@healingbyfranc.com or visit www.healingbyfranc.com

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