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    #Glanzgottago Tulsa Oklahoma

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    323 870 4626 alll calls taken

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    Live Coverage of Protest/Petition Kick Off In Tulsa Oklahoma

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    323-870 4626
    Description of event:
    "We are hosting this rally for citizens to sign the petition to remove Sheriff Glanz through a Grand Jury process. We will be at the courthouse plaza for 12 hours (8am to 8pm).   Starting at 7pm we will start our Rally/March down to the Sheriff's office. Come join us, we will have speakers, performers, and think-tank sessions throughout the day. "

    We will have live coverage of the event from those participating .  Please join us in the discussion of "What can we do to effect change in the world of injustice ? "  We have a answer. I believe what is happening in Tulsa at this moment in time - can be duplicated in other cities. This is a workable model. Have a problem with your police/sheriff department in your city ? Take note at what is happening peacefully in Tulsa with expediated results. I am fond of a quote by Lincoln - "Truth is the best defense"   Find that truth in evidence and expose it to the light of a grand jury. It works.


    If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people that are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing. "  Malcom X

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    Season 2 Episode 5: Free Safety Derrick Ferguson Southeastern Oklahoma

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    Inside the War Room is back for another new season getting you prepped for the 2016 NFL Draft! Season 2 is underway and we will have some great guests lined up for this year!

    Tonight David West will be hosting Free Safety Derrick Ferguson Southeastern Oklahoma!

    With ideal size that scouts are looking for at 6'3, Ferguson is built like a truck and is a fearless player in space. He plays with agressivness and knows how to lay a big hit. Athletic ability shows up on film and high points the ball nicely!

    He is an active in both in pass coverage and stopping the run in the back field.. He is a great team player who brings out the best in his teammates each and every game!

    6'3 215 FS

    Follow him on twitter as he prepares for his final season: @Dferg_9

    Check out all the past interviews from this season at http://www.nfldraftwarroom.com/interviews.html

  • Life After Dusk Live - Ieshia Meshyll

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    Guess What Day It Is? Guess What Day It Is? "Hump Day After Dusk!" 

    IT Music Group Artist, Ieshia Meshyll chats with Ceddy J and Taryn on how she got her start in the music industry, as well how her momentum has put in the company of artists such as Snoop Dogg and T-Pain just to name a few. Not only is she getting traction with her single "JAM" ft Snoop Dogg, but she is also using the proceeds she earns from the track to help build a 60-apartment complex to serve the recently restored population of her hometown Oklahoma City.

    The team also talks about some of the hot mess and hot news that has happened during the week so far. Feel free to call-in at 347-202-0389.

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    Recap Show: Indianapolis Summit & NBDL Workouts

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    The Indianapolis Basketball Summit had a great showing from players, coaches, and scouts. We will announce the all-tournament teams from the camp along with the MVP. Also we will give updates about recent player signings and the private NBA D-League workouts that our players took part in.

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    Anti Police Brutality in Tulsa #GlanzGottaGo

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    On June 4th the 94th anniversary of the worst race riot in America, Tulsa Race Riot occured. How fairs Tulsa today ? Oklahoma is number one in killings by police nationwide.   It is the year 2015 and protests abound in Tulsa, Oklahoma and other cities around the United States against police brutality . With more deaths resulting as a result of police brutality, it is time for a change. We the People of Oklahoma now have a website and the Glanzgottago.com as well . Please join us in the discussion of "What can we do to effect change in the world of injustice ? "  We have a answer. I believe what is happening in Tulsa at this moment in time - that it can be duplicated in other cities. Have a problem in your city about police brutality and want to do something productive about it ?  In Tulsa, Oklahoma  is a workable model. Again I ask :  Have a problem with your police/sheriff department in your city ? Take note at what is happening peacefully in Tulsa with expediated results. I am fond of a quote by Lincoln - "Truth is the best defense"   Find that truth in evidence and expose it to the light of a grand jury as we are attempting to do  in Tulsa . It works.  Will have updates to petetion numbers and sites that have the grand jury petition available to sign. All calls will be taken  323 870 4626  is the number

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    Contemporary Western Music and the Publishing of Westerns in Today’s Market

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    AUGUST 27, 2015 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: Contemporary Western Music and the Publishing of Westerns in Today’s Market


    Jim Jones - New Mexico Author and singer whose books and songs have educated, informed and entertained people around the world. Winner of the 2013 Western Writers of America  Spur Award for Western Song of the Year.

    Carol Markstrom - Singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar and performs Western, folk, and Americana. Carol is also a non-fiction writer and recently published children’s book. 

    Tiffany Schofield - Tiffany Schofield, Senior Editor at Five Star Publishing (a part of Cengage Learning/Gale).

    Bob Clark- Editor-in-Chief of Washington State University Press, former Assistant Director/Publisher at the University of Oklahoma and Former past President and Owner of Arthur H. Clark Company


    Western music is not to be confused with Country music. Western music is a form of American folk music composed by and about the people who settled and worked throughout the Western United States and Western Canada. The Mexican folk music of the American Southwest also influenced the development of this genre.  With the Traditional Western being a genre of various arts, such as comics, fiction, film, games, radio, television and music, getting "westerns" published and in the hands of fans can also be confusing and a challenge to understand. Tonight we learn about today's contemporary western music and about how today's publishing experts get the western genre to market.

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    Checkerboard Radio 8/23/15

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    @AwDarago and @LeeCrowe are back to talk Vols football!  Fall camp has wrapped up, a significant week of injuries to discuss, the new police state for media and injury reporting, and another of our #WayTooEarly game previews as we bring on Jason Kersey (@jasonkersey) from the @TheOklahoman to discuss the OU/UT game.  No sunshine will be pumped as usual!  Get in there....that's a whole lotta show!  Oh, and we're giving away a parking pass next week for the Bowling Green/UT game in Nashville on 9/5!

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    Questions on the 2015 college football season; predictions on MEAC & SWAC

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    Questions on the 2015 college football season

    How much is too much Urban?
    Remember Oregon?
    Is the SEC going down or is it still the same?
    How good are the smart guys (Stanford & Duke)?
    What about Penn State now?
    Will a RB win the Heisman?
    Will Jim Harbaugh fire some shots?
    Will Florida State's ACC run continue?
    What happened to Miami?
    What happpened to Oklahoma and Texas?
    Can a team outside of Alabama win the SEC?

    DI HBCU football

    MEAC: NC A&T (9), SC St (4), Bethune-Cookman (1), NC Central (1), Morgan St, Hampton (1), Norfolk St, Florida A&M, Howard, Delaware St, Savannah St
    SWAC: Alcorn St (10), Jackson St, Alabama A&M, Alabama St, Mississippi Valley St ; Grambling St (8), Southern, Prairie View, Texas Southern, UAPB
    MEAC: Tank Cohen, RB, NC A&T; Javon Hargrave, DL, SC St
    SWAC: John Gibbs, QB, Alcorn St; Kourtney Berry, LB, Alabama St

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    Kobe Bryant: Will He Play More Than One More Year?

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    Once upon a time, Jason Kidd's son, T.J., dressed up as Brian Scalabrine for Halloween. This was back when T.J. was smallish, the Jason-Joumana marriage was rock solid, and the Nets played in the dreary confines of the Meadowlands, where T.J. had his own locker.

    I only got to make a brief reference to that small piece of Scalabrine history this morning in an interview on Sirius-XM NBA radio, partly because Scalabrine was busy predicting that Kobe Bryant will shoot 37 percent this season for a Lakers team that will not make the playoffs.

    As for whether this will be Kobe's last season, Scals and I had a little disagreement.

    He believes Kobe will take a subjugated role on a 2016-17 Lakers team that could add a pair of max free agents.

    I believe Kobe is too much of a diva to come off the bench as an 18-minute per night player ... but that does not mean I believe this season will be Kobe's final one. (That will be determined by the level he is playing at.)


    As I reported last week from Las Vegas, there is a possibility that Kobe makes his swan song as a member of the U.S. Olympic team, ending his career atop the gold medal podium in Rio.

    Speaking of the Olympics, that also came up for discussion in our interview. There are going to be four teams from the FIBA-Americas region, which will account for one-third of the field. Why won't the IOC expand from 12 teams with so many worthy candidates out there who could boost the caliber of the competition? 

    That answer, plus much more, in this podcast with Scalabrine & Jonathan Hood.