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    TREATMENT and RECOVERY: Postpartum (The treatment setting is over)

    in Self Help

    Show Topic:  The 3rd trimester has been completed. You've been "re-born" into the RECOVERY lifestyle.  How does it feel? How do you feel? Those questions sound similar, but they're vastly different. What are the keys to succeeding Postpartum? What are the pit falls? What are your triggers? Any negative reservations? What's the proper care and feeding (metaphorically speaking of course) for those new in recovery? Lets talk.....

    Show Segments:  Happy Re-cap, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time

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    Share the Wealth with Kellie Fitzgerald and Lashonta Edwards

    in Culture

    Thanks for listening!  This episode of Share the Wealth, I'm talking with Lashonta Edwards of A Mother's Sanctuary a great facebook page you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/search/str/a%20mother's%20sanctuary/keywords_top.  Due to Lashonta's hard work the Governor of Texas, Governor Abbott, has declared the Month of May Maternal Mental Health month! I know you will learn a lot from Lashonta today as we discuss postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety/OCD, postpartum psychosis and perinatal depression. 

    I'm Kellie Fitzgerald, and recently I've been asked by several people to change my title from life coach, author and entrepreneur to transformational catalyst because of the amazing positive changes I help people create in their lives. If you would like information about how I can help you create positive change in your life, please visit my website at http://www.whenontheroadtoenlightenment.com.


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    Superwoman Sanctuary's Woman Cave

    in Business

    Join Candice Payne and co-host Tierra Duke for their weekly late evening girl talk. Grab a warm drink and chat with us at 9pm. Special Guest Dr. Doula Andrea Mason will be giving us lots of information about childbirth and knowing your Options. Don't miss it.

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    Healing after a Cesarean Section with Kimberly Bepler, CAPPA Faculty

    in Women

    Kimberly Bepler joins CAPPA Radio for a thoughtful conversation about healing after a cesarean section and creating a plan for the possibilty of birthing this way.  Kimberly is the owner and founder of ABC Doula Service and also trains doulas both in Portland and all around the Northwest.

    She has worked extensively with families doing doula and lactation support for the past 14 years.  She is a Certified Postpartum Doula and CAPPA Faculy Postpartum Doula Trainer, a Certified Postnatal Educator and a Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

    Kimberly has been working with postpartum families since she had an infant of her own, and has a passion for newborns and their families.

    Since founding ABC Doula in 2001 she has seen the company grow to serve over 1200 families, and loves the collaboration of the team that has come together. Kimberly is the mother to two lively school-aged kids, and enjoys the collaboration at home with her husband Mark, who supports ABC as the Accounts and Website Manager.

    Learn about Kimberly's many training oppourtunities and read her insightful blog on her website http://abcdoula.com/ you can also find her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/ABCDoula.

    Want to hear more of our CAPPA Radio shows?  Liisten to our show with Dr. Johannson about Cesarean Birth from an OB/GYN's perspective http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cappa-radio/2015/04/16/choosing-an-obgyn-cesarean-sections-and-more-with-dr-joshua-johannson


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    Choosing an OB/GYN, Cesarean sections and more with Dr. Joshua Johannson

    in Women

    CAPPA Radio host, Jill Reiter, and Dr. Joshua Johannson cover many crucial topics for expecting mothers and birthworkers.  How to choose an OB/GYN, creating a plan B for a cesarean sections as part of your childbirth preparation, learn about gentle cesarean sections, and birth professionals can get tips to build bridges with healthcare professionals.

    Before founding Cheaha Women’s in Alabama, Dr. Johannson trained and practiced at Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia’s busiest obstetrical hospital for 11 years.

    In addition to offering many surgical and medical techniques, Dr. Johannson views partnering and supporting women in health, pregnancy, and disease as fundamental to his practice. He strongly emphasizes healthy lifestyles and preventive care. He sees pregnancy as a normal physiological process, is supportive of low-intervention in low-risk pregnancy, and is a strong advocate of breastfeeding as an important healthcare decision. His other professional interests include external cephalic version, vaginal delivery of twins, fibroids, and general gynecology.

    Dr. Johannson is a graduate of Talladega College and the University of Michigan Medical School. He is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Dr. Johannson is married and has four children. He and his wife are enjoying the area and has found a church home in Grace Fellowship.

    Learn more about Dr. Joshua Johannson on FB https://www.facebook.com/cheahawomen and on his website http://cheahawomen.com/.

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    TREATMENT and RECOVERY: To Relapse or not to Relapse (That is not a question)

    in Self Help

    Show Topic: We have moved passed the immediate period of our post treatment experience (The Postpartum). We are now fully integrated back into our society, our lives.  We are now fully exposed to the "dual elements" of life.  Those elements can be the re-entering of us into old experiences, or having new experiences. They all create or cause feelings. Triggers have come............and gone?!? What happens if there's a relapse? How do we respond?

    Show Segments:  Happy Recap, Show Topic, Recovery Support Time


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    Pregnancy and Postpartum Emotional Wellness

    in Psychology

    Pregnancy and child birth is a major life transition that brings along joy and happiness, right? not always. 


    What every mother needs to know

    1 in 7 mothers experience Postpartum Mood Disorder that is often not diagnosed or treated. These moms find themselves overwhelmed and stressed. They struggle emotionally with severe depression, anxiety and panic attacks or OCD; suffering alone in silence, feeling very bad about themselves, and without much help or hope.

    In this interview Dr. Sadigh and his special guest Dalia Kenig, M.A.,MFT discuss the signs and symptoms of Postpartum emotional challenges and the ways to prevent worsening of the conditions. Find out what you need to doand how to get back on the path of recovery. 

    Dalia Kenig is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in Pregnancy and Postpartum emotional wellness. She provides free screening to any concerned woman and offers specialized counseling for women, couples and their families. She is also a member of Postpartum Support International (PSI) and advocates on Pregnancy Postpartum Emotional wellness for mothers. 

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    iBloom Radio Presents Blooming into your Purpose with guest Kay Matthews

    in Spirituality

    I am your Host La Deema Burns, Throught out the month of March your will get to hear powerful Story's how the Women used the pain of their past to push them into their purpose today!

    Listen in to hear her story how the pain in her life pushed her into her purpose!

    You will be encouraged and empowered to Bloom into your divine purpose God has for you.

    Join us on our face book group page https://www.facebook.com/groups/780062502088310/

    Or connect with me La Deema Burns through my website http://www.ladeemaburns.net to the iBloom Movement/Radio page and summit your information there to get the iBloom Newsletter also stay connected through my personal facebook https://www.facebook.com/la.deema.burns

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    #182: Get Fit Faster with Jen Sinkler

    in Health

    1.  What’s new for you from Diane [2:14]
    2. Introducing our guest, Jen Sinkler [6:36]
    3. Beginner fitness and ways to get started [9:33]
    4. Power lifting, and exercise motivation [19:57]
    5. All about intuitive training and rest and recovery [25:26]
    6. Training while recovering from adrenal fatigue [32:25]
    7. Weight lifting group classes and Crossfit [41:31]
    8. Training and movement before, during, and after pregnancy [45:25]
    9. Training and coaching for teens [52:38]
    10. Tips for type 1 diabetics [59:31]
    11. Thoughts on supplements and fat burners [1:03:09]
    12. Lift Weights Faster 2 [1:05:21]
    13. Liz’s tip of the week: Postpartum nutrition for healing and milk production [1:14:50]

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    January Jones-Holiday Rehab Postpartum

    in Comedy


    Holiday Rehab Post Partum 

    Bobbe believes laughter and humor surround us daily. Her insights will change your group's perception of both. Your audience will be enlightened to the therapeutic value of humor and laughter and learn how to tap in to their benefits to communicate more effectively, both personally and professionally. 

    From crisis management, to team building, personal wellness, or stress management, Bobbe will empower your group to a new level of confidence!  


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    The Value of Nutrition with Tania Heinemann

    in Training

    Nutrition is key to self-care for any care practitioner!

    We will chat with Tania about how to maintain a nutritional standpoint as a busy practitioner, during pregnancy and for postpartum moms.