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    The Problems with Open Theology, Postmodern Thought and Running Stop Signs

    in Christianity

    In a brief commentary, Pastor Brian discusses the importance of Christians getting involved in their communities.

    Recently, a new theological system called "Open Theism" has emerged. It seeks to answer the problem of God and evil by taking the stand that God does not know future events. Thus, the open theist openly denies divine foreknowledge (or the ability for God to know future events). Is this an acceptable position? Or are there deep theological and philosophical problems with contemporary Open Theism?

    In addition, Pastor Brian will examine the problems of postmodern thought and will demonstrate that no one really lives according to postmodern thought patterns. To demonstrate this, we will use an illustration of a person running a stop sign.

    Finally, our political correspondant will give us further information concerning the Freedom From Religion Foundation's challenge towards a Florida school's football program and the removal of Bibles from the school itself.

    Don't sit on the sidelines, get in the game and call in with your questions are comments at (323) 784-9617 and be sure to check out Pastor Brian's international website at http://pastorbrianchilton.wordpress.com.

  • Episode 347: Free-4-All-Friday!!

    in Politics Conservative

    Free-4-All-Friday!! Almost anything goes on Friday!! Just remember we are a family friendly show!

    The Shocking New “Christian” Generation  By Wayne Jacson

    Constitution party platform: Cost of Big Government and Crime

    Failing Constitution 101, Making Stalin Proud: Chris Christie on the 4th Amendment  By ANDREW P. NAPOLITANO

    Marbury, Obergefell, and Unconstitutional Supreme Court Decisions–Part 3   by Robert Lowry Clinton

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Money Matters and You

    in Motivation

    Speak Life Radio ~ Money Matters and You: "Taking Charge of Your Financial Future through Creating Your Own Economy!"

    Biblical Themes: "For even when we were with you, we would give you this command: If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat." (2 Thessalonians 3:10, KJV) 

    Sub-topics: How is money tied into our Health?
                      What is the meaning of health and wealth?

                      What does it mean to truly prosper in the postmodern age?

    This is how that I'd like to tie in the talks that you and I have been having about health, money and cognitive dissonance and just how that has an overall bearing to our pursuit of money and how it all ties into our overall health. As you see I did not change the format of the talk just touched it up in some areas. 

    Here's my Bio: Stephen Underwood

    • 1988 High School Graduate.

    • Father of 6 children & Married to my wife Misty for 20 years since March of 1995.

    • 1989-1992 U. S. Naval Veteran Desert Storm/Desert Shield.

    • Attended 1993-1995 Lee University & Survivor of a Dorm fire.

    • 2013-2014 GCU Graduate.

    • Magna Cum Laude in Bachelor’s Degree.

    • Master’s degree in Leadership.

    • CEO/President of Online Love2Pray Teleconference Ministries.

    • Pursuing M. Div. program.

    • Business Development Specialist/Sales Trainer Consultant as a UnFranchise Business Owner.
    * New Projects working on my first book release to be published around 2017 or 2018.

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    Worldwide Plaza Public Space and Shops - College Info

    in Travel


    Welcome to A Theory of Parenting on Blogtalkradio.com

    My name is Tammi Joyner

    I am your Host for the Show

    Today we are live from 825 8th ave between 49th and  West 50th Street, Two Worldwide Plaza is a post-war skyscraper.  The 39-floor building in Midtown West was completed by William Zeckendorf Jr. in 1989. Today, it is part of a three-building design that stretches an entire block between 8th and 9th Avenue from 49th to 50th Street.

    The building's postmodern exterior is perhaps one of the most remarkable building features. The old-fashioned brick is modernized by a copper roof and glass pyramid at the top. At certain times of the day, the sun hits the sleek rows of windows to the point that the facade shines like metal. Terraces abound in the majority of the 455 apartments, each equipped with granite countertops in modern kitchens, marble baths, and 11-foot ceilings.

    The interior garden courtyard reserved for residents is matched with the mid-block public plaza housing a diverse array of greenery as well a fountain with elaborate statues, and a nearby cafe.


    -NYU Graduation at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 2015


    -College - Pick a Major and Select a School

    -Workforce - Co-Op

    -Taking charge of your medical care

    -Health Insurance Basic

    -Your Medical Records - Immunizations and Physicals

    -Finding a new doctor

    -Parents dont have permission to access medical records when you turn 18


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    From Jesus To Jeremiah Wright: Race & Religion In Postmodern Culture

    in Religion

    Want to start a fight?  Mention the name, Jeremiah Wright, and BAM!!  The fight is on!!  Since the presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama, Dr. Wright has become a polarizing figure in religion and politics.  But is there a connection with Jesus?  Tune in.

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    CENSORSHIP BY DESIGN Criminalization of Child Evangelism

    in Christianity

    Bible literacy and good news are rare commodities in our postmodern world. Thankfully, light continues to shine, even in darkness. Since 1937, an interdenominational nonprofit organization, Child Evangelism Fellowship, has reached over 15.6 million children worldwide with clear, age appropriate presentation of the Gospel (“Good News”) of Jesus Christ. CEF has supported 62,393 Good News Clubs while helping 609 national missionaries in 93 countries stay in children's ministry through the Sponsor-A-National program. Through CEF, 190 countries have received nearly 12 million pieces of literature. Remarkably changed lives testify to its value, and the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability attests to the ministry’s integrity. Nonetheless, CEF faces opposition, especially from atheists and humanists. Join Debra and her broad spectrum of guests as together they celebrate victories in the lives of children through after school clubs while, at the same time, exposing censorship by design in efforts to criminalize child evangelism.   


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    Postmodern Christianity: Quotes from the book of Otis

    in Religion

    Today on Preach W/Brotha Otis we are going to discuss exactly what postmodern christianity means, how the idea has been a challenge for the relious institutions (Only in America), and Quotes from the book of Otis. To join the conversation you can join us live in the chat room or you can dial 718-664-6383 remember to press one your key pad if you have questions or comments.

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    Alex Forrester - Does Your Belief Support the Financials

    in Entrepreneur

    Thursday, March 12, 2015 @ 7:00 PM
    Guest: Alex Forrester.
    Subject: Does Your Belief Support the Financials

    Alex Forrester is Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Rising Tide Capital, a non-profit organization that provides high-quality business education and consulting to low- and moderate-income entrepreneurs in Northern NJ.

    Alex graduated cum laude from Harvard University in 2004 with an accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Postmodern Philosophy and Theology. Rising Tide Capital has since achieved national recognition for its approach to economic empowerment of low-income individuals and communities through entrepreneurship. In 2009, Rising Tide Capital was selected as a CNN Hero and recognized by President Barack Obama in a White House speech on innovative non-profit organizations.

    He is deeply interested in the concept of “Social Return on Investment” and in the use of strategic philanthropy and social entrepreneurship to address systemic social problems such as global poverty, ex-offender recidivism, and modern-day slavery.

    Alex Forrester can be reached at 201-432-4316 ext 102 email alex@risingtidecapital.org and www.risingtidecapital.org

    Join Ronald and guest Alex Forrester on Thursday, March 12 2015 at 7:00 PM to share their belief behind the numbers in building businesses from the ground up.

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    Leadership Strategy: The Innovative Leadership Playbook 2015

    in Entrepreneur

    What type of entrepreneurial leader are you? Is your leadership style that on an Authoritarian, Charismatic, Servant, Transactional, Transformational, Authentic, or one of the many other leadership types? How's your leadership style been working for you? Are you more about motivation over control or vice versa? Are you about trust-building, empathy, active listening, influence tactics, goal setting, performance monitoring, open to feedback, and/or positive action encouragement? Are you a coach or are you a mentor? How about premodern, modern, or postmodern leadership theory? From which leadership period do you lead and/or influence? Which leadership qualities do you believe will render the biggest value and return for you and your organization for 2015? That is our focus on this edition of, “The Strategist Radio LIVE."

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    Café Christianity--Picking & Choosing What You Want! Get Your Best Jesus Now!

    in Religion

    This afternoon on EBC†RADIO Richard will be talking about a trend that is occurring more and more in the postmodern church era. Richard has coined this term and trend as  Café Christianity and described it as, "picking and choosing what you want so you can get your best Jesus now."  
    With the advancements in technology and social media and along with the decay of our culture morally we can only expect this occurrence to become prevalent.  So what can we do as God-fearing, Bible-believing Christians?

    Well, tune in and find out! Make sure to check out our chat room and be ready as always to call in with your questions for Richard. While you are listening to the show make sure to check out our website at www.EmpoweredbyChrist.org and our Facebook page at Empowered by Christ (E.B.C)


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    The Weekend Edition with Sheila Zilinsky

    in News

    Prophetic Powerhouse Minister Scott Lathrop founder of Soul Bait Ministries - also...
    Danny Morano, author of God Is Not Religious, inspires and encourages Christians to move beyond the habit and practice of mere church attendance and activity, religious spectatorship and self interest, which have been the seeds of the present complacency and spiritual decline in our postmodern culture.

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