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    Updating the Spiritual MEME : What the Spiritual MEME IS meant to be.

    in Spirituality

    As life’s fate would have it, the frame of reference is entirely different than expected for the SELFGnosis® Meme. This is great because it points to far more doable and desired outcomes than what we thought were possible!

    Updating the traditional meme is likely being embraced as timely, necessary, desirable and motivating. But the big stall comes in determining precise understandings of how to update it. 

    Clarity comes by recognizing the bottom line change that is worthy of being a TRULY advanced spiritual meme drawing out our greatest good and potentials as In-Spirited beings, yes?!  A WHOLE, not a partial solution is our next step, or it won't be a SOULution.

    Our evolved MEME needs to literally transcend the traditional meme (not merely improve it) in order to be able to radically shift paradigms for our cultures that have become mired in its ritualistic ruts and its 'red tape' assumptions as being required to be overcome. This is nonsense. We're ready to let it go, right!

    We are living in a form of hell that is being generated by the current meme. That alone evidences the meme is archaic and not beneficial to modern man.  Nothing is going to change unless we seriously focus on a new way to see ourselves and our real condition.

    Memes are powerful because they define our possibilites and are the scripts of the stories we live. Last week we delved into the current spiritual meme and got clarity about why it is time to move onward and the consequences of clinging to it. Today we expose a new meme and its uncommonly good sense!

    Carpe diem!

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable

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    Friday August 7th The Re-incarnation of Prophet Noble Drew Ali

    in Islam

    Friday Our Holy Day of Rest For All Moslems All Over The World (Jumu'ah)

    Please join us this Friday Holy Day as we Celebrate one of the greatest Moorish Holidays spirit is the man. Prophet Noble Drew Ali to continue his work and he choice the form of his former Chauffer Sheik John Givens El on August 7th in year 1929. After passing on July 20th 1929 it was still much work to be done 18 days later he demonstrated the possibilites of man and woman.

    Man may believe what others say, but thus he never knows If man would know, he must, himself be what he knows.

    Join us in  your portion of understanding as we celebrate this historical event!!!

    Friday is our Holy Day of Rest because Friday is the day on which man was formed in flesh, and it was on  Friday when he departed out of flesh, and ascened to his Father God Allah for that cause Friday is the Holy Day for all Moslems all over the world. Come join us theis Friday & share your portion of understanding time is not as long as it has been. Call 646-478-5157

    Come all ye Asiatics of America, and here the truth about your nationality and birthrights. No that you are not negros, colored folks, black people, ethiopians, coon, shines, or jiggaboos, african America, are American, and any other day that is cast upon you. Learn of your forefathers ancient, and divine creed that you will learn to love instead of hate.

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    Vibrant Types! Understand People and How They Make Decisions

    in Self Help

    Join Nicole Greer, PPCC ... a.k.a. "The Vibrant Coach" for a 15 minute illuminating coaching session where you'll gain understanding about people and how they make decisions.  Using the time tested and scientifically proven MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Nicole will light up the third dichotomy of preference.  

    People make decisions differently. Some people think things through while some feel their way through the possibilites. The thinking types prefer tasks, metrics, and clear expectations. The feeling types prefer relationships, harmony, and the value of an experience. Both approaches are valuable.  The key is to understand your own preference while appreciating the other.

    Chocked full of valuable information, this coaching session will give you strategies, systems, and smarts to lead yourself and others vibrantly.

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    PMN Radio with Nick Gehrts, Matt Baccus and more

    in MMA

    Valor Fights returns to Pigeon Forge, TN on June 6th for an all pro event. Tonight we welcome in Nick Gehrts and Matt Baccus.

    UFC 187 is in the books and it turned out to be pretty good. What's next for the new champ Daniel Cormier? Who's next for Chris Weidman? Cowboy with a title shot? We'll look over the possibilites. 

    Get a free month of Audible.com services and one free audio book by clicking here.

    The official podcast of the PMN Radio Network

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    World Domination welcomes Handsome Jimmy Valiant

    in Wrestling

    WWE Hall of Famer Handsome Jimmy Valiant, the Boogie Woogie Man himself, joins World Domination with Terry Garvin Simms.  He talks about his start in the business, his run as WWWF Tag Team Champions with Luscious Johnny Valiant, his trips to Memphis and the Carolinas... and how a certain burger with a "sesame seed bun" led to a GIGANTIC misunderstanding with Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler.

    And in the "what does that have to do with anything?" department, Bob and Terry take an early look at the Belmont Stakes, and discuss the possibilites of a Triple Crown winner.

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    Your Spirit Animal & Nature Guidance - Stacey Couch

    in Spirituality

    Do You Know What Your Spirit Animal Is?  

    Stacey Couch, Certified Shaman, healer and blogger empowers you to connect with your soul through nature.

    Everyone gets a FREE copy of Stacey's ebook to discover your spirit animal CLICK HERE and one of you lucky people

    will also receive a free copy of Stacey's book Gracious Wild 

    Get FREE copy of Lorane's ebook Visualization Your Key to Happiness

    Deepak Chopra says: "Lorane Gordon is a teacher of infinite possibilites." 

    LoraneGordon.com                      facebook/YourHappinessWay                             Twitter@LoraneGordon 



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    Inside MLB

    in Baseball

    Tonight on MLB Central your hosts Benson Fechter and Will McElhattan will discuss many topics including 9 things we wish Statcast would illustrate, Red Sox top Orioles Patriots' Day Special, Statcast shows off endless possibilites, Plays of the Week: Pillar Arenado more, and more! Remember fans you too can be a part of the show if you call in at 5166669990 or enter our chatroom at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/mlbcentral/2015/04/20/mlb-central

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    Elevating Minds - A new way of thinking

    in Lifestyle

    How positive are you? Are you a negative thinker? How do you overcome negative thinking?  As humans we are surrounded with different behaviours and ways of life.The fast life in our world can easily distract us to try stay positive.

    We all have to find ways to tap into our minds and master the way we think about ourselves, i.e family disputes, debts, bad relationships, health issues, or a simpel argument with someone.

    We have the power to change the way we thnk and not allow any negative vibe affect our life and future.Tune into this show and let us explore the endless possibilites to be that 'Postive thinker'

    want to see what they will be talking about

    want to know the concept of negative thinker and positive thinker to see where i could improve

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    Creating Inner Peace In the Midst of Life's Challenges...In the Midst of Chaos

    in Self Help

    Creating Inner Peace In the Midst of Life's Challenges...In the Midst of Chaos 

    So, what will it take to create inner peace in the midst of life's challenges...in the midst of chaos, with ease? "What else is possible?" "How does it get any better than that? (Access Conscious Questions to Live By) Come, walk with me as we explore the unlimited possibilites Inner Peace affords us. For you copy of my book: "The Infinite Power of Inner Peace" Contact Me @: marjoriemotivatesme@yahoo.com and/or call: 1-773-796-9021...Continued Love, Light, Peace and Blessings to You and Yours!

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    Into the Cosmos! with Coaches Gio Savarese and Thomas Rongen

    in Soccer

    This week on #IntotheCosmos, Ej Garr and Michael Lewis discuss the 1 - 1 draw this past weekend in Indy, and bring you two big interviews.

    As we have all season so far, we bring you interviews with a representative from each club from the upcoming match, and we didn't hold back with the big names this week. We welcome Coach Gio Savarese from our New York Cosmos to the show for the first time this year, and we also welcome Tampa Bay Rowdies' head coach Thomas Rongen to the broadcast.

    Both coaches discuss the future of promotion/relegation possibilites in the MLS/NASL, and they both discuss their respective playing and coaching careers.