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  • 01:04

    Psychic Medium Alyson Gannon brings messages from the Other Side!

    in Spirituality

    Alyson Gannon is an Attorney, Intuitive & Evidential Medium. She has a degree in business from The George Washington University and a law degree from Duke University.   Alyson is the Director of the Center for Mediumship and Founder of Psychic Portand, where she teaches Psychic Awareness & Mediumship.  She is an official Medium for the Afterlife Awareness Conference (held June 2014 in Portland, Oregon).  
    Intuition and synchronicity have always guided Alyson, playing an instrumental role in several life altering events. She is passionate about helping people recognize, connect and trust signs from Spirit.

    Call in early; phones open at 6:45: 661.621.7554 for a chance to get a free reading from Alyson or me, the Medium At Large. 

    Humor, warmth and accuracy are our hallmarks. Join us; we can pick up your spirits!

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    Portland State University Talk With the WHBz

    in Current Events

    For the past four years Professor Clare Washington of Portand State University has taught a class on slavery in the 20th Century.
    Each Wednesday Professor Washington join host Antoinette Harrell and the men who said they were abused, raped and beat at Dozier Reform School in Marianna, Florida. Cases of peonage were found at Dozier Reform School. Some of the boys said they worked like slaves at the Reform School. 
    "For the next four weeks Professor Washington and her students will talk with the men who said they abused at Dozier." 
    Please join host Antoinette Harrell and her guests; Jerry Cooper, President of the White House Boys Organization, Robert Straley, Andrew Pugh, Michael Tucker, Roger Dean Kiser, Jim DeNyke and Terry Burns.

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    SUBJECT 2 DISCUSSION Tuesday Dec 11

    in News

    News topics include: Oregon Mall Shooting, LIBOR arrests, mystery mini-shuttle, Fiscal cliff update, Obamacare surprise: $63 per-person fee for three years. News from:  Las Vegas, Kansas City, Missouri, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Austin, Texas, San Diego, California, Sudan, Melbourne, Australia, Plymouth, Massachusetts, Millersburg, Oregon
    In TV news: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lifetime developing a new series, ABC sets midseason schedule, Will The Walking Dead Ever Flash Back to the Zombie Outbreak? CBS Midseason Schedule, Discovery Channel To Enter Scripted Programming, ABC Family Developing Two More 'Romeo and Juliet' Dramas

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    Taking It To The Streets

    in Pets

    Cheryl Huerta from Portland Pit Bull Project is our guest, Sunday, May 20th. Tune in and call in with your questions for Cheryl about PPP, Bully Walks, and learn how you can start your own local walks.

  • 00:46

    Civilians News Radio - Occupy Portland: Zero Hour

    in Politics

    Civilians News Radio
    Occupy Portland: Zero Hour
    www.CiviliansNews.com - Grassroots News for All Views - Is on the ground at the Occupy Portand encampment. Early reports say there is tension in the air. Many of the tents at Occupy Portland have been cleared, but the People remain. The tents were not packed out of compliance to the demands of city officials to vacate the premises, but rather to preserve personal property -- a clear sign that many are not ruling out a standoff with police.  
    Civilians News Radio will touch base with our Civilian Correspondent LIVE from Occupy Portland at precisely 12 am - zero hour for demand compliance. Tune in see this momentous event unfold before your ears!