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    "Race and Sports", Guest Drew Brown

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    POPSspot Sports Radio will be discussing Northwestern players' fight to unionize, Desean Jackson's release by the Eagles, Richard Sherman, and this week's upcoming Race and Sports Conference with special guest Drew Brown. Brown is an African American Studies Ph.D. Student and a Race and Sports scholar at Temple University, where he teaches courses such as "African Americans in Sports" and "Sports and Leisure in American Society." Drew is a native of Windsor, Ontario CANADA. He attended Lafayette College on a football scholarship where he received a BA in Economics and Business. He was drafted into the Canadian Football League and spent a short time with the Edmonton Eskimos. He went on to complete a Master’s in African American Studies at Clark Atlanta University before enrolling at Temple. He is currently writing his dissertation on how off-the-field characteristics of Black NFL prospects function during the interview phase of the NFL drafting process. Drew is the founder and chair of an annual race and sports conference, Passing the Ball, the next which will be held April 12, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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    The Real Madness of March - Guest Dave Zirin

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    POPSspot Sports Radio explores the Real Madness behind the NCAA and much more with Dave Zirin who writes about the politics of sports for the Nation Magazine, their first sports writer in 150 years of existence. Winner of Sport in Society and Northeastern University School of Journalism's 'Excellence in Sports Journalism' Award, Zirin is also the host of Sirius XM Radio’s popular weekly show, Edge of Sports Radio. He has been called “the best sportswriter in the United States,” by Robert Lipsyte, and has been named one of UTNE Reader's 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Our World." 

     Game Over: How Politics Has Turned the Sports World Upside Down is his latest of six books, Race, Power, and Politics in American Sports is his latest documentary, and he can be found as a regular television guest.


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    Etan Thomas, Ex-NBA Player on Michael Brown, Ferguson Police

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    Etan Thomas is More Than An Athlete. He’s been called a “gentle giant.” A “rebounder with a cause.” “The Poet”.  Thomas defies the stereotype of the apolitical athlete, and plants his roots in his budding literary career with the conviction of a Bill Russell, and poetic finesse of Muhammad Ali. Born in Harlem and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Thomas’ childhood was surrounded by books on the civil rights movement, politics and the 1960′s. He was greatly influenced by his mother and school teacher, Deborah Thomas.

    In 2005 he released a collection of poems called More Than An Athlete; In January 2013 he released Voices Of The Future a collection of poems and essays from young writers on topics such as Racism, Trayvon Martin, President Obama, Gun Violence, Aids etc. On May of 2012 he released Fatherhood (Rising To The Ultimate Challenge) and his writings have appeared in CNN, ESPN, The Washington Post, Huff Post, Hoopshype.com and slamonline, and he co-hosts the radio program "The Collision: Sports and Politics with Etan Thomas & Dave Zirin. Website etanthomas.com Twitter @etanthomas36 

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    Sports & Violence Against Women, Guest - Jessica Luther

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    The Vanderbilt Rape Trial is about to begin, The Oscar Pistorius murder trial is concluding, and Ray Rice's assault was met with an NFL wrist-slap and cheers from last Thursday's Baltimore Ravens crowd. To help us sort through sports, rape culture, and more, POPSspot Sports Radio welcomes guest Jessica Luther. 

    JESSICA LUTHER is a freelance writer based in Austin, Texas. She is a PhD candidate in the History dept at University of Texas, and writes about the instersection of sports and culture at Power Forward. Her writing has also appeared Sports on Earth (Serena & Indian Wells), The Atlantic (How NCAA Endangers Women), Think Progress (Women’s Sports & LGBT issues), The Guardian (Brittney Griner backlash), Salon (Olympics Gender Politics), The Texas Observer (Vince Young & Ricky Williams),and more.





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    Movies, Sports, and Race in Pop Culture - Guest: Dr. Frederick Gooding

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    POPSspot Sports Radio's post-Oscar's special features Dr. Frederick Gooding who is a former trial attorney who decided to transition from the courtroom to the classroom. He currently serves as Assistant Professor of Media Literacy and Black History at the University of Northern Arizona, having taught collegiate courses at California State University, Northridge, University of New Mexico and Georgetown University. Dr. Gooding is also co-founder of The Minority Reporter, a media literacy enterprise that provokes critical thinking by promoting substantive discussion about race, media and pop culture in high school and college classrooms and is author of the foundational text, “You Mean, There’s Race in My Movie?” available here. In his spare time, Gooding and the Queen teach critical thinking for life at www.itslifetime.com.

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    Dr. Harry Edwards on Michael Brown & "Absolutely Appalling" Military Response

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    POPSspot Sports Radio welcomes sports icon, activist, and educator Dr. Harry Edwards. He is an Emeritus Professor at the University of California at Berkeley (UCB) best known for co-engineering the “Revolt of the Black Athlete” in the late 1960’s that included organizing and leading The Olympic Project for Human Rights (OPHR) which made three central demands, and ultimately evolved into the famous fist protest by John Carlos and Tommie Smith at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. In 1971 Edwards earned his Ph.D. from Cornell and became a sociology professor at UC Berkeley. While there he developed the field of race and the sociology of sport. 

    While best known for his roles in activism, athletics, and the academy (see fuller bio here) fewer are aware that he was born in East St. Louis and grew up not far from where Michael Brown was killed. The interview took place on Monday while I was in Ferguson to view the military trucks, helicopters, canons, and tear gas for myself (when able to see). Part 1 of our interview can also be found in simplest written form at POPSspot.com:

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    "The Decision Remix": Guest,Wanda Johnson, Mother of Oscar Grant

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    As Lebron James contemplates his free-agent future, POPSspot Sports Radio takes a look back at the 4-year anniversary of "The Decision" - July 8, 2010. Lebron's famous declaration to "take his talents to South Beach" overshadowed the other famous decision that day -- the slap-on-wrist sentencing of Johannes Mehserle, the white Oakland police officer caught on videtape killing Oscar Grant. Ultimately, Mehserle would only serve only 11 months, and his release from jail which would also occur on the same day as the last game of the 2011 NBA Finals. Each time, the incredibly negative attention given to Lebron overshadowed mass protests that surrounded both Mehserle's sentencing and release.  During this period, few outside of Oakland would even recognize the name of Johannes Mehsele at all.

    Local outcries begging the nation to be concerned about Oscar Grant and the vulnerable lives of youth of color would be replaced by protests, hatred, and publically burnt jerseys of one Black man.This week's special guest is the Ms. Wanda Johnson, the mother of Oscar grant who has been a tireless voice for justice in policing since her son's death. In "The Decision Remix" we will reprioritize our national humanity and have the discussion we always should have had, Ms. Johnson will discuus her son's case, little-known facts around "The Decision", the 4-year aftermath, the critically acclaimed motion picture Fruitvale Station, and how everyday citizens can help save lives.

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    World Cup & World of Lebron with War Room Sports

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    POPSspot Sports Radio discusses Germany's World Cup win over Argentina, Lebron's Homecoming, and the new NBA landscape with radio hosts from ”War Room Sports”. War Room Sports is a much anticipated, roundtable format, internet sports talk radio show, dedicated to an unbiased, objective, though highly opinionated examination of the people, places, and things in our wild and wacky world of sports and beyond. Be sure to check them out every Thursday night at 6 – 8pm EST at War Room Sports.

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    "Teaching Sterling" - HS Edition, Guests David Watts & James Haberl

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    "Teaching Donald Sterling" is the first of many POPSspot Sports Radio shows where local educators explain how they use sports as a teachable moment with the young people they serve.

    David Watts is a student-athlete educational consultant, motivational speaker, administrator, teacher, coach, and student advocate. With over 25 years of practical experience as a student-athlete, researcher, coach and mentor, Mr. Watts speaks and conducts workshops and symposiums for student-athletes in the areas of academic achievement, college decision-making process, Diversity & Multiculturalism, and Student-Athlete Advocacy. If you are a HS student-athlete who lives in LA, be sure to make the Los Angeles Student-Athlete Symposium, Saturday, May 24th at Loyola, Marymount University/University Hall.

    James Haberl is a High School English Teacher from Skokie, Illinois whose courses include Literature of Sports and American Culture. Haberl will share feedback from from his students to the Donald Sterling tapes and how those reactions can be integrated into greater socio-cultural exploration.


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    How NBA & NCAA Can Support Athletes-Guest: James Donaldson, Former NBA All-Star

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    POPSpot Sports Radio will chat with James Donaldson, a former NBA All-Star, and current author, global ambassador, and community activist. Donaldson will share his views on why the NBA should develop a “real” mentoring program, why the NCAA should set aside a deferred "trust fund" for athletes who graduate, and why his longtime community activism has spread all the way to China.

    James Donaldson is a Washington State University graduate (’79). After an outstanding basketball career with WSU, he went on to play professional basketball in for many NBA teams (including 1988 All-Star with Dallas Mavericks), several European teams,  and Greece, and he toured with The Harlem Globetrotters to wrap up his career. In 2010, James was elected as a board member for the NBA Retired Players Association, and was the recipient of the NBA Legends of Basketball ABC Award, awarded for outstanding contributions in Athletics–Business–Community.

    Currently, James is a director in China with the China Service Center for Friendship and Cooperation with Foreign Countries Studying Abroad Department. 


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    "Teaching Sports 2": Hip Hop Edition, Guest Jasiri X

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    POPSspot Sports Radio welcomes emcee and community activist Jasiri X who has utilized both hip-hop and popular culture, including sports, to reach young people. His ground breaking internet news series, This Week with Jasiri X, has garnered critical acclaim, thousands of subscribers, and millions of internet views. From the controversial viral video What if the Tea Party was Black?, to the hard hitting hilarity of Republican Woman…stay away from me, Jasiri X cleverly uses Hip-Hop to provide social commentary on a variety of issues. His videos have been featured on websites as diverse as Allhiphop.com and The Huffington Post and Jasiri has been a guest on BET Rap City, The Michael Baisden Show, Free Speech TV, Left of Black, and Russia Today.

    Jasiri X first burst on the National and International Hip-Hop scene with the powerful hit song Free The Jena 6 which was played on more than 100 radio stations and was named Hip-hop Political Song of the Year. His debut album, American History X, was named Album of the Year at the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards. A six time Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Award winner, Jasiri recently became the first Hip-Hop artist to received the coveted August Wilson Center for African American Culture Fellowship. A founding member of the anti-violence group One Hood, Jasiri started the 1Hood Media Academy to teach young African-American boys how to analyze and create media for themselves.