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    Tell the Truth about Life & Love with Sharon Pope: The Reason Why He Left

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    30 minutes of truth telling about life and love lessons every Sunday night.

    Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

    This week, we'll be discussing The Reason Why He Left.

    If you've ever had a breakup and wondered what happened, then you won't want to miss this episode of Tell teh Truth with Sharon Pope. 

    After speaking with hundreds of women about their love lives and their breakups, I have a theory about why some men leave some relationships…

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    Why The Papal/Pope Is Not Married

    in Music

    The pope cannot be married because homosexual church laws prohibit him. The vicar of Jesus Chris

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    The Pope to Meet with Autistics

    in Education

    The Pope says he wants to meet with autistics to help end some of the stigma.

    But many advocates are concerned about Autism Speaks' presence at the events.

    Autistic activists have long denounced Autism Speaks as sort of a hate group which has created much of the hurtful stigma.



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    Forward Boldly: Interview with Ronald Rychlak: Pius XII

    in Religion

    Ronald J. Rychlak is Associate Dean For Academic Affairs and the Mississippi Defense Lawyers Association Professor of Law at the University of Mississippi School of Law. He is author of the highly acclaimed book HITLER, THE WAR, AND THE POPE, a defense of Pope Pius XII and his role during World War II.
    Mr. Rychlak received a B.A. in economics from Wabash College, and a J.D. from Vanderbilt Universitiy School of Law, where he was honored with the Order of the Coif. He currently belongs to the Fellowship of Catholic Scholars.
    He advises the Permanent Observe Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations on issues of international law. He also serves as a delegate at the meetings of the Assembly of States Parties to the International Criminal Court.

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    Is The Pope Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

    in News

    On this episode - The Pope prays in a mosque in Turkey is this the first step towards a one world religion? The next big tech fad appears to be people buying drones. Ray Rice suspension lifted, but will anyone sign him? What are the hottest deals this holiday shopping season? and for profit colleges coming under even more scrutiny.  

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    Time Magazine is considering Pope Francis as its "Person of the Year.

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    Once again we come to the end of another year. As is its tradition, "Time Magazine" is considering Pope Francis as one of its candidates for "Person of the Year." You don't have to be a practicing Catholic to "weigh in" on this decision. The Rebellious Rev and The Doc would like to hear how you feel about this. All comments and opinions are welcome. Please call us at 646-595-3275. The only requirement is a cup of coffee.

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    Pope Francis Battles Radical Islam

    in Politics Conservative

    Ambassador Francis Rooney contends that Pope Francis and the Holy See are most suited to weigh in diplomatically to help build an international alliance opposed to Islamic extremism.  He argues that Pope Francis is now aggressively continuing the work begun by Pope Benedict to devise theological and philosophical constructions to bring Islam at large into accord with the modern world—and to promote a climate of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among different religious groups.  This work is just beginning—but it’s absolutely critical to defeating the threat posed by radical Islam.


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    The Beauty Declaration with Sharon Pope

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    30 minutes of truth telling about life and love lessons with Sharon Pope, life coach.

    Tell the Truth. Show up n Love. Live in Freedom.

    Today, we're going to discuss beauty - for both ourselves and our daughters.

    According to research performed as part of the Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty, only 4% of women around the world would describe themselves as beautiful.

    We all see the images every day that set the standard for the definition of beauty, but most of the time those images don’t look like us.

    So we fall short of that beauty bar of perfection, believing that we’re not thin enough, not pretty enough and sometimes, just simply, not enough. It impacts our self-confidence and holds us back in our relationships, in our jobs and throughout our lives.

    But here’s the real tragedy:

    We cannot give to our daughters what we do not have for ourselves.

    It’s not enough to just tell our daughters that they’re beautiful. We’ve all likely been told that at some point in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we believed it.

    They have to see that belief in us. They have to know we get it. They have to see us making choices that honor our beauty. They have to know we celebrate that beauty.

    Let's discuss, honor and celebrate our beauty and be a light for our daughters.

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    Monumentally... Space Pope!

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    Join me this week to catch up on the hoo-ha about the 10 Commandments monument in OKC, Satanists vs. Devil-worshipers, cyber-stalking, and space pope!


    Same bat time...

    Same bat channel...

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    Your Path for Finding Love

    in Art

    “You must know what you want, to find what you want.” Lailah Gifty Akita     

    Each time I have the opportunity to share my story, women emerge from all parts of the world and tell me that my story is just like their story. Most of the time, they identify with the story of my marriage or broken heart and they also want love in their lives…so they’ve got questions:

    How long did it take you to get through it?
    What books were helpful to you?
    Did you create a vision or a checklist for your ideal partner?
    How did you meet your husband?

    (and then because we met online, I get the inevitable…..) Which web site?

    We mistakenly think the answer lies in the logistics of what we’re doing. We want the bullet points and action plan that will get us across the finish line.

    Don’t fall in love too soon after a divorce, otherwise that person will simply be a rebound person and it won’t last.
    When someone breaks our hearts, we should be able to get past it and move on quickly. Is there a book for that or some magic bullet?
    I need to begin frequenting the right places to meet the love of my life. I need to find the right dating web site.
    When I meet someone new, I’m need to run through my mental checklist to see how many boxes he checks for the kind of life partner I’m looking for.

    Finding love in our lives has nothing to do with the logistics of where we’re going or what tools we’re using.

    Finding love has absolutely everything to do with who we need to become in order to attract the kind of love into our lives that we desire. 

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    A Nation Imprisoned feat. Mr.Jake Johnson Co Host Earl Pope

    in Christianity

    The broadcast enables children to air their school behaviors to help combat anti-bullying to encourage ex-offenders to chance change. Jake says " If your attitude is not becoming to you, then you should be comng to me".

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