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    Peyton Manning ponzi scheme

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    Fantasy Football Episode 72: host Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion believes Peyton Manning is definitely coming back but not to win a Superbowl.

    Danny Amendola outperforms his athleticism in the week of the slot receiver. 

    Buzzards believe Theo Riddick is better than Reggie Bush. 

    Jonathan Stewart is a top dynasty trade target. 

    If featured, Terrance Williams has a fantasy WR1 ceiling.

    Michael Campanaro is short and possibly great. 

    Bill Belichick is the only truly innovative coach in the NFL.

    Mocking Brenton Bersin is lame.

    Advanced metrics were provided by PlayerProfiler.com. 

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    2/4/15 - @HHSE_Radio - Rhyme Scheme @OmegaSons

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    We will be interviewing up and coming recording artist Rhyme Scheme @OmegaSons Tune into the HHSE weekly news reporting hip hop, economics, global politics and we will be playing some of the hottest music on the internet. www.hhse.biz

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    BWD Radio - Rhyme Scheme - Exclusive Interview

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    BWD Radio – Indie Artist Music Independent Music Radio Station

    If you have been paying attention to the underground music scene, you have heard Rhyme Scheme.

    Your On The Go Station! 24/7 BWD Radio -  #1 Variety Online Music Radio Station  

    Visit our Newly Created Indie Artist Radio Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/BWDRadio and click on that "Like" button! https://www.twitter.com/BWDRadio_ , https://www.twitter.com/BWDPromotions DIGITAL/PRINT https://www.twitter.com/BWDMagazine "Like" us at https://www.facebook.com/BWDMagazine too! SUBMIT YOUR RADIO READY MUSIC

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    We will chop it up with Big UB from Scheme Street... As he answers all questions open and honestly, tune in and listen to what he has to say


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    Scheme Gene Hotline : Battle Of the Hotline News and Dirt sheets!!!!

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    Scheme Gene Hotline : Battle Of the Hotline News and Dirt sheets!!!!

    Funny episode talking about hotline news and wrestling Dirt sheets!!!!

  • You, Me and the World Radio Show

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    Welcome to the You, Me and The World Radio Show on Triangle Variety Radio, with your Host Patrick Walters Listen Live as Patrick as he talks on a variety of topics of interest at times with special guests or just on the cuff commentary about any subject or an issue that may concern you, humanity and the world plus events happening around the world today that may interest you.

    Our Special Guest for today's show is Deb Scott, the host of The Best People We Know Show as we talk within length and detail about Ponzi Schemes, Scams and other issues that concern many of us, as she is a victim of a Ponzi scheme.  

    You as a member of Humanity and Society have a right to agree or disagree with his comments on some of these issues of concern to some but not all as he expresses his thoughts on the matter that may be of importance and to make you aware of issues that may affect you during your life on this planet we call earth.

    Everyone has the right to express their opinion on subjects or issues that may effect part or all of the population with the pros or cons of that issue so take the time express yourself and others may learn from your experience.



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    Bernard Madoff - Wizard Of Lies Author Diana Henriques

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    If you thought you knew the whole story behind the Bernard Madoff Ponzi scheme, think again. New York Times writer, Diana Henriques, takes you into the dark world of Bernie Madoff and gives us not just an overview of his crime, but exposes the psychology behind a life long scam artist. From his humble beginnings to his jail cell in Federal prison, Henriques takes the mask off of the most infamous con artist of our time. 

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    Top Star Hip Hop presents Rhyme Scheme courtesy @Futureguru100 @Foxiebookings

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    rack: Business Over Pleasure Feat Yukmouth and Young Noble

    Artist: Rhyme Scheme


    If you have been paying attention to the underground music scene, you have heard Rhyme Scheme. Having grown up in Detroit’s inner-city, and served a tour in Iraq, Rhyme Scheme delivers evocative messages through his lyrical talents that are quickly gaining notoriety. A recent reviewer of his All Black album stated, “His Tupac influence came out here in the freestyle, and other places in the record. I truly feel he would obliterate many independent rappers in a freestyle battle.” The depth of his lyrics, mixed with a fused sound of old-school hip hop with modern delivery is creating quite a buzz.

    He was been chosen as Artist of Tha Month on Soundz Taight – Tha Indie Spot, been featured on the cover of The Underground Fix Magazine, BWD magazine, included in the XXL issue with G-Unit on the cover, featured in the A&R Report of Urban magazine and is going to appear in Fall/Winter issue of Blockz Magazine. The video for his ‘Time Will Fly’ single off the All Black album has garnered huge attention from fans receiving over 106,000 views in just over a month on YoRaps.

    And Rhyme Scheme shows no signs of slowing down: his brand new single “Business Over Pleasure” featuring Young Noble and Yukmouth dropped at the number 2 spot in the iTop Charts for the US on October 15 and was released on Smoke A Lot Radio which airs on BReal TV. The Legendary DJ Ron G interviewed Rhyme Scheme on October 21 saying “love the energy on your tracks! You don’t hear music like this anymore.” Rhyme Scheme will be on Streetseekers Radio on October 26 chopping it up with DJ Blackwater will also be a great way for Rhyme Scheme to connect with his international fan base ‘’: 



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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America

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    Gun Owners of America spearheaded a coalition of almost 30 groups this week and sent a letter to U.S. Senators opposing the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General of the United States.

    While GOA has been busy coalescing grassroots opposition against the anti-gun nominee, the battle is far from over.  

    The vote on her nomination could occur as early as next week.  And right now, the Republican Senate holds “all the cards” in the fight to stop her nomination.  If they hold together, her nomination will be defeated.

    And, well it should be.  Lynch has said under oath that she effectively intends to spit on the Constitution -- and continue to implement Obama’s unconstitutional, unlawful and anti-gun executive actions.  

    Next to Obama himself, Loretta Lynch will be the most important “Lynch-pin” in the administration's efforts to permanently obliterate the Constitution.  Without the active support of the Attorney General -- who, traditionally, has been the servant of the law, and not the lawless president -- Obama's fraud scheme collapses. 

    Joining me this morning is Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for over 30 years. GOA is a national membership organization of 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms.


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    Buffalo Breakdown: Wide Receivers, Bills Depth Chart

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    On the 8th installment of the Buffalo Breakdown, the Hashtag Crew will take a look at the position that is of little debate, but should it be?  The Buffalo Bills have tendered the offer for Chris Hogan, signed Marcus Easley and picked up free agent Percy Harvin, so now what?  Are these the physical imposing players that will fit with Greg Roman's 'Ground and Pound' scheme?  Does Roman look to open up his playbook in 2015?  Where will Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods in regards to formations? 

    All those questions and more will be answered on a new episode of Hashtag Sports. 

    Tweet your comments and questions to @htagsports

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    FBGP's Draft Prospect Analysis Show - Episode 130

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    Excellent show lined up today! Here's what's on tap:

    I will rank the defensive prospects that defend behind those players that attack the line of scrimage...LBs, CBs, and Safeties; I'll provide strengths and weaknesses as well as a scheme or positional fit on the next level.

    I will also cover all the happenings over the past week in the landscape of football, both in college and the pro ranks.

    As always we will be taking calls from YOU, the fans! Show time this week is on Thursday, April 9th at 7pm EST and the call in number is (323) 657-1489

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