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    Woman2Woman Talking To Men: JOB vs MLM Business - A Pyramid Or Ponzi Scheme

    in Women

    What Happens To A Relationship When One Person Loses Their JOB: You Need More Than Just A JOB.  Why?  Tune in tonight and see.

    Understanding Men.  Join us every Monday night at 7:00pm EST by dialing 714-816-4636 or go to my Facebook page, "DyAnne Dempsey" and click the link to listen. 

    God said my people perish for lack of knowledge, so this show is to educate, enlighten and openempower men and women on who we are, and what our purpose is on this earth.

    Women want to know why we have so many men not performing in the capacity God had intended from the beginning. Men want to know why women are not the help mate God said she would be.

    God said let us make man in our image, and God also said it is not good that man should be alone. So if man is to be like God, and man is not to be alone, what happened? Come find out for yourself up for defeat. , you will be surprised at the answers.


    What is our role as men and women? What is our purpose?  Come join us as we discuss these important issues.  I look forward to hearing you on the show.

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    Get $24,000 Showing People How To Scheme With Their Friends

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://bigdatalesko.com/ and http://lesko.com/videoebooks tells us how to get money showing people how to scheme with your friends

    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHlcdcfbkuE

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Ian Strang

    in Books



    The Grand Scheme of Things~

    "Stranger Than Fiction," in which two humans are accidentally sent to another universe and land in the middle of a story that is being written by a supreme being who has just come out of one of history's longest bouts of writer's block.

    The author, Bill Friday, decides that his novel will play out on a giant ball of dirt that he calls The Earth, which, in his language means ‘profit making business venture.’ The presence of the two humans on the barren planet, however, has dramatic and historic consequences for The Earth, and
    their existence threatens to ruin, not only the entire plot, but possibly Bill's career as well.

    “Clever, insightful, and delightfully deranged, THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS takes our universe and imposes gravity upon it, so it can be turned upside down. It is an enjoyable story about someone who is unfit to be creating life—a cool comeback comedy that competently combines cosmological conjecture, courageous career courses, and coping with creative commons conflicts.”
    –Logan J. Hunder, author of WITCHES BE CRAZY

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    The Rush: Rhyme Scheme edition (hosted by Olivia Floyd & Some Guy Named Jay)

    in Entertainment

    Rhyme Scheme will join us for a discussion during Rush Hour Traffic.  We will talk about his songs and shows.  Hosed by Olivia Floyd and Some Guy Named Jay

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    Back II Basic Episode 444 : Commenting on the news stories of the day!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    I have long supported a way in which we can opt out of social security. I'm sharing an article that puts the math to my thoughts and show how We the People are being ripped off by not being allowed to invest our SS withholding the way I see fit. It still amazes me how people can't see how this is a ponzi scheme and it needs to ends. The Constitution Party has as one of it planks in it's platform a way we can privatize SS and get the government out of the retirement business!

    If Trump takes on Bill Clinton, (I thought Hillary was running not Bill,) who do you think would come out on top? Some say Bill would mop the floor with the Donald, but I'm not so sure. People forget that Bill Clinton was protected by the lamestream media, and the Donald has shown that he can decimate the lamestream media's protection of their anointed ones!

    And as usual, we will look at other news of the day!!!


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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

    in Politics

    Listen to this edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. We will feature our regular PANW reports focusing on the current plot within the Michigan state legislature to draft yet another scheme to further destroy public education in the city of Detroit amid threats against teachers and parents related to exposure of deplorable conditions within system buildings; further tests in Flint reveal the extensive damage done to the majority African American population and others after the right-wing multi-millionaire Gov. Rick Snyder poisoned the water utilized by the city's 100,000 residents; the African Union is sending a panel to Burundi in an effort to resolve the internal political crisis while accusations of human rights violations by Bujumbura are leveled as the administration of President Pierre Nkurunziza says Rwanda is facilitating the training of rebels in refugee camps; Libya is awaiting yet another imperialist intervention while the so-called Islamic state spreads its influence within the embattled North African state. In the second and third hours we begin a monthlong focus on African American History Month for 2016. The first installment will examine the role of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois in the development of African and African American historical and social scientific studies. 

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    PxP – Planet Hulk Part One - Overview

    in Pop Culture

    Hulk smash or Hulk not smash; that Hulk’s question.  Illuminati scheme?  Check.  Plans gone awry? Check.  Savage gladiatorial planet?  Check.  Corrupt and oppressive emperor?  Check.  Warriors bound by blood and honor?  Check.  Join Charles and George as they introduce you to one of the Hulk’s most epic storylines.  Check out the reading list and get ready for the spoiler drop, on February 19th.

    The Incredible Hulk Vol. 2 #92 – 105

    April 2006 – June 2007

    Writer:  Greg Pak

    Artist:  Carlo Pagulayan and Aaron Lopresti



    Hosts: Charles McFall & George Doro

    Producer: Mike Woodard

    Publisher: Chris Wisdom

    Panel by Panel is brought to you by the Giant Size Team Up Network.

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    Peter Mingils hosts Building Fortunes Radio with Dave Ritchie

    in Business

    Peter Mingils hosts Building Fortunes Radio with Dave Ritchie.

    On this Building Fortunes radio show we will talk about the general challenges people in the industry face when the company they work with is identified as a scam. From TelexFree to One Coin to Lyoness.

    It doesn't matter right or wrong, mproven or not yet proven... if you are thought to be a pyramid or a ponzi scheme you are in the cross hairs of the critics and some regulations.

    On this show, Peter Mingils and Dave Ricthie talk about current events in the MLM world.

    PM Marketing allows you to leverage your marketing efforts to give you a competitive Edge and separate yourself and your business from everyone else.  Peter Mingils has develop PM Marketing and NetworkLeads. 

    Everyday at 6:30 PM Eastern, he explains Building Fortunes to past, present, and future customers on the webinars. www.networkleads.com/meetings.

     http://www.networkleads.com for leads and systems

    http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com for our promotional materials

    You can probably find everything you need to build your home based business here.
    Leads, Training, Tools, Systems & Customer Service is what we provide.


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    Carson's Corner with the Election Boycott Advocates.

    in Politics Progressive

    Join us, Friday, 29 Jan. 2016 at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time on Carson’s Corner with the Election Boycott Advocates. This week Bob Carson and Chris Driscoll will take a look at two important aspects of the current presidential election: what is this Democratic Socialism people are talking about, and what is the true power of the presidency?

    FDR was a Democratic Socialist, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders assures us and a robot army of Sanders enthusiasts echo the claim. Democratic Socialism isn’t worker ownership and management of the means of production, as Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao and Castro assured us, it's a nice comfortable social services state with a capitalist economy and imperialist foreign policy, Bernie tells us. But where’s the the truth? What is real socialism? And why is it crucial we get it right?

    What’s the real power of the presidency? Is Obama a puppet, a mere figurehead, or the most powerful dictator on the planet? More and more these days we see the claim that the American president is controlled by others or even that a “deep state”, a “state within a state”, makes all the crucial decisions. And were--and how--does the capitalist class fit in this scheme of authority?

    Bob and Chris will ferret out the truth from the lies, the mythology from the reality on these two topical issues.

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    Healing Our World Thru Our Womb!

    in Art

    Join Me Joliean Monnic Fields As I discuss the importance of the Black Woman's Role In the scheme of our community, nation and the world.

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    Lions & Wolverines & Bears, Oh My!

    in Politics Conservative

    The GOP establishment’s phonycon-media-consultant-donor complex is falling apart as their operatives lash out in a rage like cornered animals for fear that their control of the electoral process is about to end. These wonky pussies, right-wing liberal progressives and their canned-idiots spasm and wet themselves in the face of a full frontal assault from the American Lion, Mama Grizzly and a vulgarian wave of wolverines!

    Globalist oligarchs and their puppets have been messing with us and extracting us for decades and yet we do not revolt! Why?  Because the oligarchs permit us to participate in elections between two pre-selected canned-idiots every now and then.  The Hegelian dialectic has immersed us in Cultural Marxism so long that even though we sense something is amiss, we lay the blame on the ‘other’ side while globalists erase our national sovereignty.   In a rigged scheme voting is merely giving legitimacy to tyranny.  It’s fixed; break it! Release the Kraken! In 2016 use your vote as a weapon.

    This has nothing to do with ideology, policy, substance or even an electoral process, or any candidate or party, not even Donald Trump.  This is the last peaceful option to dislodge the globalist oligarchs and their sycophants and restore American Nationalism in the hope that liberty may rise once again.  Break the rigged system, smash it to pieces. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, corporatists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers you MUST CRUSH the globalist progressive-corporatist oligarchs and their canned-idiot meat-puppets on the ‘left’, ‘right’ and everywhere. . .for liberty!

    Please LIKE on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/LibertysThunder