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    Pomegranate Supermarket and the Nine Days

    in Food

    Avi Gantz, General Manager of Pomegranate Supermarket will share with us what is new, what is special for the Nine Days and what's upcoming.

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    You Can Own A Share In A Growing Neighborhood Supermarket!

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    You spend a good portion of your income on groceries. Wouldn't it be great if you owned a share in the store at which you shopped? Wouldn't it be wonderful if this store was health conscious and also grew its own organic vegetables that it sold? Wouldn't it be outstanding if this store was environmentally conscious and used solar energy for its heating system? And what if this neighborhood store, of which you owned a share, hired a number of local residents and greatly reduced the problem of unemployment? Well, such a facility is in the works and is the brainchild of entreprenuer Darryl Mitchell whose upcoming supermarket in Robbins Illinois provides a model for economic development and profit sharing that can be duplicated across America. He's our guest today and he'll explain how you too can own a share in this growing enterprise!

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    "I'll Have A Medium Please" - Magazines - Print vs Digital- Who is Winning?

    in Education

    Join Young Media Critics host Juanita Richburg Seon, along with  Erika Shoemaker, Young Media Critic Intern as they discuss

    Magazines - Print vs Digital - Who is Winning? on new day Thursday, December 4 and new times 3 p.m. (Pacific) and 6 p.m. (Eastern)

    Magazines have started to look at themselves as their own brands, each one with a clear view of who their audience are and what they want. With this information they can use their websites and other digital assets wisely, to complement their printed version.

    Many sceptics have questioned the possible extinction of glossies in the digital world.   

    Listen in and call in to let us know what you think- Talk Line 347-633-9114


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    Holistic Health and the Melanin Community----Anatomy of the Ginger Root

    in Spirituality

    Thank you for tuning in to last week's broadcast! Hopefully some of our gutsy listeners chose to try the Body Detoxification tonic and are ready to share their results! Or how about placing the slice of red onion directly on your foot before going to bed? Notice any results (besides wet socks)?

    If having soggy toes isn't your idea of a good time, then burn some incense, grab some herbal tea, and tune in.

    Join the resident nurse, Lady Lathaya, and the holistic healer, Mz. Kilz, as we share a few new tips as well as perform an organic autopsy on the ugly but powerful little ginger root. Its healing qualities make it an essential nutrient to add to a healthy lifestyle. Just 'cause its on the far side of the supermarket doesn't mean you have to keep passing it by (ode to ole school hip-hop). Tune in and learn ways to benefit from and prepare this creepy looking piece of nature.

    Live at 10 pm E/ 9 pm C on TheTAPI Network.


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    Wellness, Wholeness & Wisdom: Psychologist Parthenia Izzard CNHP & Nancy Deville

    in Food


    Tonight, 11/12/2014, Host, Psychologist & Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner Parthenia Izzard talks with, Nancy Deville, author of, Death by Supermarket.  Sign-up For Our Newsletter.  Wellness help now!

    We present a new guest each week live on Tuesdays who is a representative from the world of alternative medicine therapies [nutrition, meditation, yoga, energy medicine, acupressure, iridology], related products [organic teas, supplements, technology], and issues [aging, lifestyle changes, relationships, healthcare]. They will share their expertise and wisdom. On Wednesday and Thursday we rebroadcast special programs and have open discussions on hot topics. We want to lead you to a healthier way of life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Visit my BLOG.

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    Kenneth Pugmire - Elite Branding

    in Entrepreneur

    Branding and graphic art have been passions for Kenneth Pugmire since he was a young boy.

    In this interview with Jack, Kenneth shares how combining these two passions has elevated not only his own business, but many others’ as well.

    Kenneth would troll supermarket and store shelves as a young man, studying the differences in branding and price points, depending not only on design, but positioning as well.

    He learned the intricacies of making something not only beautiful, but effective for producing sales and profits.

    In his early days involved in direct response, he combined his branding graphic skills with direct response style design to brand offers. As he combined traditional media branding design with direct response, there was a significant increase in the value and price points for offers.

    Deciding to brand himself to attract more customers, Kenneth found that business exploded for him quite quickly, in fact, within a matter of days.

    To his surprise, in addition to getting more direct response clients, he found even more people wanted his help in branding them.

    Branding others is now his core business and the results folks are having are nothing short of amazing.

    Listen in to see how this came about and the results that can be achieved.

    To Learn More:

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    Kathy Casey, Celebrity Chef, Mixologist Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Cocktail

    in Food

    Kathy Casey, celebrity chef, mixologist and pioneer in the bar-chef movement. She played a key role in bringing Northwest cuisine and women chefs to national prominence and, as one of the first female executive chefs in the United States, she was named one of Food & Wine’s “hot new American chefs.” She has also been touted as being the original Bar Chef. 

    50 Shades of Gin

    We created this cocktail for the Heathman Restaurant & Bar and was inspired by the book series 50 Shades of Grey which was written at the Heathman Hotel in Portland. A Sin’sual Seasonal Blend of gin, fresh tangerine, pomegranate juice, lemon, fresh thyme.

    Makes 1 cocktail

    1/2 a tangerine or clementine (cut crosswise – use 1/4 if large) 1 1/2 ounces gin
    3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
    3/4 ounce simple syrup*

    1/2 ounce POM pomegranate juice
    Garnish: fresh thyme sprig – and mini hand cuff garnish “thumb cuffs”

    Squeeze tangerine and drop into a mixing glass. Measure in gin, lemon, simple syrup and pomegranate juice. Fill with ice then cap and shake vigorously. Strain drink into a coupe or large martini glass. Garnish with a fresh thyme sprig.

    *To make simple syrup: combine 1 cup sugar with 1 cup boiling water. Stir until dissolved. Store refrigerated.

    Recipe by Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen® for the Heathman Restaurant & Bar - www.LiquidKitchen.com 


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    Health is a Family Affair

    in Environment

    Stacey Antine, the HealthBarn USA

    HealthBarn’s mission is to ensure that ALL family members eat and live healthier lives. They teach children (and the grown-ups who love them) about delicious, nutritious food and the healthy lifestyle that goes with it.Kids learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and how to make the best choices at the supermarket or in a restaurant and how to have fun doing just that.  They have reached over 40,000 children and their numbers are growing. Stacey is the force behind all of this and she will share with us her passion and her success in getting families to raise their nutrition literacy through hands-on learning.  Listen to hear why HealthBarn has emerged as a major force for positive change in the lives of children and their families. Given our national healthcare crises and its unquestionable relationship to our diets, I am ready to listen.  This show sponsored by Chapman Tucson.

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    MAN OVERBOARD-Burl Barer

    in Entertainment

    1982: Oregon businessman Phil Champagne, age 52, dies in a tragic boating accident off Lopez Island. He is survived by one ex-wife, four adult children, an octogenarian mother, and two despondent brothers. Phil didn't know he was dead until he read it in the paper. All things considered, he took it rather well. So did Phil's brother, Mitch, the beneficiary of a 1.5 million dollar policy on Phil's life. 1992: Washington restauranteur Harold Stegeman, famous for his thick, juicy steaks, is arrested by the Secret Service for printing counterfeit United States currency in an Idaho shed. In addition to the bogus bills, Stegeman also has a fraudulently obtained passport, a fabricated Cayman Island drivers license, and Phil Champagne's fingerprints. When the uproarious reality of Harold Stegeman's secret identity hit the headlines, the counterfeit resurrection of Phil Champagne became one of the most celebrated and hysterically funny true-crime stories of the twentieth century. And while every supermarket tabloid and television talk show hounded after the untold story, only Edgar Award winner Burl Barer captured Champagne's confidence and received permission to detail Phil's post-mortem career of fraud, deception, trickery, lies, and fine prime rib, bringing to life the exploits of a man his family thought dead over a decade ago. MAN OVERBOARD-The Counterfeit Resurrection of Phil Champagne-Burl Barer

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    Why refuse food PROVEN healthy and elect TOXINS in their place?

    in Health

    Most mainstream dietary advice recommends low-fat or non-fat dairy, but do they understand what real non process dairy is? It is far healthier to eat and drink whole non-processed dairy products, with all Mother Nature's fat left in.

    Who would have thought shopping for food could be so hard? Wander around any supermarket and you’ll be bombarded with packaging plastered with nutrition labels and ‘helpful’ logos to help you assess the healthiness, or otherwise, of their contents. Almost all packages state that it helps to reduce cholesterol. That alone will inform the intelligent to stay away from that food.

    When reading all of the labels, your head could be spinning with the conflicting messages you recall from health experts and watchdogs. One minute, the experts are telling you to avoid eggs because of cholesterol, the next, we’re told eggs are fine after all as the cholesterol found in food does not lead to heart disease. Tune in for the Rest Of The Story at 7:PM est right here on Blogtalkradio

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    Chef Elliott's Entertaining Solutions

    in Self Help

    Chef Elliott is honored to share the technical skills and culinary wisdom of his friend and colleague Latrice Pace.

    Latrice Pace is the founder of Treecie Treats, cake winner of Supermarket Superstar on Lifetime, author of the self help workbook Be the Change, award winning gospel artist and actress.

    Latrice was inspired by her sister’s red velvet cake recipe. Realizing her passion for baking and with the secret red velvet cake recipe shared by her oldest sister Duranice, Latrice established Treecie Treats in the Spring of 2011 in Atlanta, GA. Treecie Treats is an online cupcakery.

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