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    Kathy Casey, Celebrity Chef, Mixologist Creates Fifty Shades of Grey Cocktail

    in Food

    Kathy Casey, celebrity chef, mixologist and pioneer in the bar-chef movement. She played a key role in bringing Northwest cuisine and women chefs to national prominence and, as one of the first female executive chefs in the United States, she was named one of Food & Wine’s “hot new American chefs.” She has also been touted as being the original Bar Chef. 

    50 Shades of Gin

    We created this cocktail for the Heathman Restaurant & Bar and was inspired by the book series 50 Shades of Grey which was written at the Heathman Hotel in Portland. A Sin’sual Seasonal Blend of gin, fresh tangerine, pomegranate juice, lemon, fresh thyme.

    Makes 1 cocktail

    1/2 a tangerine or clementine (cut crosswise – use 1/4 if large) 1 1/2 ounces gin
    3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice
    3/4 ounce simple syrup*

    1/2 ounce POM pomegranate juice
    Garnish: fresh thyme sprig – and mini hand cuff garnish “thumb cuffs”

    Squeeze tangerine and drop into a mixing glass. Measure in gin, lemon, simple syrup and pomegranate juice. Fill with ice then cap and shake vigorously. Strain drink into a coupe or large martini glass. Garnish with a fresh thyme sprig.

    *To make simple syrup: combine 1 cup sugar with 1 cup boiling water. Stir until dissolved. Store refrigerated.

    Recipe by Kathy Casey Liquid Kitchen® for the Heathman Restaurant & Bar - www.LiquidKitchen.com 


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    Shannon McLay: Founder Of Next-Gen Financial

    in Finance

    Shannon McLay is a financial planner who left a “traditional” financial services firm to start her own company, NextGen Financial, to help clients in their 20s and 30s get financially fit.

    Through her blog, Financially Blonde, her book, Train Your Way to Financial Fitness and her partnership with Money Saving Pro, Shannon is committed to making financial fitness fun, easy and accessible for others. 

    She recently launched her podcast, "Martinis and Your Money," which made the New And Noteworthy list on iTunes. 

    Website: www.nextgen-financial.com

    Blog: www.finblonde.com

    Twitter: @theshannonmclay 

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    The news gives us shocking reports of violence against women in the Middle East – stoning, brutality, punishment for being sexually assaulted—it has to be worse than the US, right?  It turns out there are vast differences in gender violence, but there also are a surprising number of similarities. 

    Leyla Welkin, Ph.D. is a clinical cross cultural psychologist born in Turkey and educated in the US.  After 25 years working in the Pacific Northwest, she founded the Pomegranate Connection Program in Ankara, Turkey in 2008.  She has partnered with organizations in the US, the UK, and Turkey to address gender based violence.  Welkin has worked with civil and social organizations, government agencies, businesses, universities, and the United Nations Population Fund to develop programs to prevent and intervene in sexual and family violence among Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

    Her work has given her a unique perspective on talking about the perpetrators, survivors, social views and struggles faced by women in the Middle East and how they compare with those in the United States.

    Join us Saturday at 11 am Pacific Time to as we discuss domestic violence and gender abuse in the Middle East and how it compares with that in the US.

    Call-in with your comments to (646) 378-0430.

    And if you miss the live program, you can go to the website and listen to all our archived programs whenever you like. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/3women3ways

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    The ♫All Music Show♪ w/ Tanya Dallas-Lewis!

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! 

    It's the "ALL MUSIC SHOW" with ya' girl! We are going to kick back and relax with the BEST in gospel music, news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! Drinks are on me: Cherry Pomegranate Black Tea and some Halloween Candy!! Meet me at 8pm EST *THIS THURSDAY!* Be there, ......or I will FIND YOU and beat you down! [so loving, aren't I?] :0)

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist


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    The Hit Gospel Stage Play: "God, I Want My Rib Back!"

    in Entertainment

    This Week on "TheMusicBox" with National Recording Artist Tanya Dallas-Lewis! 

    Playwright John Matthews joins us to talk about his latest creation, the hit gospel stage play, "God, I Want My Rib Back!" from 'Meaning FULL' Media Productions! 

    Plus, the BEST in gospel music, news, interviews, updates, how-to's and so much more! Drinks are on me: Cherry Pomegranate Black Tea!! Meet me at 8pm EST *THIS THURSDAY!* Be there, ......or I will FIND YOU and beat you down! [so loving, aren't I?] :0)

    -Tanya, Stellar/Dove Nominated Recording Artist



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    Isabel Pietri, Retired Labor Union Prez Now a Creative Author

    in Writing

    Isabel Pietri, a retired labor union president and a former resident of New York City, resides in Northeastern, Pennsylvania., with her husband, a retired forensic investigator; "Sheba, the Wonder Dog"; and two kitties, "Shadow" and "Missy". In retirement, Isabel have taken up her lifelong passion, the craft of creative writing.

    Her first published book, "Love in the Dark", available on Amazon.com, is the story of NYPD surveillance expert, Detective Millie Angeles. Millie has made a name for herself working in the elite TARU unit of the New York Police Department as the go-to girl for surveillance and tracking. However, when tragedy occurs, she finds herself casting about for a new chapter. That all falls into place when she lands a job at a private company, which dispatches her to the West Coast to work for Adrian Zaragosa, a blind, and strikingly handsome owner of a winery estate in the Napa Valley. As the plot thickens and their passion sparks, Millie finds herself in the throes of both extreme danger and overpowering desire.

    Isabel's second book in the trilogy, "The Black Calla Lily", will soon be on the market. Besides being a published author, Isabel keeps active scuba diving, fishing, golfing, target shooting, experiencing good wines, and reading a good book.


    A joint project with www.SexyBooksBlog.net
    Music, Song for My Father, courtesy of www.AnnaFisher.com

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    Mike Arsuaga, Ex-Navyman, Now Author and Publisher with Wife

    in Writing

    Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mike Arsuaga completed careers in the US Navy Submarine Force and the Transportation Security Administration. Although his careers have taken him all over the world, he now lives in Orlando, Florida with wife and Editor-in-Chief, Cynthia; daughter ,Jennifer; granddaughter, Larrna, and partner-in-crime, Thumper, a Yorkshire terrier.

    Mike’s extensive travels took him throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East which provide accurate and vivid settings for all his stories. Although Mars figures prominently in at least one installment of TheProgeny of Evolution series, he hasn’t been there yet. The trip is prominent on his “bucket” list.

    The Progeny of Evolution series, seven books soon to be published by I Heart Book Publishing, tell of the deep love between two special beings as they shepherd lycans and vampires, The Others, in their ascent from Creation’s vilest expression toward becoming the noblest. A pilot script for a TV series based on the books is under consideration by Amazon studios. A paranormal romantic thriller short story, from Boroughs Publishing Group, titled Of Jasmine and Pomegranate has been well received.

    Mike and Cynthia have co-written two books, one published by Secret Cravings Publishing. Love and Death in the Big Easy and the other Top Dog is now published in the PG-13 version with I Heart Book Publishing. The series chronicles the story of a special shape shifter. Instead of transforming into a large fierce animal, he becomes an 8-pound Yorkshire terrier. While not much good in a scrape, he can go places the big guys can’t and he’s irresistible to women.

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    Blackbirds in the Pomegranate Tree: Stories from Ixcotel State Prison

    in Lifestyle

    Claudia and Jill are excited to welcome Mary Ellen Sanger, author of the new book, Blackbirds in the Pomegranate Tree: Stories from Ixcotel State Prison.  It is the story of Mary Ellen's love for Mexico and how that passion led her down a path she never expected growing up in upstate New York!  Mary Ellen is a longtime friend of Jill's brother and her story will blow you away!  Join us LIVE or in the archives anytime.

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    Featuring Chloe Puff, Dance/Choreographer & Della Martinis, Dancer/Choreographer

    in Entertainment

    Featured Guest

    Chloe Puff, is featured in Dance Track Magazine in their Summer 2013 issue (page 85) as the "Top 25 Under 25" article.
    Della Martinis, has performed at shows in Los Angeles and has worked with Tabitha & Napoleon, Marty Kudelka, Kevin Maher, Laura Edwards & more!.


    FRIDAY NIGHT HIP HOP In The Cut is "Your NW Hip Hop Dance Talk Show". FNHH - In the Cut promotes hip hop dance artists, studios, venues and more! "In the Cut" will feature interviews with Northwest and National talent as well as studios, events and more! It is broadcasts live from Seattle, Washington!

    "The Northwest Hip Hop Dance Talk Show"

    Visit our website at www.fridaynighthiphop.com

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    What is Sex for Spiritual Awakening? Celebrating the WHORE as Sacred PRIESTESS

    in Women

    It's TIME for women to remember the ancient PRIESTESS!
    The Priestess of Sacred Sexuality has long been lost in our Herstory. On Red Tent Radio reveals the women's mysteries to help women regain our soul pieces and reclaim our power.

    On tonight's show Kerri discusses her sexual stories, experiences, and knowledge as an educator in spiritual sexuality.


    I will share my own stories and speak about the sacred prostitute from my masters research of Inanna and the temples of Mesopotamia. I will speak about the sacred prostitute's involvement in the ancient fertility rites and speak on how sexuality was revered and honoured in our ancient past. 


    Kerri is a workshop facilitator / international speaker / priestess / writer and author teaching and sharing on sacred sexuality, the Goddess and the divine feminine. Her intention is to invoke the goddess back into women’s lives and to awaken their authentic sexual nature in order to know themselves as divine. She is a qualified kundalini and chakra dance facilitator teaching through the medium of dance how to awaken and utilise kundalini and shakti energy. She is an initiated Priestess of the Goddess with the Order of the Pomegranate Grove. She wrote her masters thesis on HIEROS GAMOS: Sacred Sexuality Ancient and Modern and the Role of the Sacred Prostitute.

    Step out of the Box and into our Circle!

    Contact Aurora at ourredtent@gmail.com or aurorakozinn@gmail.com
    Contact Kerri at http://goddessofsacredsex.com/


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    SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAY: Im Walking In Wellness

    in Self Help

    Is what you put in your mouth, on your skin, and allow into your spirit, Life Giving or Life Robbing?Welcome to the 'DEM BONES edition of SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAY! I'm Walking In Wellness. Talking The Skeletal System, OSTEO-FX, Imortalium, omegranate Phitnus with a Soulful Groove. Call In (646) 716-7994 listen, share.

    More than an affirmation, SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAYS will inspire you to natural living and empower you to achieve wellness from the inside out, mind, body, soul, and bank account.

    SOUL PURPOSE TUESDAYS are built on the foundation of the Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company, a socially responsible direct selling company that redefines empowerment by supporting individual vision and purpose through the marketing of highly differentiated natural botanically-based beauty and wellness products.

    Be more than our valued listener, be our wellness partner and empower others as a customer, fun Lifestyle Party host, community partner and/or empowered entrepreneur!

    LIKE US | SHOP #SelfCare Book your Self Care Consult, 1.877.552.7012 ext 1111

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