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    Polygny: Afrikan Culture or Playboy Garbage

    in Culture

    Is Polygny really Afriikan Culture? Within the last decade, we have began to see the word and the topic of polygny growing more and more being taught as a way of life. It has been taught that it is traditional living for Ancient melanated people. 
    Is this true?
    Or is Polygny a legal excuse for men to have multiple women without any responsibility. Weighing in on the topic tonight is non other than the "Rite Reverend dat Negga," a.k.a "Doctor Moo," a.k.a "The Peoples Healer 
    Also Husband and Wife Team, "Charles and Jolivette Williams" of the Afrikan Knowledge Network. will be weighing in on the pro's and cons of this newfound way of relationship.
    Check out Dr. Moo at www.thepeopleshealer.com 
    Jolivette Williams is also the founder of the Wombman's Song Community and you can find her at www.wombmanssong.yuku.com 
    Call in tonight and tell us your views on Polygny...
    Let's Evolve Into Higher Consciousness...

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    Venus In Aquarius Exploring Alternative Relationships That Fit Your Needs

    in Spirituality

    Call 646-716-9752  On Friday July 25, 2014 At 9:00 Pm EST To Discuss Love In  The Age of Aquarius & How The Relationship Dynamic Has Transformed Into Non-Traditional Unions. We will Discuss Concepts Like Polyadnry, Poly-Amore, Polygny & Polygamy And Much More.

    Co-Hosting With Spica The Mother Star Is A Couple Who Spica Has Done Spiritual Readings On And Foreseen The Couples Life Path Together As A Team Who Is Here To Heal Men & Women & Set The Example of & For Exploring Alternative Relationships Theories That Correspond With The Age of Aquarius. Lets Talk Realistically About Finding The Non-Traditional Relationship That Works For You!

    Disclaimer: This Show Is For Educational & Entertainment Purposes Only- Reserving All Rights!

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    The Ascension of Polygyny & Polyamory

    in Lifestyle

    Dwayne Mooney & Auset Aswad visit Occult Science Radio to discuss Polygny & Polyamory

    Dwayne Mooney of the Mooney Twins has been leading an interesting life that has nothing to do with his brother. He is a confirmed Polyamorist. He has a few women that he loves. One wife and one girlfriend and dates others.

    Auset Aswad is a Kemetic Priestess and Kemetic Yoga Practioner. Priestess Aswad is also an experienced practioner of Polygyny.

    Join us for a very powerful evening!


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    Polygamy: The Ancient African Way

    in Family

    Queen T with her special guest Chicago Talk Show Host Brutha Dawah Yisrael, Host of the Controversial show "The YAH is Real Hour" discusses the truth behind Polygamy and it's role in the African family, also the difference between African Polygamy and European Polygamy... Check out his profile page on our site for more information athttp://zurispeaks.com/Dawah_Yisrael.html. Zuri Speaks airs every Wednesday at 4:00 PM MST on KXXT 1010-AM Phoenix, AZ. We are also available live on UStream, Podcast, Mobile Streaming and Internet streaming on www.zurispeaks.com. If you have any questions, please contact the show @ (203) ASK-ZURI Aired 6/6/2012

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