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    Angel Healing for Addictions & Destructive Patterns

    in Spirituality

    This episode will discuss the many addictions that plague us on our spiritual journey and in life. We'll be focussed on healing those patterns that get in the way of our spiritual progression, and, in doing so, will remove obstacles to the miracles that await us. For the last several months, I've been conducting online classes for an energy healing method I call "Angels' Touch Therapy". These kind, loving "earth angels" will be joining me in sending angelic healing energy to all who seek it in this broadcast. During the class, we've seen so many healing miracles occur when this energy is evoked and used by those practiced and trained in it. 

    Addictions can take on many forms. The more obvious ones are excessive drinking, illegal drug use, gambling, smoking, but there are many more subtle things that get in our way, often in even more lasting ways. These can be overeating, overuse of pharmaceuticals, obsessive shopping. On a deeper level, an addiction to fear/negativity...to anger or finding something to be offended by...to poltiical argument and taking sides...to being "right" and not listening to any other views...to rigid religious views. 

    As we come to the holiday season, we can take a definitive steps to ask for these burdens to be lifted, then enter a new year with more hope and promise. Think about your patterns - whether you have regular joy, or what obstacles seem to repeatedly get in the way. 

    Lines will be open for on-air intuitive guidance from angels and spirit. Show duration will be up to 120 minutes. 



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    PAC Formation: Michael Brown Monetized - Call 619-768-2945

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall continue our discussion on how to form a PAC...........Political Action Committee.

    We shall review what we discussed yesterday and pick up today with "PAC Formation - Michael Brown Monettized".

    We shall illustrate today on how PAC's are formed and give examples of various issues that can be converted into political action committes. 

    Feel free to call in with your questions or comments @ 619-768-2945. 

    In addition have pen and plenty of paper available to take notes today.

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    YoAndrew News Talk Show (8:00pm ET) | 01 - 22 - 13 |

    in News

    Janurary 22nd, 2013
    20th show since being in the YNTS Studio
    YoAndrew News Talk Show
    Today we will discuss and speak with: 
    8:10pm ET: We will ask the simple question. Did Martin Luther Kings dream come true? What is YoAndrew's dream?
    8:35pm ET: We will discuss with Benjamin I. Page, poltiical science professor at Northwestern University about the current issue of "Class Warfare" in our society and how Washington has handled the situation the past several decades.
    9:05pm ET: (Live - In Studio) - We will discuss with the founder of the Hurricane Sandy Relief organization in Staten Island called "S.I.F.T"", Christian Spears about his amazing story creating a organization to help those in need and if government should interfere in relief efforts.
    9:35pm ET: The after-math of the 2013 presidential inauguration: Rapper Lupe Fiasco being kicked off stage; Beyonce Lip-Syncing!, and the luncheon couting up to 3000 calories?
    9:52pm ET: "Sound Clip of Wisdom" - What's wrong with being average?

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    Pedol /Valerie Sargent Martin

    in Current Events

    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704 Join our live chat and listen at  http://www.freedomizerradio.com
    Pedol PEDOL Hour dedicated to ending discrimination on looks. This involves anti mandatory school uniforms, school bullying, people with tattoos & piercings, janky dress codes, barefoot rights, interracial relationships, and anything else in regards to looks. Please join us here & on http://www.pedolgroup.com/ (NON PROFIT)!
    The Valerie Sargent Martin Show Valerie Sargent Martin talks politics with a Southern accent. This episode Valerie reports live from the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa, FL. Valerie is a nationally recognized political activist and former ‘Liberty Candidate’ for U.S. Congress.

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    Politics as Usual

    in Politics

    Whether it is the Olympics or any other event, everything is poltiical. There is nothing that is not connected with politics. If its a company foreclosure or layoff, again, it all relates to the "warlords" in  DC, who pimp themselves for big corporations, and other special interests.

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    The Conversation with Cathy Brooks - Episode #59

    in Culture

    It seems that the 2012 political season began ages ago, but this is the time when engines really start to fire. While most eyes glance towards the increasingly combative tones of the Presidential race, an array of state and local battles are heating up as well. One such race is taking place in newly-minted 9th Congressional District in Arizona, where Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is facing a rough road ... among her own party. In today's episode, Cathy speaks with Kyrsten about the state of current politics, the lousy record of our present Congress and how important it is to share your authentic self as part of the poltiical process.
    Also on today's show, Stefanie Michaels, AKA @AdventureGirl seasoned journalist and social media influencer to talk about the evoultion in travel journalism, the impact social media has had on her field and how she unplugs.

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    Kravitz on ACA Futures

    in Politics Progressive

    Don't expect an aria, but our Monday guest is quite capable of it. Instead David Kravitz will come on as lawyer and poltiical analyst to discuss the Affordable Care Act. ACA, or in the moment, ObamaCare, survived the huge challenge before the SCOTUS. We'll discuss with David its constitutionality, its future, and perhaps how the tax angle arose and what it means. He is well known also as a founder of BlueMassGroup.

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    Republican Party has No Courage

    in Politics

    The GOP does not have the courage to do what it takes to take back America.
    The GOP ignores Republicans that violate our Constitution.
    The GOP is promoting the white Republican version of President Obama - Mitt Romney.
    The GOP lacks the courage to get the job done. 
    The GOP is full of rhetoric, but not courage.
    The future of the U.S.A. is in the hands of the people and if the people surrender to any poltiical party, refuse to vote for America and insist on voting for any poltical party, then the United States of America. will fall. The United States of America cannot survive on the current road to ruins.

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    The Non-Ed Morrissey Show with Tommy Christopher

    in Politics Conservative

    Tommy Christopher of Mediaite joins Jazz at Hot Air to discuss the live tweeting of the Osama bin Laden takedown and the poltiical ramifications of this victory.

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    Agree To Disagree With Bob & Lee

    in Politics

    Bob Cesca. Lee Stranahan. It's like Hannity and Colmes except with no Hannity and two much more aggressive Colmes.

  • 01:00

    Agree To Disagree With Bob & Lee

    in Politics

    Bob Cesca. Lee Stranahan. It's like Hannity and Colmes except with no Hannity and two much more aggressive Colmes.