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    Florida Tiny House Camp - (The Big Politics Of Tiny Houses)

    in Politics

    Today on "It's My House" we shall continue to do some "tiny house planning" for our Florida Tiny House "Build" Camps; in addition we shall discuss the "big politics" of going tiny in urban areas. We shall discuss the various topics to explain tiny house poltics:

    DeJur Repbulics vs DeFacto Republics
    Seven Republics Of Florida
    The Dejur 80% vs 20%
    The Real USA.
    Red, Blue, Gray Map
    Human Trafficking Map

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com


    Listen to "It's My House Radio" by calling 712-432-8863.

    Thanks for listening to "It's My House Radio"

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    The Dace Man Show Ep 113 - A Happy Family Again

    in Comedy

    In the world of Podcasting there is only one show where you will get it all! Join Chris "The Dace Man" Dace as he assembles a crew every Wednesday at 8PM EST to talk about all things sports, weird, political, and celeb related. Also enjoy popular segments Weird News with Gibby, Franks Corner, On Capital Hill with Nick Andrew, Gibby Sings, The Douchebag of The Week, and Who Said it.

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    The Dace Man - https://twitter.com/TheDaceMan
    Frank Ward - https://twitter.com/freddddddddddyy
    Patty Mc Titties - https://twitter.com/bornxforthisx

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    artist jason fisher!

    in Entertainment

    A short and sweet analysis of current events in the broad worlds of MMA, politics,pop culture, music and even pro wrestling! Hosted by Darryl Reed! There is a lot of stuff out there in the world that we can chat about and we will! "There is nothing to fear but fear itself!". Which is why we are aiming to do what we will and what we want with whatever topic! All is fair game on this show! We try to keep it clean and friendly however,at times it can be a wild ride! Call in or just listen to rants and discussions about all that's happening in a variety of forms of media!

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    Planet Zorg #51 - Zorg Talks About The Puny Planet

    in Entertainment

    Listen to Zorg expound upon many pressing issues. 

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    Author and Hollywood Writer Liz Crokin

    in Entertainment

    Having a successful column "Liz in the Loop" in th Chicago Trubube for 7 years, Liz Crokin to put her research and experience to use in her new novel "Malice".

    The book is a political-romantic thriller which dives into the ins and outs of Hollywood and poltics as a jornalist runs down the biggest story of her career. The book also draws from her experiences surviving hsv2/meningitis. She hopes the book's message will help more people be aware of STD's and what actions you can take if you find yourself in her situation.

    We will talk to Crokin about her career, overcoming illness, and fighting back. 


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    Robert Cardoza Live "On The Street"

    in Current Events

    Today on Robert Cardoza Live I'm talking Politics, Money, News and You. My expert contributor Ray Mehler is talking about The American Grid. My special guest Joel Saltzman is talking about new wireless technology. I will present the News, The IRS Loses, Inside The IRS, Today's Birthday's, Today in History, The Harvard Business tip of the Day, The Lifestyle Tip of the Day, Interesting but Useless Facts and I will close the show answering your emails.

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    The Gettin It In Show: What If They Were Alive Today?

    in Radio

    Would there be more unity or a stronger up rise? Would we own and support more black businesses? Would there be interracial dating and homosexuality agendas effecting our younger bruthas and sistas? Did these bruthas leave a blue print for us to build upon? Tune in family and vibe with us.

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    Truf Bros. Radio: Dr. King's Legacy and the Poltics of Black Empowerment

    in Entertainment

    Please join Ray and Devon as they join in on a special panel discussion with Professor and 9th Ward Alderman Candidate Ted Williams III on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the politics behind the new black empowerment movement. Do you feel that blacks are moving towards the vision and the dream Dr. King had for blacks in America? Also with the recent issues of police brutality, the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as well as the snubbing of the movie Selma by the Oscars would it appear that Dr. King's dream for Black empowerment in a post racial society is really a dream deferred? Checks us out Monday at www.trufbrosradio.com or by calling in 818 514 1202 and get the TRUF!



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    Let talk poltics

    in Politics

    Most americans are just plain sick of talking about politcs. Now why is that, well the answer is very simple.

    It has to deal with the one that are behind the scenes with the political candidates themsevles.

    Okay take Wisconsin's liberal democratic candidate Mary burke for example. She has been told not to say anything, by the liberal democrat President Obama, and her communications man.

    Now everyone should know that liberals and democracts have no integrety at all or even know the defination of just what integrety is. well it is truth that liberals and democrats love to sit on their brains and talk out of the orifust that is connected to their brains when they are sitting, plus when a liberal and democract does speak it stinks and the oder that come out of their mouth is that bad.

    When Governor Candidate liberal Mary Burke speaks the stench is so bad that a person have to stick their head into a sewage treatment plant just to get freash air.

    When liberal democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke does ask her about her economic plains she has to cope and paste everything just to have her plain out to be seen and yes she is very proud of sleeling ideas that are copy written for her to us.

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    The Progressive News Hour.

    in Politics

    The Progressive News Hour.