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    Grounds for Opportunity Cafe - Tammy Davies joins Kevin Hunter TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter features guest Tammy Davies of Grounds for Opportunity Cafe, GFO, in Kelso, Washington. Tammy took her love of preparing food and feeding others to the next level. The GFO Café opened in August of 2012.

    A message from Tammy:

    Students graduate and get work locally and we get to run into them or even better - dine out where they work and witness their hard work and achievement. It is really great to see our students go on to do great things for themselves and their families. 
    We have been able to increase the fresh product in our senior meals because of the training program which has meant keeping our food and labor costs low but serving a nutritious and heart healthy meal to our seniors. Good food is always a success!

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    magar hour breaches area 51 aka groom lake testing bases grounds

    in Social Networking

    listwn in as chazz razz tom preps and corbo tendo rescue old greg from the groom lake testing base
    shit gets real 
    george normy can suck it
    347 215 7638 call and give tips
     on how to do it well in the s4 zone

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    Being openly gay in a 'bro' sport

    in LGBT

    Men's water polo and rowing are two of the sports most associated with hypermasculine, bro jocks. Being openly gay in these sports can be problematic. We talk with two openly gay athletes who have forged their path and been embraced. Noah Ratliff is a water polo player from Oregon who just graduated high school. He is on the Junior Olympic water polo team and will play in college. His coming out was heralded by USA Water Polo.

    Chris Kelley, an Ithica rower, was outed at a party and then struggled to fit in with his team. But he has turned them around and founded a campus group for LGBT athletes and allies. These are two athletes who symbolize pride month.

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    Conservative Refuge Radio: 6/29/2015

    in Politics Conservative

    On tonight’s show:

    The Baltimore Sun has lost their mind over the Governor’s decision not to fund the Red Line boondoggle.  The Governor has fired back.  We’ll discuss.
    In light of a terrible week last week, I give a little “pep talk” to Maryland conservatives on the way forward.
    Josh Kurtz, the leader of the O’Malley cronies at Center Maryland has a list of “25 Republican Rising Stars”.  I’ll share some thoughts on the list and who might be missing.
    Maryland’s history is under assault, including by some Maryland Republicans, who want to remove a century old statue of Maryland’s only Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from the State House grounds.

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    John Trudel Author of Raven's Redemption Supports 100% Healthcare Now CO-OP

    in News

    The fight is on when quiet Author and friend of Breaking News Journal. He doesn't like to fight, but when he has to he will. John will talk about his books, God's House, Privacy Wars, Raven's Revenge, Raven's Redemption, Soft Target and more.

    John will tell you he discovered on his latest flights. He will talk about what is happening with the birds who are dying and tehir feathers are being burned off when they fly near any solar systems and how the rangers of America are losing their property to the Government so they can put up Solar Syatems, but he has really rolled up his sleave on something very close to home and that is the Healthcare problem. The Affordable Healtchare Act people have been hitting teh grounds of Las Vegas signing people up for this awful program.

    The Government has been giving start up exchanges upwards of $1.1 Billion Dollars like Cover California who charged $6K upfront and $714.00 a month for premiums. That is the Tax Payers Money that is in someone else's pockets now. This exchange has closed it's doors , failed as a company and took off with the money. We can fight back now with www.100percenthealthcarenow.com which is a CO-OP Savings not an Insurance Company.

    CO-OP is calling for AARP and AMAC Members and their families to sign up now. Companies who had to layoff or cut back hours or who had to close their doors need this to revitalize at $25 a month per adult, $10 per month for each child under 18 year sand even $8 a month for household pets, you cannot beat this and it's a stress reliever. Everyone gets a memebrship Card when they sign up. John is going to lay iit all on the line for you  Please go to John's Page and purchase his books, read  his blogs and more. http://johntrudel.com/ and browse.



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    Emmanuel AME Charleston Shooting

    in News

    In this episode, Sacerdotus speaks on the recent tragedy involving the Emmanuel AME Protestant building in Charleston which was attacked by racist terrorist, 21 year old Dylann Roof.  Roof entered the edifice and participated in a Bible study.  He then shot and killed nine members of the Protestant community including the pastor who is also a state senator.  The shooting has reminded Americans that racism is alive and well.  It has also started a debate on the existence of the Confederate flag on State grounds.  Sacerdotus addresses the tragedy and the events surrounding the Confederate flag.  


    Host Site:  www.sacerdotus.com

    Donate at: www.gofundme.com/sacerdotus

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    Confederate Flag For OBAMATRADE?

    in Radio

    'Take it down': Rallying cry of anti-Confederate flag demonstrators demanding South Carolina legislators to remove it from the State House grounds

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3136355/It-belongs-museum-not-sovereign-ground-Rallying-cry-anti-Confederate-demonstrators-South-Carolina-s-State-House-demanding-legislators-remove-flag-grounds.html#ixzz3dvq8kDpr
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    Breakthrough for Obama as the Senate signals that it will give him the go-ahead to negotiate a Pacific Rim deal

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3136185/Obama-s-trade-proposal-operating-table-Senate.html#ixzz3dvqc2h6o
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    Confederate flag? Just the start as progressive American fascists march forward

    in Politics Conservative

    Exploiting the deaths by a lone racist gunman in Charleston, South Carolina, the self-proclaimed progressive poliltical Left has embarked on an emotion-driven campaign to exorcise the south of images of southern Civil War history.

    And Republicans who hold elective office seem in competition to see who can cave faster to the progressive demands. 

    On the heels of South Carolina's governor calling for removal of the targeted Confederate flag on the grounds of that state's capitol, Georgia's governor vowed to redesign its state license plate that notes desendents of Confederate veterans. 

    And the Associated Press (the same news collective that published a photo with a gun pointed at Sen. Ted Cruz's head) has rushed forward with a list of Confederate memorials across the south. Will these be next as the progressives continue to purge reminders of history they find offensive, or contrary to their agenda?

    History is a complicated thing. It can seldom be comfortably boiled down to black and white, and it's sometimes hard to cleanly parse right and wrong. Some memorials and rembrances may trigger uneasiness or introspection as they witness to history's complexities. The political left, however, seems to like its history told with a narrow narrative - one intended to spin uniformity of thought, and a progressive world view. 

    This Friday, we'll talk about these, as well as other efforts, by the political left to rewrite America's history and change its traditions. And if you think saying so is over reaction, Michelle Obama made a specific promise in 2008 that a changed American history was exactly what hubby Barack would accomplish if elected president and given a chance. 

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    A True Story Of Government Intrusion On Private Property And Our Rights

    in Politics

    On this show, we will be talking about the intrusion onto private property by a seemingly tyrannical and hypocritical government. Joining me in studio will be Ron and Ruth Kerns whom for the last 6 months have been battling their local government, and various departments, seeking a resolution to an extremely destructive act by their county involving their beloved property. Unfortunately they have had to take the unpleasant steps of a very expensive law suit to seek some kind of resolution to this matter. This destruction involved the removal of very old trees, grounds ripped up by heavy equipment and the destruction of a federally protected wetlands that was on their property. All of this happened without having any permission, permits or proper paperwork by the offending parties. Until very recently they have been met with nothing but resistance, silence and obstruction by the EPA, County Engineers, Army Corp of Engineers, Courts etc. It wasn't until the Department of Fish and Wildlife got involved that communication finally was established, and possible steps forward might be in the future. With all that said, it still took a six month battle, a ball park sum of $40,000.00 and an incredible amount of stress just to get this far, still without being able to have their day in court. Tyrannical government or just business as usual here in America? You be the judge.

    Ron and Ruth are rabid environmentalists in their own right. They support all things nature, and live what they preach. This is a couple that looks forward to one thing during their stressful work week; to simply spend time working on, and enjoying their beautiful wooded property. They have spent thousands of hours on exotic gardens, preserves for the wildlife that reside on the property and they also keep bees. At the end of the day, they can sit on their deck with immense satisfaction of their contribution to their little corner of nature, or at least used too...


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    "Talking Hoops" with Jim Basnight

    in Sports

    Jim Basnight is a journalist that publishes a Husky hoops subscriber only blog at www.huskydigest.com. With a decidedly NW focus, Jim covers everything from the newest potential star on the play grounds and gyms in this rainy region to the greats of yester yearnba. This week Jim and co-host Jay Townsend of Coug Digest speak to Portland State head coach Tyler Geving, 2015 UW Freshman post Noah Dickerson and the UW Daily's Erik Erickson.


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    The Power of Forgiveness, Faith, and the Flag

    in Politics Conservative

    Nothing is more powerful than forgiveness. Forgiving is something only you can decide to do for yourself. When its power occurs publicly, people react quite differently. However, calmness and clarity of thoughts, actions, and reactions occur when we choose to forgive. When we choose otherwise, chaos ensues and tensions rise. 

    Join The Right Voice as we discuss the shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and Gov. Nikki Haley's call to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of South Carolina's State Capitol. We will also talk about race relations in America, overcoming evil with good, and so much more.

    Tune in to The Right Voice for the live show with Glo Smith and Adrienne Ross from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern every Tuesday. Become part of the conversation by calling in at (646) 200-3715 to comment and ask questions.  If you miss the live show, remember that each show is archived, so you may listen at a time that is convenient for you.

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