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    Religion vs Relationship

    in Christianity

    The show discusses the difference between people who just believe Jesus Christ died for their sins and go to church consistently and people who live a lifestyle of serving Christ in their home, work, businesses etc. Great music and a Great time as we engaged into helping ourselves and others examine their current walk with Jesus Christ and see if we are really living to serve him.

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    Welcome to Relationship vs Religion to help you build your relationship with God

    in Moms and Family

    Welcome to Relationship vs Religion to help you build your relationship with God.


    Active Your Highest Good with Cheryl Katherine Wash and Kathleen Capela


    There are many men and women who have given their life over to Christ yet are not in Christ! You see when walking with Christ your desire is for the relationship with him, you feel that overwhelming sense or need to communicate with God to speak to him daily, to make him the center of your life. Many single Christians face hard choices and decisions about dating. You see we may meet someone who is un-churched, who has not accepted Christ as their personal savior. We may be able to get them to go to church, we even may see them accept Christ during an altar call. Yet, when we begin a relationship that is out of the teachings of Christ we will see that relationship fall apart. You may be further along in your walk, you now have an infant in Christ with you. You will start to see Christ working in that person’s life to bring out the things that need to be dealt with, and of course in yourself. If faith is weak, the flesh too will be weak and cause you to stumble. Finding a husband or a wife should be your intent in dating it should not be about the aesthetics of the relationship but the meat and bones based on biblical principles.

    First and foremost you should not be dating if you are not ready to be married in 1 year.
    Dating should lead to marriage and all too often today there are many Christians who are serial dating, having sex out of marriage and leaving a trail of broken hearts and feelings along the way. We need to be asking ourselves important questions before we even think about dating.


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    Syrian Refugees vs Politics

    in Politics

    The world has witnessed another senseless attack on innocent citizens in France and Mali in less than a week apart. What is the way forward for international politics.

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    Religious But Mean And Rude vs. No Religion But A Good Person. UTwS #155

    in Lifestyle

    There are some people that can quote scripture at the drop of a dime, pay their tithes, pray and fellowship on a regular basis in church. Sometimes these same people are really hard to put up with on a personal basis. They are sometimes very rude, judgemental, stingy and sometimes straight up mean to most people. God may be the only ones that can put up with them.

    Then you have some people who never go to church or have no religion at all but they are some of the sweetest people on this earth. They may be kind, helpful, understanding, loving and generous. More like the salt of the earth.

    Which one of these do you respect more? Which one of these would be more heaven eligible in your opinion?

    Do you think that you can make it into heaven without a religion or being religious?

    Does being a good person to your fellow man hold any weight to your salvation as far as you're concerned?

    Of course we can never know for sure who is going to heaven or hell but which one suits your taste while you're alive and on earth?

    Which one would describe you or would it be something else?

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    Religion Means Alive: REPLAY

    in Religion

    Discussing Entertainment, Economics, Music, Life, and of course Religion as well as many other topics and its relation to African Americans past and present. Religion Means Alive is headed by Imam Alfred Mohammed and many other speakers. The cornerstone of Religion Means Alive is its annual Sunday address given every Sunday at 3:00 EST. Tune into Religion Means Alive on weekdays as well at 7:00 EST. Call into 805-727-7013 or dial 1.

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    Versus - Relationship vs Religion - Regeneration X - Shawn Cleveland

    in Religion

    Join on Regeneration X - Shawn will be discussing the difference between Relationship vs Religion - What is the difference! Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend request on facebook!

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    Religion Means Alive: Sis. Qaadirah Mohammed

    in Religion

       Today on Religion Means Alive we want to hear what you have to say by creating an open forum on the show. During the Open Forum we will discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from Politics, Science, and Business and of course Religion. Throughout the broadcast Imam Alfred Mohammed along with another guest will mediate the Open Forum in order to ensure that the listeners as well as the people asking the question can properly get there question to Imam Alfred Mohammed. You can call into this Open Forum by dialing 805-727-7013 you can also press 1 to ask a question. We want to hear what you have to say so ask away.

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    Religion vs. Spirituality (Enlightenment or Entrapment)?

    in Self Help

    Will be talking about religion vs. spirituality and see how this can benefit or entrap ones consciousness.

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    PWN 2015.9.2: The Usual Suspects, Politics & Religion

    in News

    Its been politics as usual pretty much around the globe. And that's just what KaliSara and RevKess are going to address in this edition of PWN. After a spotty absence this late summer, the hosts are going to play a little catch up and talk about some of the political exploits of the usual suspects as well as address some of what has been going on in the Pagan world. Will they talk about Bernie Sanders creeping up and passing Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucus? Will they talk about the recent rekindling of the debate of Wicca and initiation? Will they rambling on about their upcoming presentations at the Kearney Area Pagan Pride Day? Chance are they will do all of this and more. You'll just have to tune in to find out.

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    Religion Means Alive: REPLAY Imam Yusef Salaam

    in Religion

    Today on Religion Means Alive a Imam Alfred Mohammed and Imam Yusef Salaam will be replayed.

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    Religion Means Alive: Bro. Marad Mohammed

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    Religion Means Alivew w/ Bro Marad Mohammed