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    Family Communication Patterns

    in Family

    A group of CSUN students that are getting together to discuss our research and finidings about the communication patterns of your typical everyday families. Please join us for a spirited discussion about a very interesting and important topic that we used in our everyday life.

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    ADHD ( ADD ) Listening and Communication skills. Innovation 4 Todays World

    in Self Help

    Learn tomorrows communication skills that put you ahead of everyone by being able to focus easily on what another is saying instead of looking for dangerous stimulation elsewhere during a conversation. Not only will you hear another more distinctly, they will appreciate your skills highly as they are understood while using these futuristic skills. You can learn them now.

    Find easier ways to communicate yourself by listening eaasier what others are saying first. The patience you have will make you a better communicator.

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    Political Suicide Ep. 1 Obama Veto, Obamacare woes

    in Politics Conservative

    Cutting through the political clutter to bring you the lattest news in an intelligent and funny way.

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    Soy exploits the common issues in communication (Logic, Silence, Intent, Non-verbal Communication and more) that break down and destroy relationships. This dialogue is intense, enlightenng and definitely intertaining.  Guest Steve "Man Cave" Williams www.unlockthemancode.com


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    Political Suicide Ep.2

    in Politics Conservative

    Bringing you the best news delivered in an intelligent and humorous way.

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    Integrating Political & Ministry Leadership with Corporate Integrity

    in Politics Conservative

    Join our guest Jeff Jones Founder of 1721.Today, host Robert Jetter, Jr., panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, and Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Call in and you stay on the line. You too can Join our Round Table Discussion and please do not forget to share the link to this podcast.

    Bards Logic welcome Jeff Jones Chief Executive Officer at Author/Speaker/Mentor, The Selfless at Being Better Than I Am and Founder at Selah Says Society

    Past: Arbonne International and Author/ Ran for U.S.Senate Michigan

    www.1721.today Kingdom Within & Transformational Empowerment is an eight semester project and community overhaul. Its  purpose is to identify four of the greatest attributes inside of you and show you how to live those attributes everyday and in every relationship. Kingdom Within is an educational support system designed to integrate Political Leadership / Ministry Leadership / Corporate Integrity/ Personal Relationship and create a movement in transformational and translational directives to overcome and counteract tyrrany. If we can influence a society at every level by becoming empowered and casually living our core identities...the super bowl commercials would be preaching to the choir! This work is an accumulation of years of ministry responses, leadership influences, and observations of every level of relationship and intent. Its overall influences is in reaching an appetite for mentorship that solidifies our core values and beliefs, as individual as they may be!

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.

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    Communication and Visualization with WeMakeWaves.co

    in Health

    Meet Uli Beutter Cohen and Mariah Raelle Rich who will talk to us about their higher aspirations.

    A word from Mrs. Uli

    "I am a communication specialist who focuses on personal development and self-reflective communication: what you say, how you listen and what you bring across through non-verbal behavior. This plays a significant role in manifesting the life you dream of. We'll have fun with aha-moment exercises that let you take a new look at opportunities and future goals through the lens of communication."

    And a word from Mrs Rich

    As a brand designer and strategist, I believe visualizing and defining how you want to show up is critical to have the ability to reach your goals. Creating clear values that inform your goal setting and vision is invaluable whether you’re building a brand or are defining your personal journey. We will explore and discover what is true to you and how that translates into your north star: your guiding principle that you can embrace and own.

    Together, Uli and Mariah will share about the workshops they run together.

    More info about the workshops Uli and Mariah run at: http://wemakewaves.co/

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    Causing Communication That Counts

    in Business

    As an entrepreneur, you launched your business because you saw the need for your product or service in the marketplace. But, are you communicating your company's  message effectively and with purpose? Kari Fluegel of Ward Causing Communication will be our special guest to discuss why entrepreneurs and small businesses need a communications plan.

    Listen LIVE from your phone by calling 347-945-6693 or click the link below to tune in from your tablet or computer.

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    Communication 101

    in Lifestyle

    Host: Simply D & Jules

    Communication 101

    On tonight's show we're going to talk about what it takes to communicate effectively whether you are at work hanging out with friends and of course the one that we all want to know our romantic counterparts.  Tonight we're going to talk about what it takes to move a relationship forward through the art of communication.  And the mistakes we've made along the way.

    So tonight we're going to let you in to our lives and show you how we communicate the good of the bad and because it's Innermix we can't forget the funny.

    Twitter: Innermix_Show    IG: Innermix360   Facebook: Innermix

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    CloseUP-Conscious, Courageous Communication for Success

    in Women

    Courage is a muscle. And just like a muscle, courage needs to be practiced and performed to build confidence. Communication specialist and best-selling author, Sharon Sayler, offers simple tips on how you can appear confident in your professional and personal life. She unfolds the meaning of mindfulness and how just being conscious and present will lead to your success. Sharon is also a body-language expert and will provide tips on how you can become a leader by simply adjusting the position of your hands and body. Sharon is also one of our new eWNRadio Network hosts of "Life Interrupted Radio," which airs Fridays at 7p ET on eWNRadioNetwork.com and BlogTalkRadio.com. 

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    Real Communication and Have it Your Way!

    in Relationships

    This show promises to be action packed full of helpful information. If you are single, in a relationship or married, were going to follow up from last week's amazing and insightful show. Many of you wrote after the show and asked if the conversation could continue. So back by popular demand is a frank conversation of the “rules of engagement” in communication and relationships. Join us as we hear from a few special authors that have written books on the subject.

    Our exciting call in guests will be Mr. Locario, he's written the “Bad Boy's Guide to Dating”! He's going to stop by the studio and share his story and his truth with us on his concept based on his critically acclaimed book, "How to Date 2 Women a Day." Guys you don't want to miss hearing this brother. Ladies, you want to make sure to check him out to find out the game from the male perspective. We'll also have on Christina Lockett, whose story is truly compelling. She's written a book on "Love Lost My Story." She'll be on to tell us of her story of being cheated on a few times and left for the mistresses and she'll also share with us how she came out of that drama! Please tune in for some healing of your own if you are or have been in her shoes.

    Lastly, we'll have on an exciting author, Susan Lebron. She'll give you a few tips to take with you on communication as written in her book, "No Fig Leaves". Be sure not to miss this show!!! Tell your friends, share it on your Facebook and Twitter pages. Please call in and ask questions. How many times in life will you have the opportunity to have this many people ready to provide you with encouragement and education to help transform your life for free!!! Of course you know that this conversation will be real with NO CHASER!!! Leonard and I will be there so call us on Wed., February 25th, 12 noon pst. 2 pm cst, and 3pm est time at: 347-637-3718

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