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    NYC based Comedian Nancy Lombardo host a cornucopia of terrific guests. Mixing it up with comedians, authors, musicians, professionals. Nancy Lombardo has performed her unique comedy from coast to coast. She was a leading member of the award-winning comedy troupe The First Amendment, performing with the likes of Robin Williams and Bruce Willis. Nancy was a comedy consultant to John Leguizamo's Off-Broadway hit Mambo Mouth and wrote additional comedy material for his HBO Special, The Talent Pool, as well as a staff writer/performer for Leguizamo’s H.I.P- FOX show, House of Buggin. TV credits include The Colin Quinn Show NBC, Saturday Night Live “All my Children” PBS, network and cable television Comedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and the Comedy Channel. She can be seen weekly on The Nancy Lombardo Show channel 56/83 NYC and live worldwide on WWW.MNN.ORG channel 56. She has written for Penthouse and Cracked magazine and created Ms. Quotable, a comic strip for Lady's Circle Magazine. Also a winner of the Toyota Comedy Festivals "Laughter in Motion” and a Cable Arts Insight Comedy Award." Spot-lighted more than once in *Backstage, as both comedian/writer, she currently indulges her taste for the irreverent in her Stand Up Comedy and show, Color Me Crazy. Nancy is creator of MOMEDY™, part of the International Mamapalooza Festival. She recently roasted Vincent Pastore of Soprano fame and is a member of The Friars. www.comedyconcepts.com Her cd's are avable on cd baby.

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    MizT's Comedy Nugget 2016 #2

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    Add more laughter in your life with comedy skit Pinto Beans, Out of the Mouth of Babes, RAYRAY's Prayer Line, Evangeliss Sizta Pookie's latest hit, You got to Poot, just joking around and much more!

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    911 comedy team

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    15 min test show

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    Political Hangover: Take II

    in Politics Conservative

    Edward (Ed) Allen and Mike White discuss Political Incorrectness, Politics, and Current Events injected with humor and alcohol.

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    The John & Ed Comedy Show

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    Listen to the clean comedy of John Peters & Ed The Med

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    MizT's Comedy Nuggets #6

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    Have fun with Comedian MizT and have Whoo-saahh moments with comedy skits like Out of the Mouth of babes, RayRay's Prayer Line, Songs with wrong words, and audio clip Ushers, Just Joking Around, and Things a crackhead will try to sell you!.

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    MizT's Comedy Nuggets #4

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    Whoo-saahh moments with comedy skits like Out of the Mouth of babes, RayRay's Prayer Line, The Date was going good until.and Church Bloopers from Comedian MizT's comedy project, Back At Ya Lord!  

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    The John & Ed Comedy Show

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    Listen to the clean comedy of John Peters & Ed The Med

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    MizT's Comedy Nuggets #5

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    Enjoy skits like Out of the Mouth of Babes, RayRay's Prayer Line, Songs by Evangeliss Sizta Pookie, That's Yo Cuzn and the Bow Legged Deacon comedy clips and jokes with Joking Around.

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    Liberal Comedy is dead! - New Hampshire political insight!

    in Politics

    Hr1  The economy is great! Ignore the 500 point drop!

    YouTube comedian Sunny Lohmann talks about how the PC police have squelched comedy. Part of being a comedian means occasionally you’ll go too far.

    Calls to boycott the Oscars because… discrimination and racism.

    GOP Presidential candidates, it’s time to fold up the kids’ table. Bernie Sanders is driving Hillary Clinton further to the Left than she’s ever been.

    Hr2   Too many blacks voting for whites at the Oscars! REALLY?

    Political activist and comedian Evan Sayet talks Liberal logic. All thought is tainted by prejudices. If you disagree with Liberals, they will attempt to shut you up!

    Hr3 New Hampshire political junkie gives us the scoop!

    Bad news for Holder and Obama: Federal Judge rules against executive privilege claim on Fast & Furious scandal.

    New Hampshire political junkie, Kimberly Morin, talks about why Bernie Sanders is gaining on Hillary in the presidential race. And Martin O'Malley who? And then she talks about the Republican candidates' ground game. Who's got it, who doesn't.

    Bernie Sanders is doing so well because he's the anti-Hillary vote.

    Kimberly says 2016 GOP candidates with support in New Hampshire are Trump, Cruz, Paul, Christie, & Rubio.

    You can't just listen to the candidates. They ALL say what you want to hear. 


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    Grassroots, Non-Establishment, Political Outsider Win New Hampshire

    in Politics Conservative

    The Grassroots and Non-Establishment Candidates win the New Hampshire Primary.

    Hillary Clinton as we said last week is vulnerable. After Hillary's narrow victory in Iowa she loses big in New Hampshire.

    Donald Trump comes in second place in Iowa, but rises to the top in New Hampshire.

    The first two primaries have shown the Establishment and Political Insider Candidate are in trouble. The American people are tired of politcs as usual, dealing with the same issues election cycle after election cycle, and the corruption of the Politicians in Washington.

    Check out the Show's website at: http://www.bardslogicpoliticaltalk.com

    Join Bards Logic and our Guest Patrick Ockander Presidential Primary Constitution Party Candidate.

    Our Guest: read about our guest on his Campaign Website: http://www.patrickockander.com/#!meet-patrick/ctvq

    Join us on Bards Logic and BE a Part of the Show by joining Our Round Table Discussion. The earlier you call in, the longer you'll stay on.

    This show is Your show, the People's Show. The purpose of Bards Logic is to send out information important to you the Grassroots and help you get involved.  Send the host a message via the website's contact page to let me know what topic you want to hear discussed.

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    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show. ?#‎PJNET?