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    The Warrior Catholic Show: Interview With Carlos Carrasco

    in Politics Conservative

    Recently converted Catholic author Carlos Carrasco joins us in this edition of The Warrior Catholic Show.  Carlos is the author of The House of War:  Book One of the Omega Crusade.  It is an exciting Catholic political thriller that has you on the edge of your seat.  Carlos recently converted to Catholicism through doing the research of writing this book.  He has a great conversion story as well as an active imagination.
    Tune in to listen to this exciting interview!  You can purchase The House of War on Amazon.

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    The SmallgGay Report 03/13/2013

    in Politics Conservative

    The world has a new pope but do the Democrats hate him already? No communion for Nancy Pelosi!
    Tonight's topics include:
    The world's new pope: Pope Francis.
    His inspiring story.
    The media's ridiculous coverage of Pope Francis- political and inane.
    The new pope is a champion for Life and traditional marriage.
    Some conservatives getting carried away with the gay thing.
    How GOProud got into CPAC anyway.
    The SmallgGay Report will have our own reporter at CPAC!
    And a lot more!

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    Pedol / Rob Nowlin Live

    in Current Events

    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704 Join our live chat and listen at  http://www.freedomizerradio.com
    PEDOL Hour dedicated to ending discrimination on looks. This involves anti mandatory school uniforms, school bullying, people with tattoos & piercings, janky dress codes, barefoot rights, interracial relationships, and anything else in regards to looks. Please join us here & on http://www.pedolgroup.com/ (NON PROFIT)!
    Rob Nowlin Live Rob Nowlin Liive is a show exposing the fallacy of the  right/left paradigm while promoting liberty and freedom for all peoples. A plethora of topics and provocative guests will challenge the establishment and their main stream media.

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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS: Presidential Political Anecdotes
    Roman Catholic Nuns growing politicization--Lesbianism--Feminist--
    March 20th Births-deaths & Events relevant to US(A)  ------Marijuana- New Ingredient in Irish Cuisine

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    Good News and Bad News on the Gun Debate

    in Politics Progressive

    Good news on the gun debate in Connecticut; not so good in the Senate. Plus, the NRA reveals its serious plan on increasing security in our public schools. (How do we know it's serious? It's 225 pages long!) And now it's official: Mark "Appalachian Trail" Sanford will face Elizabeth Colbert Busch in South Carolina.
    These are just some of the topics Cynematic, Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills will tackle in this week's political discussion from the progressive POV, hosted by the MOMocrats. Produced by Engender Media Group.

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    S02/E20:HOT TOPICS

    in Politics Progressive

    A lot has been happening across the board in recent weeks. This episode reviews topics which may have been overlooked or missed by listeners and readers of the blog. Thanks for tuning in to our humble 30 minute radio show covering everything in News-Politics-Pop Culture and events shaping our World today. We would love to hear what you have to say as we have a free for all in this episode. Anything you want to talk about in the half hour.
    Join social commentators and political pundits, Dave Franklin and Lori Picarella, as they take your calls in this progressive leaning radio show that is for everybody. THANKS FOR LISTENING AND CALLING IN.
    READ: kitchenpolitics123.weebly.com
    LIKE: www.facebook.com/kitchenpolitics123

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    'Mosque Egg Roll' - The Tom Balistreri Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Every Saturday at 3pm, join Tom Balistreri as he combines the perfect mix of political satire, music, and comedy.  With guest callers such as the Supreme Commander of North Korea, Kim Jong Un and the cast of Sesame Street, and many more.  He features original skits such as "Fairy Tales with Guns" for some non-PC story time, and "Science Fun".  Plus the loveable "Eye in the Sky", Sky Dragitch has a gift for getting into a pickle, and "Low Brow Comedy Theater" is old school radio at it's best.
    A light and fun way to start your day.
    Tom brings over 20 years as a professional entertainer, combined with his wit and observations gathered from a life that began before the dinosaurs. Stirred all together, then half baked, he serves this hot  with a generous portion of Conservative comfort music for your brain. Courtesy of the artists of BigDawg Music Mafia.
    A breath of fresh air and a much needed break from the gloom and doom, fear-mongers, and snake oil sales men that seem to have infiltrated the airwaves these days.
    This show can also be heard at www.bigdawgmusicradio.com

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    The SmallgGay Report 03/26/2013

    in Politics Conservative

    Media created gay marriage hysteria hits a brick wall in the Supreme Court today. Gay bridezilla "community" gets a reality check. Is the homosexual conservative movement "community" to the left of Sonia Sotomayor? William Shatner wants the IRS out of Star Trek. All this and Kyle Raccio too!

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    This Is Iyanna Jones w/Toni Blackman

    in Entertainment

    “This Is Iyanna Jones” is a show that discusses all things political, creative and creatively political. Our guests are artists, entrepreneurs, activists, and world changers who Defy Containment, Destroy the Illusion and Crush the Machine!
    This week, we're joined by award-winning hip-hop artist, Toni Blackman. Her steadfast work and commitment to hip-hop led the U.S. Department of State to select her to work as the first ever hip-hop artist to work as an American Cultural Specialist. She has already served in Senegal, Ghana, Botswana, and Swaziland where her residencies include performance, workshops, and lectures on hip hop music and culture. She recently toured Southeast Asia with Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Musical Ambassador program and has shared the stage with the likes of Erykah Badu, Mos Def, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, and even Rickie Lee Jones, and has collaborated with a host of highly

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    On The Rocks Talk - 2013 - Apr 3rd

    in Current Events

    Why are some breastaurants tripling their revenue while others are losing ground? What does Adele want from Joan Rivers? Why is the thigh gap the new trend for girls? Is $40 billion too much to ask for Michael Jackson's death? What will happen to Justin Bieber and his monkey? Why did a couple of radio DJ's get suspended for their April Fool's Day prank? Should Robin Thicke's latest video with nude models have been banned from YouTube? Why is Ron Jeremy a pop cultural icon?  Is it okay for an 11 year old girl to testify against gay marriage? Why is Chik-Fil-A giving free meals to same-sex marriage demonstrators? Who is attaching Morgan Freeman's names to their quotes? Does Magic Johnson care that his son is gay? Why does Louie CK hate radio DJ's? What American town is requiring their residents to carry guns? How did a three year old end up shooting his dad to death? What does Jim Carey say in response to the attacks from Fox? Is Ashley Madison creating cheaters and killing marriages? Will Mark Sanford's political career suffer from his infidelity? Can we stop worrying about vaccinations now? Will the new anti-rape lingerie from India help stop sexual violence against women? Is it okay to tattoo your dog? Who wants to see basketball player Kevin Wares bones protrude out of his body?
    http://www.facebook.com/ontherockstalk http://www.twitter.com/ontherockstalk info@ontherockstalk.com

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    Tuesday Afternoon Mix 347-945-5229

    in Current Events

    Jeff and I  will be mixing up the Afternoon with Conversation and   want you to join in. Voice your View 347-945-5229
    It's political,  it's educational,  It will make you think.

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    David A Frank (America Piece By Peace) On LNM

    in Current Events

    David Frank author of: 300 Million Minds Changing America Piece by Peace.. website: onevoicenow.info Dr. Martin Luther King jr. award recipient in Indiana Our plan is to Take America Back and Give All People A Real Voice on the Issues Effecting our Lives via present day communication technology.
    Please do your best to share our content,  flood our content where ever and how ever you can.
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