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    Politic Day

    in Lifestyle

    Today is Politic Day and we are gonna discuss this SHUT DOWN, and local politics, yall what is going on with our country, damn  there is too much shit going on.............we gonna talk about it,  so join us tonight from7pm to 9pm for a great discussion, call 8758-947-1929 to join in the conversation.

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    Suzanne Marcus Fletcher interviews Addiction Specialist Benjamin Salazar

    in Politics

    In her continuing series on addiction, on Friday February 6th, Suzanne Marcus Fletcher interviews addiction specialist Benjamin Salazar.  Benjamin Salazar has been the director of the Alcohol and Drug Studies Program at Glendale Community College, Health Sciences Division for the past 8 years and is a tenured professor.  He is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in private practice and is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CAT-C). He specializes in seeing clients and families who have been impacted by chemical dependency and victims of crime. Ben is also a clinical director at a medical model/outpatient treatment center in Echo Park. Welcome to The Body Politic Benjamin Salazar.

    Suzanne will be discussing substance abuse and addiction in depth with her guest; please join us for the conversation on February 6th at 1:00 PM.

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    Politic starter

    in Politics

    This show will get people started about what is going on in politic

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    politic and bs

    in Entertainment

    come tell what u feel about politic and whats the pro and con's of it.. also remember we always bring the drama too.

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    No Bs!!! Straight talk about marriage, money, and politic.

    in Comedy

    Want to talk to real people who is deal with marriage, money, and politic problem.
    The people will get straight answer no bias or bs.

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    MALCOLM AND TRACEY | Sports, Politic, and Psychic Stuff. Really?

    in Spirituality

    Join me today along with Malcolm where we will talk all things Politics and Sports and stay for the second hour where  I will give readings. 

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    Supreme Court vs. Democracy

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter, we will cover the two major United States Supreme Court rulings this week: Obamacare and gay marriage. What does the gay marriage ruling mean for the country? Is Christianity now obsolete? In Obamacare the dissenting judges declare democracy is under assault and that the court is legislating from the bench while the majority focuses on the intent of the law rather than the actual language. Also, the Confederate flag is being removed from all aspects of American life. Is this an insult to Southern heritage or is the flag offensive? Please join the intense debate at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. w

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    America and Racism

    in Politics

    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter, we will spend the hour discussing racism in America. With the recent racially motivated massacre in a black Church in Charleston, SC, many feel racism is alive in well in America. President Obama took to the podium shortly after the murders and spoke of more gun control. Are guns the problem in America? Please join the emotion filled discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    Coming race war!

    in Politics

    After civil war, reconstruction, Jim Crow, poll taxes, the KKK, segregation, lynchings, court decisions, civil rights, forced bussing, and the first black president, United States is back in the abyss of racial strife. With the recent police shootings, protests and rioting are we headed for a 21st century race war? This week the Obama administration announced plans to diversify affluent neighborhoods through the department of Urban Development with American tax dollars. We will also cover the latest in the 2016 battle for the White House. Please join the debate at 9 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.

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    New on Politic Tuesday's with Ms Reason and J Floyd

    in Politics

    Welcome to Politic Tuesdays where we discuss the latest news on what’s going on in the political world nationally and your home states. From the President to the Senate and The House and their term limits, to governors and the local policy makers and everything in between. Make sure you get out and vote the 2014 Primaries are very important. Ae you conscious and aware of what is going in the world? Start today by getting informed here in The Ms Reason show with J Floyd. 

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    Are we being watched?

    in Politics

    Good evening. Tomorrow morning on The Meter, we will discuss American surveillance. As President pushes to monitor Internet traffic of Americans overseas, Kentucky Senator and Presidential candidate Rand Paul (R), leads the charge against the bill citing it violates the Constitution. Should th government watch American citizens? Also, this week the biggest cyber attack in history is unleashed against US government employees by th government of China. China has denied the allegations. Are Americans safe and is China a friend or foe? Also, Hillary Clinton's approval numbers habe fallen to 46% down from 69% in 2011. Is Hillary fit to be President? Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is (347) 308-8933. Your input is essential. 


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