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    Politic Day

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    Today is Politic Day and we are gonna discuss this SHUT DOWN, and local politics, yall what is going on with our country, damn  there is too much shit going on.............we gonna talk about it,  so join us tonight from7pm to 9pm for a great discussion, call 8758-947-1929 to join in the conversation.

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    Politic starter

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    This show will get people started about what is going on in politic

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    politic and bs

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    come tell what u feel about politic and whats the pro and con's of it.. also remember we always bring the drama too.

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    New on Politic Tuesday's with Ms Reason and J Floyd

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    Welcome to Politic Tuesdays where we discuss the latest news on what’s going on in the political world nationally and your home states. From the President to the Senate and The House and their term limits, to governors and the local policy makers and everything in between. Make sure you get out and vote the 2014 Primaries are very important. Ae you conscious and aware of what is going in the world? Start today by getting informed here in The Ms Reason show with J Floyd. 

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    Politic Tuesday's with Ms Reason and J Floyd

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    Welcome to Politic Tuesday where we discuss the latest news on what’s going on in the political world nationally and in your home states. From the President and his populatrity to the senate and the house and term limits, governors and the local policy makers and everything in between. Make sure you get our and vote 2014 the Primaries are very important. We will discuss the Hot Topics like Ebola, ISIS and all the possible treats to the American soil. 

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    Suzanne Marcus Fletcher interviews Lisa Brandy Founder and Executive Director of Brandi's Wish Foundation, a Florida 501c3 created in loving memory of her 18 year old daughter, Brandi Shea Meshad, who died of accidental drug poisoning in March 2011. In Fletcher's on-going coverage of the scourge of addiction, she and her guest will be discussing Lisa Brandy's newly produced film (Directed by KT Curran), called "The Holding Cell."  The Holding Cell is a 35 minute film that’s creating a big buzz while debuting at film festivals across the country, which is based on true stories about real teenagers and the many factors that go into a teens' decision to begin abusing drugs and alcohol.  The film shows the progression of drug abuse and the devastating impact that addiction has on teen lives. Join us for the conversation at Noon PST Thursday November 6th, at 1:00 PM.

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    The Sunday Show - Politic Madness

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    Join Gwendolyn H. Barry, Jack Jodell and Wayne Johnson with weekly guests and news covering the conservative to the radical side of our human condition as the breakdown of this world offers us the possiblities of reformation.  We will discuss politics, personal journeys, the near future.  Join us!  Sundays at 6pm eastern.  

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    No Bs!!! Straight talk about marriage, money, and politic.

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    Want to talk to real people who is deal with marriage, money, and politic problem.
    The people will get straight answer no bias or bs.

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    Suzanne Marcus Fletcher interviews Joyce Korschgen, Executive Director of The Center At Heron Hill. The Center at Heron Hill is a nature-based therapy and education program utilizing the principles of ecopsychology and equine-assisted growth and learning. These exciting modalities are proven to be a great addition to more classic treatment practices in that they enhance and augment a client's innate need for connection and relationships with the outside world, especially with nature. At Heron Hill we offer clients the opportunity to utilize equine-assisted psychotherapy and education, horticultural therapy, primitive earth skills, and numerous other nature based experiences, initiatives, and discussions. For example, groups engage in fire making, shelter building, plant identification, and archery to shape a treatment plan that supplements existing treatment. Heron Hill's team of counselors and adventure specialists embody a wide spectrum of experiences and training.  Join us for the conversation, Monday, April 28th, at 1:00 PM PST on The Body Politic Radio.


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    Its Politic Day, Lets Go

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    Tonight we will be discussing the local and national politics of the week.  What do you think of the new law about arresting a pregnant woman who has any drugs in her system?  Do you think that women should be allowed to rest or take an easier test to enter into the military?  We will be discussing lots and lots of other politics.  Tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 858-947-1929 to join in the conversation.

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    Politic starter

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    this will show my viewers what politics are abou

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