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    Politic Day

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    Today is Politic Day and we are gonna discuss this SHUT DOWN, and local politics, yall what is going on with our country, damn  there is too much shit going on.............we gonna talk about it,  so join us tonight from7pm to 9pm for a great discussion, call 8758-947-1929 to join in the conversation.

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    New Hampshire now up!

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    Good evening, tomorrow morning on The Meter we will cover the upcoming primary in New Hampshire. In the Republican 7 field, Businessman Donald Trump has a sizable lead and Berine Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by a wide margin in the 2 person democrat contest. Both parties held their respective debates this week in the lead up to the nations first primary. Wall Street was highlighted amongst the democrats as Sanders hammered Clinton on her ties to Goldman Sachs. Clinton claims she is the true progressive while Sanders says that title belongs to him. Who do you think is the top Progressive? The Republican 7 had their fair share of fireworks as Christie says Rubio is too inexperienced to be Commander and Chief and Carson critized Cruz for "dirty tricks" in Iowa. Tortue made its way into the Republican 7 as Cruz said waterboarding isn't torture while Trump says he'll "bring back a hell of a lot worse that waterboarding". In other news Barack Obama paired a visit to a mosque in Baltimore admits controversy as that mosque has known ties to terrorism. Was this a smart move by the president? Please join us at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.com/themete

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    Let the voting begin!

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    Good evening, tomorrow morning on The Meter, we will discuss Monday evening's Iowa Caucus. The debates, speeches, ads, interviews, and commentary will step aside as the first votes will finally be cast. On the Republican side, Donald Trump, conspicuously absent from the last debate still leads on the final weekend before the caucus. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are confident as they come off good debate preformamces. On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are neck and neck with Martin O'Malley a distant third. Hillary Clinton is still be haunted by her email scandal as the State Deaprtment refuses to release 22 emails to th FBI, claiming they contain classify material. Some analysts are claiming the Iowa caucus is a must do Cruz and could be a major setback for Clinton. Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential.


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    The Rise of the tightens of industry

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    Our newest segment to give you a quik information on what matters in our lives

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    Closing in on Iowa

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    Good evening, tomorrow morning on The Meter we will discuss the calm before the storm of the final debate before the Iowa caucus, on February 1st, in both the Republcian and Democratic primaries. Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz and the others on the Republcian side, while Hilalry Clinton is holding off a surging Bernie Sanders for the Democrats. This week a group of conservatives have united against Trump in an article in the conservative magazine, National Review. Will this alliance stump Trump? In the meantime, Donald Trump was endorsed by former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin before a rousing crowd in Iowa. Will Palin's nod help Trump with conservatives? As the FBI probe continues to haunt the democratic frontrunner, her campaign has launched an attack on Sanders being a Socialist, as Sanders says Clinton is establishment. Also, Winter Sorm Jonas has pounded the Northeaast and Midatlantic region dumping as much as 40 inches of snow in some parts. New York and Washignton have declared states of emergency. After a December heat wave and now a super snowstorm, the issue of climate change once again is raised. Are emissions from oil and coal causing erratic weather and enhancing storms? Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.com/themeter.


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    The Farwell State of the Union

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    Good evening, tomorrow morning on The Meter we will discuss the State of the Union address by Barack Obama. In his final address Baarck Obama highlighted his accomplishments and laid out his agenda for his last year as president in the bipartisan forum. South Carolina Gocernor Nikki Haley gave the Republican response critiquing Obama's presidency and also taking a jab at an angry Donald Trump. Also, Republicans sparred for the 6th time as sparks flew in contentious debate. Trump and Cruz exchanged blows over New York and the birther issue. Conspicuously absent from the debate was Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Also, Hillary Clinton's lead over Bernie Sanders is slipping fast as the FBI continues its probe of the former Secretary of State. Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.con/themeter

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    Empowering and Inspiring Women Globally- Fallen to Freedom, Lynnae Herdman

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    Changing lives of Women by giving them the necessary tools to become what they want in life. The best teachers come from life.


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    The Light Within 
    by Diana Bellerose 
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    Lynnae and Frank Herdman, have been married since 1992. They have seven children and have been foster parents for almost twenty years. They have an amazing testimony and calling upon their lives to minister, exhort, encourage and help bring healing to the body of Christ. Lynnae and Frank are credentialed and licensed with Open Ministry by L. Hoffmire, Chaplain. The Herdman’s currently reside in South Central, PA. They have served in a variety of church leadership positions throughout their ministry.



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    Year in Review

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    Good evening, tomorrow on The Meter we will discuss the major events of 2015 and their effects on American life. Terrorism emerged as the primary concern amongst Americans as ISIS expanded it's influence in Iraq and Syria and conducted and inspired attacks in Europe, Africa, and they United States. After statements indicte that US President Barack Obama underestimated the terrorist group, does America have an effective strategy to deal with terrorism? Several major police shootings of black Americans have galvanized the nation. Some say race relations are the worst in 50 years as a new movement to protest police officers called #BlackLivesMatter was formed. The movement has earned the endorsement of the Democrat Party and democratic front runner Hillary Clinton. Does Amercia still have major race problem, now in the 21st century? The United States Supreme Court allowed gay marriage in all 50 states with their ruling in June causing a conflict between supporters and the faith based. Do Americans have a right to disobey the courts rulings based on their religious beleifs? Also, the year concluded with storms ravishing the St. Louis area as the Mighty Mississippi flooding nearby communities. In the El Niño year is this natural or is Climate Change, caused by mankind, responsible. Please join the discussion at 9:00 AM, The call in number is 347/308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtslkradio.com/themeter

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    Tonight on World Wide Africa The Voice of the Pan African movement we continue with the reading of Cheick Ahta Diop, Civilization or Barbarism and our look at the failure of the American Government in 1968.  We will analyze how the lie of White Supremacy can not survive by comparing the African Mode of Politics and the Indo-Aryan Mode of Politics.  Contrasting the difference between the actual ancient governments and the longevity of the political system itself.  The Black Panther Party for Self Defense patterned their system of body politic according to the A.M.P. so that the people would understand that you can’t get blood from a rock.  A metaphoric statement of personification of the intimate object, which is the meaning of Chattel.   So to the White Supremacist who lies about everything, we could have never been Chattel because we bleed.  All human life comes form the African, and therefore so do these Ino-Aryan people the Caucasian people. Every empire they have set up has come to an abrupt end, where as our Pharaoh’s of Egypt that ruled the world thrived for millions of years called Dynasties.  

    So if we become a separate government for the survival of our people against and oppressive government we have enforced our rights as human beings.  The inalienable right to choose the government we give our consent to be governed by.  Every faction of the “Panther Mode of Politics” joined in a political and social body is the worst nightmare of those who wish to keep us in an oppressive state.

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    Mistrial In Baltimore

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    Good morning, today in The Meter we will be covering the mistrial in the Freddie Gray case, a black suspect that died in police custody this Spring. Officer William G. Porter was on trial for causing the death of Freddie Gray but the jury was hopelessly deadlocked and a mistrial  was declared. Analysts have stated that Officer Porter's case was the easiest and that this mistrial has significantly damaged the remaining cases. No retrial date has been set. Some protests have occurred in Baltimore as a result. Does the mistrial of a Baltimore police officer indicate a status of police brutality in America? Also, we will be covering the Republican and Democrat debates. Both parties had their candidates spar over ISIS, the economy, and immigration. President Obama gives final news conference of the year citing his goals for 2016. Noticeably absent is a plan to deal with ISIS.Please join us at 9:00 AM. The call in number is 347-308-8933. Your input is essential. www.blogtalkradio.com/themeter. 


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    Now is a time when the axe must be aimed at the root of the trees of legalized crime and wickedness in this nation and generation. Immoral and ungodly power shows its contempt and arrogance against those it perceives have no choice but to cringe and yield to deceitful tyranny. People who have sold themselves to power and advantage have lost the limitations of conscience because of inner defilement. A culture and society filled with moral corruption is degenerating and its parts are infectious with attitudes and behavior that seeks to destroy those parts of the body politic that are needed to resist evil and the establishment of hateful programs that victimize and destroy the real duties and protections that defend and preserve the unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the necessary pursuits of happiness. America is facing being destroyed from within, but trying to mask the symptoms without killing the infection is never going to bring healing.