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    David Walker's Shaft Comix, More on Panther-Grindhouse Mixtape, Sat@6pm EST

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    Hey peeps!  Welcome to the Grindhouse Mixtape (Comic Shoppe+Afronerd Radio=Blerd info) edition of Afronerd Radio airing this Saturday at 6pm EST).  Join Daryll B., Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they gas up Scooby's (or is that Mike Tyson's) "Mystery Machine" in hopes of highlighting these pop, pulp and politcal conundrums: filmmaker, author and graphic novelist, David Walker stops by to discuss his new Dynamite comic project, Shaft; the crew shed more light on last week's Marvel cinematic bombshell-e.g. Avengers Infinity Wars, Cap 3, Black Panther, etc; Bradley Cooper heralds his 2011 Limitless movie toward a small screen TV series; Dburt finally gets around to discussing the Finding Your Roots special with Nas and Angela Bassett; HBO releases the Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown doc; an actress films what it's like to experience cat calling as street harassment;  a teacher tentatively remains on the job after telling a student that her "bucket list" would contain a pledge to "kill Black people" ; more tidbits on DC's forthcoming Wonder Woman film (1920s period setting; need for a woman director)  and lastly, is it important for MCU ( and WB/DC supporters) to have some working knowledge of the print comics that the movies come from?  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

    There is no right or wrong in this debate. It is simply a matter of perspective, and it is not my place to influence the evolution of the superhuman role- Dr. Stephen Strange

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    Dems move to regulate Political Speech on the Internet

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    Dems move to Regulate Politcal Speech on the Internet!!! Brian gets quoted in Newsbusters.




    TWITTER @briancraigshow

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    "Table Talk" Study Hour - Episode 32

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    Ray Goodwin and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on the April 1st-5th, 1942 dinner table monologues by the German Leader, as taken down in shorthand by aide Henry Picker. Included in this episode:

    Hitler praises Tsar Ferdinand and his son Boris, Tsar of Bulgaria;
    Criticism of existing German protocols for visiting dignitaries -prefers the French and Italian way of treating visitors;
    Terrorism of the Jews - cowardice of our monarchs - laws of inheritance - the necessity of struggle - rulers should come from soldiers;
    Protecting German patents - lands of the North, Finland & Russia - Leningrad;
    Whether and how to incorporate Germanic peoples into the Reich - schools for politcal education - problems of the Poles, Czechs;
    The treachery in Germany after 1918 - getting around the disarmament diktat of the Versailles Treaty.

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    NPLFA # 95 W/ Host Dave Bourne

    in Politics

    Host Dave Bourne will talk about a current politcal survey he received, current news and issues pertaining to the police state, government oppression and the government mafia extortionists ruling by the threat of forcing.

    The show promotes and discusses the ideas of true freedom and liberty for all people without the partisan politics. Exposing the government for what it is, a mafia that rules only by the threat of force without concent. The show supports peaceful consentual voluntary relationships.Where the people are not robbed, oppressed, controlled and abused under the threat of force and in many cases actual force is used to force compliance.

    Governments and it's rulers have no place in the world. I don't want someone else to represent me and make decisions about how I should live my life, when I know what's best for me and can represent myself. I am not a republican, I am not a democrat. I'm not a liberal, I'm not a conservative. I will not allow you to define me, or force me to join one of your gangs. I am an individual and I believe in freedom and liberty for all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation as all human beings have a right to freedom and liberty. I will stand up to government oppression and do what I can to educate the public on the illusion and or lack of true freedom in America.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nonpartisanlibertyforall

    Twitter: @NPLibertyForAll

    email: nonpartisanlibertyforall@gmail.com

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/nonpartisanliberty

    Google Plus: Dave Bourne/Non Partisan Liberty for All

    Listen to the archives on ITunes!!

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    Friday Coffee Klatch: Summer's Last Gasp Edition

    in Pop Culture

    Amy Beth & company offer a Pop Culture mash-up: we dish hot topics and serve up a melange of tunes. From the NFL backlash to fall movies and TV, Limbaugh's latest and politcal hi-jinx, we take on the cultural sideshow. 

    We also unveil another motivational jumpstart, dip into the mailbag for Inspiration to Action shout-outs, huumor & more! 

    Tweet before/during show @abwrites 

    Call in during show 347-857-4505 

    Join us LIVE or anytime later on demand! 

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    Mr.Mrs Ray Rice Vs White America And Domestic Violence

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    We having a great show tonight on this friday, your host Blackisrael96,we would like to welcome you all to blackisraelnationtalk/radio,.To listen in call 347237-4048 or listen online http://www.blogtalkradio.com/blackisrael96 Tonight blackisrael96 will breakdown his view case og Ray Rice, his grilfriend at the time now wife, and white america. Blackisrael my view will be straight talk to my listeners no cut cards,but real talk.Big Question is did Ray Rice think that night?Did his girlfriend thinking ? What was white america  (NFL)     thinking first and thinking later? Nigger nigger? Super Star first and NIGGER! later??????  Blackisrael will breakdown all this down this friday night!! Tune in for these answer. Real Talk for people like you. Violence is wrong, unless MOST HIGHT GOD passing judgement!!!

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    Episode 23

    in Entertainment

    ISIS, politcal correctness,penises and vaginas ALLLL ARE WELCOME ALLLLL ARE WELCOME!

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    He Said - She Said w/ Little T

    in Entertainment

    August 28th, 8:30 pm

    *A Professor of Speech, Little T will introduce herself and how her and I met. She will introduce our show themes, which will normally be Friday nights at 8 30pm. What do we mean by He Said - She Said? Tune in and find out

    Feel free to chat in the box below with listeners, or call in. Some shows we will take calls at any time, others ill be at specific, while few will take them in the last 20 minutes.


    Monday - Off Air

    Tuesday - Sports Recap w/ Bryson and Montrey

    Wednesday - Entertainment w/ special guests

    Thursday - Political and Social Issues w/ Dwayne 

    Friday - Gender Communication w/ Little T

    Saturday - Off Air

    Sunday - Open Topics or Off Air


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    Book Discussion: with author David H. Brown

    in Books

    Welcome to The World of Ink Network show on Blog Talk Radio. Our goal is to bring informative and entertaining shows to our listners.The mission of the World of Ink Network is to share resources that introduce tips, products and services to help strengthen, support and challenge those who love writing and the written word. The World of Ink Network hopes not only to bring authors, illustrators and publishers together, but also help them reach their readership.

    Join Book Discussion Host Fran Lewis and author David H. Brown Thursday 4pm Eastern - 3pm Central - 2pm Mountain - 1pm Pacific.

    What would happen if Air Force One went missing? Just who would be next in line? What happens when parties in both the Senate and the House work their politcal bribes, magic, deceits and lies to take control and run the government. What happens if this is just a ploy by the President and he had a whole differnt agenda in mind? What happens when the truth behind the disappearance comes to light? Greed, Power and control! Air Force One Has Vanished: get the inside scoop about what happens in both Houses and when one President tries to create harmony with another world leader why does everyone want his head?

    Join me and David in the chat room to learn more. David is a former Public Information Officer for the government and he is going to share his insight and personal experiences with listeners.

    Learn more about our network at http://worldofinknetwork.com
    Find great books and articles on our blog or follow us on our Facebook Fanpage!

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    The Gratham Taylor Hughes Show

    in Legal

    Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes (Grantham) J.D., Ph.D. (English common law) is Lord sovereign and family member of the Bauer-Rothschilds as the Prussian, Baron von Bauer-Rothschild. Formerly a private TRUST LAWYER for the latter now retired for the past several years (over 400 archived shows) has been eloquently explaining about the international bankruptcy as an optimum politcal starting point. Besides his educational and family background, his main enligntenment came in 1972 having had the Self-Realisation experience. Whereby, he keeps to a political agenda on this show, but has a more non-religious spiritual blogtalk show on Saturday nights at the same time. Grantham's political agenda on this programme tonight now reveals the hidden agendas of the past taking place as of the bankruptcy solution being discovered in 2004. That discovery or fix is an important temporary banking equilibrium. The temporary issue is explored as well and many other topics. We hope everyone gains some enlightenment from this evolved learned man. 

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