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    Hoax Social Radio "The Final Year Of Michael Jackson"

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    Today's show will be a general conversation about the timeline of events in Michael's life before June 25th 2009. Were there any indiciations that he was planning something like this? Or do you feel like this was something sudden? Call in with your questions, concerns and general comments!!

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    Rev. Daddy Duvayne talks about Nigga Church, The Vegan Hoax and Hoodoo!!!!

    in Spirituality

    Thanks for hanging out in the Goddess Suite, Tune in 9pm for Thoroughbody Tuesday show, sip a cup of conscious tea and get ready for the HOTTEST 2 HOURS of your life!  Call in with questions at 516-453-9075  

    Rev. will be discussing "What is Nigga Church?? Have you heard that the Vegan Movement is a Hoax and Detrimental to your Health?? Well Revvy Rev Daddy Duvayne will tell us why we need to attend Nigga Church AND put a damn steak on the grill, then in your mouth!!!!! "


    Author of the Controversial book, 

                                 "The IMMORTALITY GUIDE: 200 Revolutionary Health Insites"

    Coming Soon:    "NIGGASUTRA: The Art and Science of Black Love, Nigga Majick"

    Follow @FB @DaddyDuvayne DaddyDuvayne.com ThePeoplesHealer.com  TheNiggaChurch.org


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    What is Irony? A CDC Truth Rally on World Polio Day! ~ Sallie O. Elkordy

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    Host Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC ~ http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015 ~ http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com

    Today is world polio day and the Global Citizen campaign.  Listen to the END!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmmfM5CH8K4

    Another relevant video (up to 40 minutes and after 1:10 on the REALITY of the Polio Vaccine both Salk's and Sabin's) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZ5-liXcXLI

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    Episode 421: History of Thanksgiving, and government proclamations!!

    in Politics Conservative

    SPONSOR “If I Were A” story by Dan Clements illustrated by Lori Clements

    Searching For Truth Is a video series about the Gospel and what you need to know to be saved

    Let's Put The "Thanks" Back In Thanksgiving Mike Riley GE Watkins

    The Great Thanksgiving Hoax by Richard J. Maybury mises.org

    Thanksgiving Day - the True History by by Fred E. Foldvary foldvary.net

    What Our Presidents’ Thanksgiving Proclamations Tell Us About America by Samantha Strayer thefederalist.com


  • 01:58

    Imagine... A Sarah Palin & Ben Carson Ticket

    in Entertainment

    Imagine... A Sarah Palin & Ben Carson Ticket 
    If the ship is sinking, may the captain be hilarious. 

    You can hit us up at this link for a monthly contribution. 

    Or drop a one time investment in us by donating here. 

    What's in the news today??? TSA Investigation Finds 73 Workers on U.S.’s Terrorist Watchlist

    Victim of D.C. twerking attack breaks silence

    Don Lemon Thinks He Could Be James Baldwin Or Malcolm X

    Windows of EMW Women’s Surgery Center broken twice in three weeks

    Sarah Palin: God will tell me to run for office when America is ‘ready for someone going rogue’

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    Direction for Truth

    in Health

    Recent reports on vaccine injury settlements show that the flu vaccine is leading the way when it comes to lawsuit payouts. It's no surprise that the flu shot is the most dangerous vaccine to public health. Join us tonight as we look deeper into the lies and shine light on this devastating big pharma hoax.


    Sound Health Options 

  • 02:04

    Holiday Season 2015: The Red Cup Menace

    in Comedy

    The Holidays are fast approaching and that means it's time for Matt and Jay to help folks deal with the pressures and stress of family and travel. We're gonna give you some tips on how to make your travel much easier and more enjoyable. Plus, we know that there really is such a thing as too much family time so we'll help you out with that too.

    The Holidays also mean several other important things. The weather is turning colder and it won't be long before global warming is proven to be a hoax when it gets bitterly cold and snows in the northern parts of the U.S. We'll help you prepare for the White Death! Most importantly the Holidays mean the War on Christmas is raging once again. Starbucks fired the first salvo of 2015 with their offensive red cups. Needless to say Donald Trump is all over this outrage and he'll be here to discuss it.

    And it's almost time for Jay to make his annual trip to beautiful, mysterious and exotic Omaha, Nebraska for Thanksgiving. Matt and Jay have some strong opinions on Thanksgiving foods and holiday treats and we will share those with you this week too. All this plus Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and the IWS Players will be along to make everyone laugh, think and cry as always. All this and YOUR CALLS!

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    Lucifer's Greatest Global Deception

    in Christianity

    If you can't be with us this Sunday at 200 2nd Avenue in Opelika AL, then join Fire & Grace Church LIVE @10:30 AM CST Sunday November 15, 2015 as we expose Lucifer's Greatest Global Deception that almost all Christians believe. In fact, I have to admit that I was also deceived by this elaborate hoax until a few weeks ago. This message will be one of the most shocking, eye-opening and controversial messages that I will ever preach even though it is pure Bible truth backed by clear evidence. But as Jesus said, "If ye continue in My Word, then are ye My disciples indeed; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free" (John 8:31-32). It is time to break away from ALL the lies of Satan, his servants, and the entire corrupt system the Devil has constructed. We must choose to believe ALL of God's Word in the Holy Bible or we will be deceived. To listen by phone, call 347-884-8566. 


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    The Key to Rescuing the World From Terrorism & Fundamentalism, Revelation, Pt. 4

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    Support "Canaan Land."  Help Richard's Dream Come True.  Donate now.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Visit this link: http://www.gofundme.com/canaanland

    "Canaan Land," a new feature dramatic film telling a contemporary story of an Elmer Gantryish evangelist, is in preproduction. Written by Richard Rossi, the film has stirred up controversy, before a single frame of film has been shot. Rossi performed the role of Gantry on stage, and on screen he played the real life character David Hutton who inspired the fictional Gantry.  The film shows how fundamentalism is at the root of many of the problems in our world, including terrorism, war, & abuse of the planet.

    On the morning after a terrorist attack on Paris, Richard continues his series on the Book of Revelation, starting into Rev. chapter 3 sharing the theme of his new film "Canaan Land," how to tell true from false in church life and religion.  He covers signs of sick spiritual leaders & religion such as personality cults, legalism, making a business of religion, & losing sight of Christ's power in you.

    "Looking back on my years as a healing evangelist, I never did anything fraudulent to fake healings," Rossi said.  "I prayed for God to heal people, & refused to report healings without medical verification.  I was honest when people weren't healed and about the suffering we go through. However, my time in that world allowed me to see tricks some big names do.  They fake miracles, such as a gold dust stunt, a rigged trick they claim is angel feathers & gold flakes falling from Heaven. This hoax helped turn a church in California into the mecca for Pentecostals," Rossi said.  The film is not a remake of the 1960 film 'Elmer Gantry.' It's a new story based on Rossi's experiences in the world of fundamentalist Pentecostalism. 

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    Hoot & Holler

    in Politics Conservative

    Join Bill and his Indiana crew today at 7 PM Eastern. Topics will be on the national stage, the upcoming debate (tonight), Illegal immigration, climate change hoax, Agenda 21 and much much more.

    Hope you will come into the chat room, listen live and call in with your thoughts.

    See you there!

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    Nov. 9, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Harold from Hell with Author Anthony Quintana

    in Paranormal

    The story of Harold the Doll started as a hoax, but the truth was much scarier! Is this doll really haunted? Is it cursed?

    Possessed? Just a hoax?


    And what's with dolls being haunted? Traditional dolls are sometimes used as children's playthings, but they may also have spiritual, magical and ritual value. There is no defined line between spiritual dolls and toys. In some cultures dolls that had been used in rituals were given to children. They were also used in children's education and as carriers of cultural heritage. In other cultures dolls were considered too laden with magical powers to allow children to play with them.


    However, when you learn more about the curse of Robert the Doll or the possession of the Annabelle Doll, Author Anthony Quintana, owner of Harold the Haunted Doll, will tell you both of those are child's play compared to the pure evil of Harold.


    Harold's website www.haroldthehaunteddoll.com explains how this innocently freaky child's toy literally breathes fire and brimstone from the pitts of hell.