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    A Police Day” which takes place on SA, September 19, 2015. Here’s the deal, give every law enforcement officer a roll of Blue LifeSavers, as part of Police Supporter “Project Blue Life Saver.” The reason is because blue is the color most representative of police officers and they are literally "life savers". So, hand a blue role of LifeSavers (Pep O Mint) to any police officer, deputy sheriff, state trooper, Game Warden, FBI Special Agent or any publicly funded law enforcement officer with the power of arrest and tell him/her "THANK YOU." That's it! It would be nice if you can get media coverage, since any good press concerning law enforcement is great! Also, post images on FB Police Supporter and Police Talk Radio. We’ll take other callers with open discussion on any topic related to the police function. Our chat room is opened to interact with others from the Police Supporter and Police Talk Radio family. So, buckle-up and join us for an informative, entertaining and energetic Police Talk Radio ride.

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    Atlanta Police Department Hispanic Recruitment

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    Atlanta Police discuss recruitment of Latinos for the department. Guest: Officer Michael Rosario APD, will discuss the recuritment process for the APD.   

  • We are focused on “Thank A Police Day” which took place on, September 19, 2015

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    We’re following up on Police Supporter “Project Blue Life Saver.” We want to hear what you did, how it went, and have a spirited discussion concerning media coverage. We’ll address media bias and “Media Brutality” (a term coined by one of my best friends, Railroad cop, Jimmy Smith of NY) It would be nice if you can get media coverage, since any good press concerning law enforcement is great, since it’s so rare. We’ll talk about posted images on FB Police Supporter and Police Talk Radio. Our chat room is opened to interact with others from the Police Supporter and Police Talk Radio family. Hold on to your horses, and join us for an informative, entertaining and energetic Police Talk Radio ride

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    Latino POLICE Radio Network

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    Host Alex Martinez will brief our listening audience what's coming up on the new Latino POLICE Network and the new Latino Officer’s Association Florida. 

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    5k Renal Run in memory of Retired Sgt. Mike Garner. Meth.

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    Citizen-Police Relations and The Redefining of Power

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    “Police don’t empower the community. The community empowers the police to give full time attention to that which is everyone’s responsibility” is a quote offered for discussion at a recent New Horizons’ Coffee House Volunteer Planning Meeting, by one of the volunteers, a retired police officer.

    The notion of it was so out of range for most in attendance as to create a bit of a stir in the ensuing discussion. That meeting discussion and its highlights is brought forth into this evening’s broadcast and will be carried over into our Coffee House Conversations by Conference Call Forum, promising to inspire energetic dialogue on both broadcast and the following forum.

    Anastasia and Jack are joined for this evening’s program by guest, Jason Keckler, Acting Captain Frederick City Police.

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    Police brutality

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    The Justice Department releases statistics on this and related issues, although these datasets are only periodically updated: It found that in 2008, among people who had contact with police, “an estimated 1.4% had force used or threatened against them during their most recent contact, which was not statistically different from the percentages in 2002 (1.5%) and 2005 (1.6%).” In terms of the volume of citizen complaints, the Justice Department also found that there were 26,556 complaints lodged in 2002; this translates to “33 complaints per agency and 6.6 complaints per 100 full-time sworn officers.” However, “overall rates were higher among large municipal police departments, with 45 complaints per agency, and 9.5 complaints per 100 full-time sworn officers.” In 2011, about 62.9 million people had contact with the police

    [A]ccording to the CDC, in Oklahoma the rate at which black people are killed per capita by law enforcement is greater than anywhere else in the country. That statistic is taken from data collected for the years 1999-2011. During that same time period, Oklahoma’s rate for all people killed by law enforcement, including all races, is second only to New Mexico. However, Oklahoma, the District of Columbia, Nevada and Oregon are all tied for the rate at which people are killed. (The CDC treats the District of Columbia as a state when collecting and displaying statistics.) In Missouri, where Mike Brown lived and died, black people are killed by law enforcement twice as frequently as white people. Nationwide, the rate at which black people are killed by They note that among 36 different studies published since the 1980s, the rates of force asserted vary wildly, from a high of more than 30% to rates in the low single digits.


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    A Visit With the Founders of Nat. Police Ofc. Spouse's Day

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    A “Ride Along” with a spokesperson/fellow police wife from the Massachusetts Law Enforcement Support, who will be sharing their vision for creating National Police Officer’s Spouses’ Day - 20 October 2013!

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    Police and the People

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    Tonight we will be talking about the police and the violence that surrounds them on a day to day basis.

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    Phuck The Police vs Hire/Own Your Police Force ?

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    Today on "It's My House" we shall discuss whether we should say

    "Phuck The Policve vs Hiring or OWNING Your Own Police Force ?"

    It's in our opinion too many people depend on a "public" police force is the only and best option for security....however there are other options. You on a personal level can hire:

    Personal "Private Security".
    Your COMMUNITY can hire "Private Security"
    You can start a BUSINESS and provide "Private Security Services".

    And there you have it.............three solid solutions to GOOD POLICE SERVICE.

    Visit our website: www.itsmyhouseonline.com

    Call "Its My House Radio" @ 712-432-7768

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    #TRUTALK The Reality of Police Brutality

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    There has been a movement to spotlight police brutality in America. You can't go a day without a new cell phone video showing officer misconduct hitting social media. We will have another great no holds barred and most importantly honest conversation about some of the more popular cases.

    Sandra Bland 

    Eric Garner 

    Michael Brown

    Tamir Rice

    Walter Scott

    Freddie Gray and more. 

    The problem with all these cases and more is the dead were all unarmed when they were killed. Is this a disturbing new trend? Or has this always been going on? Le't get ready to dig in!