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    Waqfe Nau, USA - Live Weekly Class

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    From Sea to shining sea! The weekly live Waqfe Nau class offered by the Classes & Curriculum Desk of the Waqfe Nau Department, USA. Visit us at http://www.waqfenau.us .

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    Waqfe Nau, USA - Live Weekly Class

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    From Sea to shining sea! The weekly live Waqfe Nau class offered by the Classes & Curriculum Desk of the Waqfe Nau Department, USA. Visit us at http://www.waqfenau.us .

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    What Would You Teach To A High School Class On Marriage Preparation?

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    Many have said that young people need to learn the art of being married in order to become good husbands and wives. A group of educators are now seeking a detailed class on marriage and family to teach to high school freshman, So, here's our chance to create an educational  series to be used in the classroom which can prepare young people to become good spouses. What would you advise be included in the class regarding division of household responsibilities? Conflict resolution? Budget management? Handling in-laws? What kind of classroom exercises would you create to prepare the students for real life situations?


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    Financial Freedom: A Master Class

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    Steven Morrison is back on Life is a Sacred Journey to talk about his new project "Financial Freedom Once and For All: A Master class. 

    As Steven puts it, "There is no shortage of 'abundance' information out there for people who are struggling finnacially. Most of us have digested the lessons: visualize, believe, let go, etc. But then the nitty-gritty of making ends meet on a daily basis consumes us and the lessons go out the window." 

    Steven is creating a groundbreaking Masterclass to help break this cycle by showing you "how to create financial freedom for your Self and your family, once and for all, by learning how to change how you think about the situation". 

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    The art of Pole Fitness

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    Listen in as we delve into the world of Pole Fitness! Our special guest will explain how this once taboo art form, has become a household name! You won't want to miss it! 

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    Waqfe Nau, USA - Live Weekly Class

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    Today's class is a rebroadcast from the same week of a prior year. The syllabus taught in this repeat class is in-line with the current syllabus level. Teachers will return next week Inshallah.

    From Sea to shining sea! The weekly live Waqfe Nau class offered by the Classes & Curriculum Desk of the Waqfe Nau Department, USA. Visit us at http://www.waqfenau.us .

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    Dancing Is Apart Of Celebrating

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    Dancing is exciting and showing forth a good time. Dancing before the Lord is celebrating in thanksgiving and appreciation unto him.In any religions it is believe that to dancing the spirit of God must be upon you. It is not true dancing can come when the good thoughts come to mind and music is played and it a good feeling from within you comes out and toe tapping or foot stomping can't be helped. David danced out of his clothes and was accused his accuser did not understand because many tmes it is not believed that God accepts dancing.

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    Dancing to Enlightenment: Special Guest Joseph Webb

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    Join the Angels Of Light Robert, Jamil, Jaime, and Brian with a show filled with love and insight as we explore and interview our very SPECIAL GUEST 

    JOSEPH WEBB!!!! He is a graduate of the Living Soul Course and is a great and Shining example to many on the spiritual path. 

    Joseph Monroe Webb is an international award winning dancer, choreographer, actor, educator and poet who has showcased his talents in a number of performances throughout the years, including the Tony Award winning Broadway production, Bring in ‘Da Noise Bring in ‘Da Funk with notable tap dancer, Savion Glover. Following his Broadway success, Webb ventured into acting an appearance in the Martin Scorsese film Bringing Out The Dead, and appeared in numerous print and television ads. He has also performed on talk shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Live with Regis and Kathy Lee.


    Join us for this epic event!!!!
    Sunday 6PM PST/ 8PM CST / 9PM EST

    CALL-IN (646) 595-4385

    Thank You Master
    Thank You Acharya


  • Trevoir Mapp Teaches Hip Hop Dancing

    in Pop Culture

    Ms Charlita Schuster, Founder and Artistic Director of Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education is proud to announce that special hip hop dance workshops will be offered on three days: December 26th, 27th, and 28th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Sunny Isles Shopping Center in the Anterior Theatre.

    Topics to be covered over the three days are Break Dancing, Popping, Battle Tactics, and Dynamics. Attendees are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing and madatory sneakers. The cost of the three-day workshop is $40.00. 

    Returning to St. Croix especially for these events is Ms Schuster's former dance instructor, Mr. Trevoir Mapp, current a US Army soldier stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

    If you don’t know or have had an opportunity to know Mr. Mapp, stop by the Anterior Theater in the Sunny Isles Shopping Center during Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education’s Christmas Holiday Spectacular tomorrow, December 20th, starting at 3:00 p.m. For more information, contact Music in Motion School of Higher Dance Education at 340-772-5440 or on Facebooks at


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    High Intensity Dancing Your Way to Losing Weight

    in Fitness

    Who says losing weight has to be a drag? Have you tried dancing the weight off, specifically Praise Dancing?

    Marcia Cody joins us today to talk about how she created a way to help her and other church members find a fun and totally invigorating way to lose weight.

    Marcia Cody, RN, CFM

    Director of Highest Praise Dance Fitness, Inc (Non-Profit), Registered Nurse, Motivational Speaker, Author, Licensed Zumba Instructor, Certified Group Fitness Instructor (CGFI), Certified Praise Dance Fitness Master (CFM), Member Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, IL (Dr. Bill Winston pastor,)  Coalition to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children and Communities of Christ Health Ministries Association.   2013 Graduate: Joseph Business School (JBS), and serves on the JBS Alumni Association intercessory prayer team.

    Currently: Broadcasting LIVE online Bi-Weekly Worship Work-Outs, Facilitating “Temple Transformation Challenge” online, Teaching “Highest Praise Dance Fitness Leader Certification” Online, and Contributing Wellness Columnist for three Christian magazines online.

    Her books Be Healthy! Devotional Journal, attests to her struggle with weight, and her vision to end obesity in the church, and The Three Little Kids Meet Wally Wolf:  Healthy Choices or Consequences, enlightens children and parents about how daily choices affect their health as they age

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    Having trouble manifesting your dreams into reality? Maybe you feel as though you can't identify your calling in life?  Perhaps you want to be more creative but you have no idea how to tap into it. If let's begin the process of self fulfillment 

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