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    Rolling Toe Show #35

    in Business

    Alignment and tire wear and area codes.  What are they?  Let's find out.  Ask questions or we will sing or talk about football.

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    Computer America - Popzara - Nathan Evans; The GizWiz!

    in Technology

    Computer America

    Hour one:  Popzara- Nathan Evans, Managing Editor

    pop·za·ra [päp-zära] is a bazaar of popular culture covering the worlds of entertainment and technology fronted by an anthropomorphic, peaked cap wearing dinosaur mascot. Throughout Popzara you’ll see and hear views on movies, gaming, technology, cultural icons and movements, even politics. Opinion pieces, debates, reflections, reviews and previews, in-depth analyses, news tidbits, and so much more. A little bit of everything for the discriminating reader and curious listener!


    Hour two: The GizWiz is Dick DeBartolo!

    Dick is Mad Magazine’s Maddest writer and he joins us on every last Wednesday of the month with exciting and different gadgets and gizmos!

    Today’s topics include:

    The VOYO can turn your older car into a smart car, the SuperVizor XT is a safety-tool designed by a NYC Paramedic who has been at many major car accident scenes, the new WD-40 Multi-Use Product Can, the Hose Slide designed to keep water hoses from getting caught under your tire, a New Instant Film Camera, in 2015? and so much more!

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    Rolling Toe episode #34

    in Business

    Big trucks, big tires, big problems.  Anywhere in the country or the Carribean call with tire wear and handling issues we will sort them out.

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    Have your dreams analyzed by dream expert and intuitive, Diane Brandon. Call in!

    in Spirituality

     I’m an expert in intuition and personal development, but more importantly I'm an expert on dream analysis. As you know, people tend to be fascinated by dreams, even as they scratch their heads over them.  “What in the world did that dream mean?” they often ask themselves.I specialize in interpreting dreams and helping people understand their dreams and grasp what they can do with them, if anything. 

    I’m the author of three books, and my newest, Dream Interpretation for Beginners – Understand the Wisdom of Your Sleeping Mind, was published in March. My other two books are Intuition for Beginners – Easy Ways to Awaken Your Natural Abilities and Invisible Blueprints – Intuitive Insights for Fulfillment in Life.

    I’ve interpreted dreams for over 40 years and have pored over sleep and dream research for about as long. I’ve developed my own, somewhat unconventional approach to understanding dreams and working with them and I view them as not just fascinating, but also potentially helpful to us. I never tire of speaking about dreams!

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    Doin' It Bubba Style: Your Premier Motorsports Radio Show!

    in Automotive

    On this weeks episode of Doin' It Bubba Style we Ride Dirty again. We have received so many requests for additional information about wheel and tire combo's, stancing and setting the car up properly that we are going to devote another show to it PLUS we have HUGE announcments to share with you straight from The Bandit himself, Mr. Burt Reynolds!

    Doin' It Bubba Style is YOUR weekly Saturday morning interactive motorsports show that airs from 9 to 930 am EST hosted by Bubba and Tom Lloyd, the father and son award winning car building team from the Silver TELLY  Award winning TV show Hot Rod Reality and recent Business Hall of Fame Inductees.

    Currently in production with their new network TV show Bubba and Tom will be bringing you an engaging weekly Saturday morning 30 minute motorsports show that features a live call in question & answer segment and answering your motor sports e mails sent to sales@bubbascustomcars.com, the latest in projects being built at Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs, intriguing technical segments, celebrity guests, products reviews by their huge inventory of sponsors and the latest with their TV and radio shows.

    It all adds up to be a fun half hour filled with great content, lots of fun and laughs and exciting listener interaction! Please join us by calling in live at 714 242 5166 or listen to our archived episodes right here on blogtalkradio.com.

    You can also visit our website at www.bubbascustomcars.com which will lead you to all our very active social media and you will see all the great projects we are building currently.

    Welcome to Doin' It Bubba Style!

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    Talking In Circles- Texas Review, Who Gets RPM No. 9 car, Final Four Prediction

    in Sports

    On this episode of Talking In Circles we discuss the weekend that was at Texas Motor Speedway and Jimmie Johnson's 75th career win. We also talk about what the loss means to Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano's problems. 

    Also we give our weekly Attaboys and how Kevin Harvick rebounded after a tough race to finish third. Great job by that team. We also talk about the tire issues at Texas Motor Speedway and whether or not it's time to look at a new tire manufactuer in NASCAR. 

    Also we give our predictions as to who makes the final race of the Chase. Who is in & who is out. 

    Also points leader Chris Buescher said this weekend he is staying in the XFINITY Series for 2016, eliminating him for the No. 9 car at Richard Petty Motorsports. We'll discuss who is still in the running of that car. 

    Also we'll talk about the possibility of the Chase coming to the XFINITY and Truck Series. Is this the right move? Wil this do anything for those series. 

    Plus much more. Call in and join the fun at 917-889-8280. 

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    Rolling Toe #32

    in Business

    Mike and Kevin Beckett answer alignment and tire questions and investigate area codes

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    Cooking With a Dash of Humor

    in Cooking

    Do you tire of preparing meals every day? Today Maxine and Jeannie interview Debora M. Coty and talk about her new cookbook, Too Blessed to be Stressed Cookbook.  In 20 minutes, meals can be prepared. Cooked without stress! Plus humor as a garnish. Coty is a popular speaker and columnist.

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    Rolling Toe #31

    in Business

    Tire wear, handling, suspension, alignment, industry, component and area codes.

  • Pastor, How Are You Doing? Mark 6:31 Consider Yourselves...And Rest A While

    in Christianity

    1.) Why Are Pastors In Danger Of Getting TIRED?

    2.) What Are The 2 Kinds Of Tired Discussed, And Where Are YOU?

    3.) Did The Pastors Of The Bible Get Tire? If So Name A Few


    in Current Events


    TONIGHT ON WHERE ARE THEY with LINDA CRYSTAL, New evelopments have happened in thre Bardstown Kentucky woman, Crystal Rogers, who went missing July 3, 2015. Tune in tonight at 6:30pm EST to hear the latest news. 

    Crystal was last seen with her son Eli at the Brook Houcks residence, where she also lived. Brooks was her boyfriend and father of little Eli. Brooks was the last person to see her alive. However her car was found on the Blue Ridge Hihgway and her purse and cell phone and keys were still in the car. The car was found with a flat tire. Brooks has refused to look for Crystal and did not report her missing right away. He also went to a July 4th party the next day without her.The family feels he knows where Crystal is.