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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of SOKÓŁKA POLAND, OCTOBER 12, 2008

    in Religion

    On October 12, 2008, at the church dedicated toSaint Anthony of Sokólka, the Holy Mass of 8:30 AM is celebrated by a young vicar, Filip Zdrodowski. During Communion, unknowingly the Host falls from the hands of one of the priests.

    A woman kneeling, ready to receive the Eucharist, makes him notice it. The priest remains paralyzed from fright and believing it was dirty, places it in thevasculum, a small silver vessel which contains the water utilized by priests to wash their fingers after distributing Communion. At the end of the Holy Mass, the sacristan, Sister Julia Dubowska,takes the vasculum with the Host and for increased safety pours it into another vessel which she then locks in the safe where the chalices were kept.

    A week later, on Sunday, October 19, around 8:00 AM, the sister opens the safe and finds the Host almost dissolved but with some strange red clots in the center. She immediately calls the priests to show them what was discovered.

    The Host was mostly dissolved. Only a very small piece of the consecrated bread was left, tightly interconnected to the substance that appeared on its surface. Actually, part of the Host was joined to that “strange red clot”.

  • Poland, Hemp and Health with Mike Klepacz

    in Health

    On this hempisode you will meet and learn more about Mike Klepacz as we dive deep into the benefits and values of hemp for your health! Mike, although born in the U.S. has Polish blood and has some great knowledge and info to share with you about Poland's Hemp History and current hemp trends! Learn more about this Hemptrepreneur living in Poland on his awesome hemp wick website: www.PocketWick.com

    Let's Connect!

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    Get Out Yo Momma Basement

    in Radio

    Tonite we discussing adults who cant leave their parents home. The so call Baby Boy syndrom we will be  exposing tonite. This will be a great show so tune in as 2deep keep it real and tell you the truth about this topic. The motto is if you got it on your mind get it off your chest. And remember if its not 2deep nation then your tuned into the wrong station.

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    Burning Relationship Questions through the LOA Lens with the Good Vibe Coach

    in Self Help

    Jeannette Maw is an LOA genius. We're going to talk about some messy relationship stuff with an LOA spin.

    Creating for one can be hard enough. However, when you're creating something that involves more than just you, it can feel particularly challenging. We're going to hash out LOA ethics, discuss Unicorn Syndrom, and a handful of other dicey law of attraction related relationship topics. 

    This one is going to be a no holds barred conversation you aren't going to want to miss. 

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    Samuel Brock Flynn Show Interviews Diana Lenska :

    in Entertainment

    Big Sky Tv show is a western movie .

    Another one of Diana's Porjects is Holey Matrimony. > http://www.hmfilm.org/

    Diana Lenska IMDb page > http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5897141/



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    Shari Rowe Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome country music singer songwriter, Shari Rowe. Hailing from  Glendale, AZ., Shari fuses classic country with bluegrass and blues-rock flair. The Lamon Records recording artist traded in private living room concerts, for the big stage, performing with acts such as Big and Rich, Uncle Si and Marsha Robertson, and Maddie and Tae. Shari spends most of her time on the road, taking her high energy performances as far as Poland. When she’s not touring, Shari uses her powerful voice to lead worship in her church, around her family. Shari’s music is defined by her Arizona childhood, where she grew surrounded by her musical family, singing by the campfire, day after day of horseback riding. Those elements, the outdoors, family, and adventure, are clear themes in her music. More importantly, Shari’s sincere soul and charisma shines through each song. Her recent EP Album "Moonshine" released in May of 2015 and her single from that album "Family Gathering" became her first release to Music Row. Her latest album is available on all digital outlets. We will talk to Shari about her upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at her music, feature her latest songs, and ask her to share her message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Shari Rowe at http://sharirowe.com/ and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with Shari during the show (718) 766-4193. If you would like to participate in the live chat during the show, you must sign up on the show site first and then log in during the show. As always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Be sure to join us, Sunday 1/17/2016 at 4 PM EST! Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Paderewski  Pianist & Premier of Poland after ww one

    ***Sinisias--Roman Catholic Pope for 20 Days

    ***Pope John Paul 1--Pope for 30 days

    ***Mayor Rahm of Chicago--Growing scandal ridden adminisration

    ***Was Hillary Clinton outed during the last Republican Presidential Debate

    ****South Carolina governor Nikki Haley--Ignoranat No Nothing politician on the issue of Anti Race & Religion immigration to the US( Haley's parents are immigrants from India--SIKHS

    ***Haley's political fiction--Chinese exclusion Act --Restricted foreign immigration into the US

    Anti Catholic--Anti Irish--Restricted immigrants from Southern europe

    Live Interview--Patrick Butler --Illinois Politics--the most interesting in the US



    jAN 15TH Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    The Buffalo Soldier - Thomas Elzey Polk, Sr. with Erwin Polk

    in History

    History has always been a favorite subject for Erwin, and his genealogy research made it possible for him to be interviewed live by Bryant Gumble on the Friday July 3, 1993 “Today Show.”  He has been featured in the Wilmington News Journal in 1996, regarding the history of his family and a memorial service for his great grandfather Thomas Elzey Polk Sr. a 9th Cavalry Regiment soldier (a Buffalo Soldier). He has been interviewed for another News Journal Article for the Sunday August 16, 2009 edition regarding a celebration of 200 years of Freedom in the United States by his Polk Ancestors. 

    Erwin Polk is constantly working on genealogy projects and in 1997 made a break through in discovering the ancestors of a childhood friend and neighbor also named Polk.  His findings which started from the name of a Northwestern Pennsylvania town and the name of one person has taken the research back to 1825 Delaware and numerous stories about the Underground Railroad and escapes from slavery. 

    Erwin’s genealogy and historical research projects have included many states such as: North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Illinois.  He has also researched information from England, Trinidad, Canada, Grenada, Poland and Germany at various times. 

    Thomas Elzey Polk, Sr. the oldest son of Morris and Rebecca Black Polk, served in the United States 9th Cavalry Regiment Company C, from 1882 until 1892.  He was a Buffalo Soldier in the Indian Territory of the West and earned the rank of sergeant during both of his enlistments.  Thomas Polk earned a pension for his ten years of service in the Indian Territories.   

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Brent Ayscough

    in Books


       Tasked by the Federation of Planets to determine if Earthlings present a threat as they venture into space, Tak, an alien anthropologist, leaves her starship orbiting Earth and takes a shuttle to Kansas. Intending to study humans in the United States—as she has learned no Earth language but English—she is detected while descending through the atmosphere and only evades capture by fleeing to Europe, where she lands in Poland. There, she meets an international arms merchant, Baron Von Limbach, who becomes her guide. She studies “typical” human behavior by accompanying the baron as he fulfills his latest assignment—to get the Dalai Lama back into Tibet. His method of halting the communist takeover of Tibet is to create a race-specific Ebola that will only attack Han Chinese, giving Tak a prime example of how barbaric humans can be. However, the CIA and US military are aware of Tak’s presence on Earth and are determined to capture her. And if she is unable to complete her mission and return to her starship—her captain will destroy every living thing on Earth.

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    in Politics


    Guess what? They are using the original cast of the first debate that was rigged to kneecap trump. Bret bighead Bear, Chris Quisling Wallace and Megan Behar Stern Kelly.O'REILLY will send in Bernie Goldfish.   Recall the first debate?  Where big head led off demanding that Trump take an oath to the nasty Nazi party. but the sunshine Bolsheviks took no oath to Trump. Doesn't matter, he won't start a third party. But he can start a second because the rinos have merged with the commos to stop Trump. How hard up can you be that you would lie and say 50% of the tax slaves think Trump says bad words. Not as bad as when the head kleegle of the democrat Klan stood on the floor of the senate saying the N word over and over. or when LBJ said we will have these N's voting democrat for 200 years.  Here is how the plot goes. The party of No FLAG, No God, no kids will merge with the rino rats to stop Trump. Using the same tactic that Stalin used with Hitler to split Europe at Poland. Even the phony Weakly Stand down led by Billy Kristalnacht and the National Repuke founded by a pothead with a good vocabulary who told America communism was defeated. Yet when the wall came down it fell on us. The party symbol for Trump should be an upset apple cart.  The party song should be the farmer in the dell. Because the big cheese stands alone. That is what the rino demo commos are counting on.





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    Irate, Tireless Minority - Planning to Fail

    in Politics Conservative

    Doing my best to help the Lord set the brushfires of freedom in the hearts of men and to restore America, God willing, to the beacon of freedom she was meant to be.


    The IRS wants to force 501(c)3 organizations to collect the social security numbers of those who donate more than $250. What could go wrong?

    The Noshville Deli is closing it's main location due to deathcare and I suspect they are not alone.


    The largest demonstration in Polish history? Maybe, maybe not.

    Doing What's Right:

    Failure to plan is planning to fail.  The world is coming to the point where everything depends upon the willingness of the individual to stand up for their rights. Figure out where you stand now so that, when you are faced with those choices, your course is pre-determined.

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