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  • 01:31

    Troy Drayton is Our Special Guest

    in Football

      Troy Drayton chimes in to help us try to make sense of all that's happening with these Dolphins of ours!  The great tight end for the Dolphins from 1996-1999 (and formally with the Rams and Chiefs) sheds light on this very confusing time of change for his former team. As co-host on "The Finsiders", he stays up to date on all things Dolphins and with any luck, will share some of the inside scoop with us!  (Maybe he can give us some pointers on how to be good radio hosts too!)

       We’ll address the Tannehill haters out there too!  His numbers do nothing but improve from year to year but, all some fans choose to talk about are the things they see that he struggles with.  I for one am gonna give him some love!  We will talk Miller vs. Ajayi in the back field and a possible 2 headed monster behind Tanny...  The likelihood of DeVante Parker making a splash going into the 2nd half of the season, and so much more!!!  

    (516) 453-9433 is the # to call and ask Troy stuff and vent Dolphins, call me out on my opinions, and any other things ya wanna talk about on Thursday starting at 6:30PM (est.)

    Seeya then

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    Hornets Are A Tale of Two Stars

    in Basketball

    The Hornets are quickly becoming a tale of two stars, one rising and one trying to stay in the sky. It looks as if Nicolas Batum is getting the keys to the offense and he's driven it to an Eastern Conference Player of the Week award. Meanwhile, the Hornets are working on different ways to get better, closer looks for center Al Jefferson. We profiled that effort on our Youtube channel. We'll recap the win over the Portland Trailblazers and what it means for the Hornets road ahead. 

    Hive Talk Live


    Previewing a week where the Hornets welcome the Eastern Conference basement dwellers (Nets and 76ers)
    The Hornets have narrowed down their D-League name choices to three. Which one should they go with?
    Steph Curry passes his father and Hornets announcer/ambassador Dell Curry in total 3 pointers made. We discuss what Dell had to say about that. 

  • 01:59

    Kitty on Fleek: Do's and Dont's on Eating the Box

    in Entertainment

    If you're good to the kitty, the kitty will be good to you!  Ladies and gentlemen, we at Morning Sex Radio are going to let you in on how to eat the box.  This is not limited to men because girl on girl pleasure is booming.  We are going into extreme detail on where to suck, where to lick and never using teeth!  Some of y'all don't know how to go down or are too clean with it.  What if you're a first timer?  Putting this Jamaican "we don't eat no box" shit to rest once and for all!  Ladies: do you like a finger in the nani while he's eating or nah?  Does your man do it right or is he just scratching the surface?  We'll help out ladies.  Looking forward to hearing your good or bad stories and if you could give any pointers!

    Tune in this Saturday from 10am-noon to hear all of this, plus entertianment news, Shai's 2 Cents in 2 Minutes and Mycki's Motivation!  

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    All About Service Dogs Hosted by Doc Vencil Featuring Peter Felix Ramirez Corpus

    in Pets

    This episode we have Peter Corpus, Owner/Trainer at A Pack Nation Dog Training. Peter will discuss different training methods and ideals.

    Peter will give pointers to owner trainers on tips and tricks for getting the best out of your dog.


    This episode is produced by Saint Bernard's Service Dog Academy, Inc. A non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. We appreciate your support of this listener supported broadcast through PayPal at stb.sda@aol.com, or email us for details on how to give.

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    Awakening and The Paul Crouse Show - October Edition

    in Spirituality

    October 26, 2015

    Awakening with Bill Elliott and Kimmie Rose @ 8 pm EST

    Raising Children with Intuitive Gifts - This month join Bill Elliott and Kimmie Rose and their guest, Carolyn Rose Ruby Peters. Carolyn is a Reiki Master/Teacher, studied many forms of healing modalities. Carolyn recently lectured at "The Joy of Caring" along with Dr. Patch Adams. Her daughter, Kimmie Rose, was challenged by many things as a child and through courage and understanding Carolyn was able to help her embrace her psychic gifts. This will be a great show giving pointers to parents that have gifted children to help them feel that they are not crazy. This will be a great show so please join us on the phone lines or in the BTR chat room.

    The Paul Crouse Show @ 9 pm EST

    “Mystic 101: The Basics of a Magical Life” with guest, Denise Iwaniw - Life isn’t rational. It is magical. The question is: What kind of magic are you using? This month Paul talks with Star Nations co-founder Denise Iwaniw about her clairvoyant gifts, the gifts everyone has, and how to live a more magical life. Don’t miss this interesting conversation.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


  • Pass the Buck Talking Horses

    in Sports

    Listen in tomorrow afternoon @ 11:30am et. to a Special Pass the Buck Talking Horses, Breeders Cup Preview Show hosted by Buck Grottano and Special Guest Host Craig Spencer.  When it comes to preparing for the Breeders Cup Craig is the guy! He'll discuss and share some pointers on how to hit the Pick 5 & 6.  

    Call in Live 714-816-4628 to speak to the Hosts

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    Dependability..Growth for your Business

    in Religion

    As a business owner it is so important to HIRE people that are stable mentally and will build the business. Today I will address those over 5,000 emails that I received and give pointers on how to use or add dependable people to whatever task that is set out. Let's chat!!!

  • 01:06

    All About Service Dogs Hosted by Doc Vencil Featuring Karen Janelle Andrews

    in Pets

    This episode features Karen Andrews speaking about the importance of grooming your service dog.

    The ADA establishes the standard for cleanliness in service dogs for public access.

    Join us for this discussion and hear the point of view of a professional groomer.

    Karen will field questions near the end of the broadcast, so tune in and get some pointers.

    This show is produced by St Bernards Service Dog Academy, Inc. A non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. We appreciate your support of this listerner supported braodcast through PayPal at stb.sda@aol.com or write for directions for how to give.

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    "All About Tarot--Looking at What Could Be Based on What Is"

    in Spirituality

    Join us for the next episode of "Psychic Reflections From Starcrafts" at 7pm PST on our NEW NIGHT!
    Our first TUESDAY EVENING show--"All About Tarot"--airs at 7pm PST on Tuesday, September 22nd so please note the date & time--and get your questions ready! 
    Then, on Tuesday, be sure to call us LIVE at (657)383-1814!

    David, Teresa, Aaron, and Kyrie--our "Psychic Reflections From Starcrafts" Crew--will be talking about all things Tarot. Then we'll offer FREE READINGS to some of our awesome Callers. Listeners may also pick up pointers on how to make their own Readings better! 

    We LOVE seeing full switchboards on shows like these and we'll get to as many FREE READINGS as we possibly can--so be sure to be part of the Fun!

    Hope to Read for YOU then


  • 00:09

    When and How to Study

    in Education

    Studying as a college student is very different than what it probably was in high school.  It consists of doing more than homework and requires much more effort outside class.  This episode of Tassel to Tassel gives pointers to get you started that you can add to your toolbox of strategies.

  • 00:29

    Let's Talk ...about sex.

    in Women

    Psst! Today's topic is all about getting your point across when it comes to getting your desires met. It's about sex. Making it hot and steamy, if it's lost a bit of the luster. Over time, unless you're on top of it could slide to just okay. We don't want that, right? 

    I'll give three easy ways to get what your point and desires met. And your partner will understand whille your desires will be met in the very near future. This is for you (and your partnber) whether you've recently married or are still pre-married, and living together. This is to add spice, keep your romance going strong all around throughout your years together.