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    Episode 305 POI in 2014

    in News

    2014 is almost here and boy, are we ever excited!!

    We'll share our vision, our plan, our scheduled events and what the new year will hold for us as a business and for you, our valued member!

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    Episode 296 POI RADIO

    in News

    Breaking news and information from the security and public safety sectors, law enforcement and loss prevention news and a lot of training!

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    Episode 285 POI RADIO

    in News

    Security news, information and training

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    Episode 309 Strength in Numbers

    in News

    The importance of unity, communicaitons and directions

    How the POI association is and is not unified

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    Episode 308 The Legislative Process

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    The Legislative Process

    How laws become laws

    The process and steps of getting an idea made into law

    How POI is working with local and state representatives to change the laws of

    our industry.

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    Episode 307 Training Opportunities

    in News

    Tonight we'll share breaking news, excitement at POI and training opportunities for both the student and the instructor.

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    in Entertainment

    Alice Leonz is a singer & songwriter involved in many music collaboration projects with musicians from around the world. Besides working as a recording artist, she also performs in many venues and music festivals in Indonesia. Ronggowisnu is a songwriter, composer and arranger. At a very young age, Ron was introduced to classical electone and classical guitar. As a teen, he was influenced by the 90's glam rock and heavy metal. During his college years he concentrated on studying jazz piano and keyboard, with Riza Arshad, one of Indonesia's famous jazz musicians.

    Alice and Ron may be a world away but they are very much a part of the music scene in many countries, cultivating and nurturing relationships with other musicians via the internet and social media to create musical projects that are unique and unlike any other you may have heard.

    This couple is not afraid to tackle any project or musical challenge. Always thinking of ways to give back to the community, Alice and Ron joined the organization "Passion of Indonesia."  POI has been in existence and helping the poor and the needy for 7 years by feeding, clothing, tutoring and offering medical assistance to areas of Jakarta, Kupang, Rote and Bali.

    It was inevitable for this entrepreneur couple to find ways to help their country meet the needs of people who are displaced in slums, living by railroads or begging for food and money. "Sweet Christmas" album was born out of the need to give back to the Community. With a concept in mind and a few good friends to lend a hand, the project was completed in time for all the fans to enjoy Sweet Christmas melody with our families and at the same time giving back to people around the world who are in absolute poverty.

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    Lee Harris in New Energy show

    in Spirituality

    Lee prihaja iz Anglije iz mesta Brighton, trenutno živi in deluje v Boulderju (Colorado, Zda). V svetu je eden izmed najbolj poznanih in cenjenih channelerjev (medijev).

    S svojim kanaliziranjem prinaša sporocila in znanje kako izkušati svobodo znotraj sebe. Sporocila niso povezana z nobeno religijo ali ideologijo - njegov fokus je usmerjen v socutno srce, ljubezen do sebe, osvoboditev izpod mentalnih programov in custvenih ran.


    Njegova pot kanaliziranja se je zacela leta 1998. Zaslišal je glas Zachary-a, ki mu je najprej pojasnil, da je eden od 88 duhovnih vodnikov. V letih, ki so sledila mu je Zachary pomagal raziskati sebe. S casom pa je Lee razvil tehniko kanaliziranja tako dobro, da Zachary skozi njega govori popolnoma fluidno, kar je tudi med channelerji prava redkost. Lee je okrog sebe privabljal vedno vec ljudi, ki so hoteli uporabljati  informacije, ki jih je posredoval Zachary. V letu 2007 so se Zachary-u pridružili še Zapharia in Ziadora, ki skrbita za pretok feminilne energije in informacij, ki pomagajo v nas osvoboditi ranjen feminilni del.


    V zadnjih osmih letih je delal z vec kot 1700 ljudmi po svetu. Ljudje ga poišcejo za osebna svetovanja, se udeležujejo njegovih vodenih seminarjev, srecanj, delavnic in online konferenc.

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    Episode 198 POI EXPANSION-Taking it To The Streets

    in News

    Private Officer International is ready for major expansion and we're taking it to the streets!
    We will be announcing our new initiatives and how you, the member can earn additional income helping POI in it's expansion!

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