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    Change Starts With Me - With Missouri Rep. Jeff Pogue

    in Politics Conservative

    We are at a unique time in American history.  We desperately need a change in our country.  I believe the change has to start in the church.  That is why I started Christian Conservatives In Action.  

    Our initial Podcast is an introduction to the mission of Christian Conservatives In Action.  We will be speaking with Rep. Jeffrey Pogue from Missouri.  He will be giving us a legislator's view in to what can be done to get our country back on track.  

    Join us as we take our country back, one step at a time.

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    Review of the Bellvue Eschatology Lectures|Charles Pogue Dan. 7:13-14

    in Religion

    In todays broadcast, we will cover some of the remaining points from Dub McClish's lecture, then move into lessons on Daniel 7:13-14 by Charles Pogue. This brother approaches Daniel 7 with the presupposition that it is focuses on the day of Pentecost. However, we will demonstrate very clearly that the emphasis in Daniel is focused on the 70 Weeks of Daniel and the defeat of Israel's enemies and the vindication of the saints.

    Poague reveals the inherent weaknesses of the Amillennial view as advanced by those who spoke at the Bellvue Lectures.



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    State Sovereignty: Mike Moon, Rick Brattin, and Jeff Pogue

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    Every issue, every debate, every bill introduced and passed, every campaign for a seat to represent the people ought to focus on one single question. What does this idea, this bill, this candidate do to emphatically say "We are Missouri. In accordance with the contract between the 50 sovereign States we are in charge here! Get thee behind me Washington. Return to your realm of those powers we delegated to you. At home, WE RULE." To answer that question, the single most importnat piece of legislation introduced this session has been HB 215. HB 215, the Anti-Commandeering Requirement was second read on 1/8. Still, this bill has not been assigned a committee. What's up with that? We'll talk with Mike Moon for our Friday Night update, and this will be the central question.

    Then, Representative Rick Brattin will join us. Rep Brattin has introduced a bill to limit the use of food stamps, restricting their use to essential food staples and eliminating high end food items from eligibility. Already there's been pushback from those who feel your tax dollars should be used to purchase foods for recipients that you can't even afford. We'll discuss this bill and the pushback.

    Finally, in an action packed evening, Representative Jeff Pogue will come along to discuss his bill on Consitutional Carry. In the daily news we see State after State reducing the requirtements on concealed carry to one; do you breath air, if so, you have the right to protect that status.

    Join BTR featured host Dave and his trusty partner Mike Slack tonight as we explore the world of Right and Wrong. It's live at 7PM Missouri Time and you are welcome to participate. 347-677-1835

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    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz #35 (10/06/15) w/: Kyle Pogue

    in Comedy

    The $12 Dollar Radio Show with David Bublitz

    with guest, comedian Kyle Pogue.

    #35   (11/06/15)

    FREE internet radio.


    And worth almost every penny.

    LIVE most days.

    Archived episodes available 24/7.

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    Reform?? or Sleight of Hand - With Rep. Jeffrey Pogue

    in Politics Conservative

    You will hear a lot of discussion this week from Missouri legislators talking about welfare reform.  Welfare reform is a very important topic for many people.  It is vital for the truth about the reform bill to be told.  Was it real reform?  Or was it simply sleight of hand?  Representative Jeffrey Pogue will reveal the truth about the reform to Missouri's TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) Program on this show.

    We will also be updating some bills that were discussed on our Second Half preview show and giving you some action steps to protect our state. 

    Link to Action Steps: http://ccinaction.org/reform-or-sleight-of-hand-action-steps/

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    Review of Charles Pogue's Bellview Lecture John 5:28-29 Part 2

    in Religion

    Two weeks ago we began a study on Charle's Pogue's Bellview Lecture on Eschatology, namely, his treatement of John 5:28-29. He believes tthatt  two resurrections separated in time by almost 2000 years and counting. He dismisses a first century return of Christ and associated resurrection per 2 Tim. 4:1, by citing the term, "the hour is coming and now is" to refer to what he deems as the first resurrection in John 5 which is our redemption. He then reasons that the resurrection of verses 28-29 are ascribed to bodies raised from literal graves.

    This approach sounds plausible on the surface, especially with the use of "graves" to the Western mind. However, a closer application of the text along with the context from which it is quoted, i.e. Daniel 12, creates problems for the literal view. We will address this and other problems with a futurist view of the resurrection.


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    Review of the Bellvue Eschatology Lectures|Charles Pogue Dan. 7:13-14 Part 2

    in Religion

    Last week covered some introductory points made on Daniel 713-14 relative to the Lecture delivered by Charles Pogue at the Bellview Lectures. Most of his argumentation focused on the "already" and misinformation relative to the establishment of the kingdom, use and application of the term power and misalignments and overshooting of prophetic and temporal texts. We will focus more on these issues tonight.

    We will address the misrepresentation of Preterism by Amillennialists who fail to grasp the meaning of the already but not yet.

    For more infomation visit our websites at donkpreston.com and allthingsfulfilled.com



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    Why Omnibus Bills Are So Ominous - With Rep. Jeffrey Pogue

    in Politics Conservative

    This week on Christian Conservatives In Action, we have Rep. Jeffrey Pogue in for his weekly visit on "What's Wrong With Government?"  It was supposed to be a 10 minute segment, but I thought our discussion was important enough for us to keep going.  Omnibus bills are a big part of bad legislation and we must work to stop them.  If you are unfamiliar with omnibus bills, this show will educate you and give you an idea of what you can do to help stop them.

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    Review of Charles Pogue's John 5:24-29 Resurrection of the Dead Bellview Lecture

    in Religion

    It is little wonder that brethren at the Bellview Lectures have difficulty with the resurrection. They have challenges with the establishment of the kingdom, believing it was all consummated in 30AD. Charles Pogue seems to have no understanding of a transition or the progressive establishment of the church. 

    He argues the hour was imminent for the "spiritual resurrection" but separates it from the latter part of the text creating two resurrections, a spiritual one firt and a physical one later. He again argues the kingdom was at hand, fully established on Pentecost, never even citing Lk. 21:31. He also does not call attention to the same use of at hand to refer to the parousia or coming of the Lord in such texts as Jas. 5:7-8, 1 Pet. 4:7 and many others. 

    He asked about Acts 2:38 and the remission of sins, but would not read through to Acts 3:19 which states that sins would be "blotted out" at the restoration of all things when times of refreshing would come from the "presence" of the Lord, i.e. when God would send Christ to them.

    John 5:28-29 is a quote from Daniel 12:2. But so is Rom. 13:1-12, which says the resurrection was at hand and that they were in the "last hour". That is after Pentecost, thus after the "spiritual resurrection" which he affirmed was already in progress. So, now he has three resurrections and three hours unless he begins to do some consolidation.

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    The Free American

    in Education

    The International Jew -- The World's Foremost Problem 

    Clay Douglas, disgusted and displeased with the quality of the intelligence of modern man, takes a trip into the past to talk with real inteligence the Ghosts of Christmases Past. Bill Cooper, Jonathan Gray and more! The Free American  is the only magazine/rafio show  to deal forthrightly with what was called  Conspiracy Theories ten years ago but are on MSN today, ten years later. This interactive online magazine can be delivered to your e-mail in a PDF format.. Link videos and more. The Free American Radio and TV daily.is the only publication to consider and  examine the JEWISH question with out hate or prejudice. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights which  permits all American to worship as they please. We do not need wars between factions. www.freeamerican.com, Books and films at www.shop.freeamerican.com