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    Poet Unplugged presents: Poetic Fusion

    in Poetry

    Poet Unplugged is a place where artist of ALL kind can use thier craft/gift to engage the world on how to help make change within the lives of the youth and in communities such as schools, churches, fundraising events, etc! Poetic Fusion is a branch of Poet Unplugged. Poetic fusion is an open for ALL artist to share their talent AND participate in the many topics we have about THE ARTS itself! The topics engage artist in conversing about which way they want THE ARTS to go and how we can make it better for those following behind us! With your poetic hosts Sarah "TheElitePoet" and James "Idlewild" Harris, you can be sure to HEARD and have FUN! Join us every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month, 9:30pm -11:30pm. Just call 718-766-4684!

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    Poet Unplugged presents: Poetic Fusion

    in Poetry

    This is an online radio show where ALL artist can call in and share their gift! We love poets, but we love Art more! Come share your gift with The Rare Poet and I, The Elite Poet as your host and blaze the mic! get a chance to connect with other talented artist and expand your creative box! Let's BLAZE!

  • 02:04

    Poet Unplugged presents: Poetic Fusion

    in Poetry

    Poetic Fusion is an online radio show for ALL artist to come thru and share thier gift! This is an open mic/open forum to connect with others and to showcase ALL talent. So join your host The Rare Poet and The Elite Poet and bring the FIRE to the MIC!!!

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    Poet Unplugged presents: Poetic Fusion

    in Poetry

    Here is a great show where ALL poets can share a new piece of poetry, connect with other poets, and have fun! Come unleash the beast in your pen, and join us as The Rare Poet and I, The Elite Poet, for a great time!

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    The Roni Poet Show! Melanin w/Dr. Booker T. Coleman

    in Spirituality

    This episode is featuring Internationally respected Elder Brother Kaba Hiawatha Kamene aka Dr. Booker T. Coleman from Hidden Colors Documentary talking all about MELANIN!The Conscious Thinkin', Underground Hip Hop, R&B  & Poetry Playin', Spiritual Evolvin', Community Empowerin', Nature Lovin', All Things Creative & Country Twangafied, Roni Poet Talk Show! Interviewing You?!?

  • 02:20

    The Roni Poet Show! w/ Neb Nyansapo Nupu El & Ptah Seeker Ausaures

    in Spirituality

    On the first hour of The Roni Poet Show! 

    Discussing his book The Innerself In You, Neb is a former Nuwaubian, a member of Naqshbandi sufi order, a Mason, and a member of the Kemetian Mystic Association under the tutelage Faheem Judah-El, 23 years studying Islam, 13 years studying ancient egyptian studies, as well as studying the Arabic language, Nuwaubic language, and more recently Medu Ntr. Neb is also is a meditation and metaphysics teacher. He is also a Hip Hop emcee - 9th Scientist!

    On the second hour of The Roni Poet Show!

    Ptah Seeker Ausaures Royal scribe / Master craftsman & Keeper of Time, of the HOLY HOUSE of RA - www.ptahoriginals.com  will be introducing the nu-age cosmic thought. The cosmic revelation of the self creation of RA-NEB-ER-TCHER-RA. Science / Religion & Mathematics / as it was understood by our earliest ancient African indigenous primordial Pharaonic Ancestors.

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    That Poet Show

    in Poetry

    Call in and share your poetry.

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    Music Poetry Writing: Guest Sophia 'The Gypsy Poet'!

    in Poetry

    Welcome to Music Poetry Writing!  Saturdays 3:30PM Central Time!

    I'll be interviewing: Poets, Writers, Award Winning Authors, Performance Artist, Directors, and Musicians! 

    I'm your Host- Brooke Lovestone chatting with Guest Sophia 'The Gypsy Poet'!

    An originator of music, poetry, she delves into anything creative.  Also, Host of

    'Gypsy Poet Radio' with wit and grit she masters her creations. And is here to stay...Hell, no--She ain't going away...

    Welcome to Music With Brooke Lovestone: Guest Guest Sophia 'The Gypsy Poet'!

    Here's a of Sophia's links:









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    RegalPoete Presents Who Cares? A LunchTslk w/ Poet-Entreprenuers

    in Entrepreneur

    2015 is vastly approaching and you are a poet, author or promoter. Who Cares?! That is the question we hear year after year. Why should a venue, fan or promoter care about you and what you do? More importantly, how can you teach about the poetry industry quickly so I can understand that this business exchange is mutually beneficial. We discuss by showcasing our PMAM method and showcasing poets from TEDX. Listen in on great tips, great poetry and a great talk. We are the only radio dedicated to the Poet - Entreprenuer.  Check out why we have been placed as the best. 

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    The Roni Poet Show! Maat Butterfly Crystal Healing

    in Spirituality

    The Roni Poet Show! with Maat Butterfly chatting about crystal healing, Urban Raw Festival, theater, and more!
    MaatRa Butterfly (which means transformative life force energy through balance) practices an organic and holistic approach to healing and interacting with others (and her self) through a conscious awareness that directs body, mind and spirit at multiple levels. She knows that it is only through continuous efforts that, “the seeds you plant today will be your flowers tomorrow.” Certified in Reiki and Crystal Healing, Maat enjoys acting, writing, dance, filmmaking, raw food preparation, crystals, astrology, education, gardening, meditation and her children.
    The Conscious Thinkin', Underground Hip Hop, R&B  & Poetry Playin', Spiritual Evolvin', Community Empowerin', Nature Lovin', All Things Creative & Country Twangafied, Roni Poet Talk Show! Interviewing You?!?

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    Traveling Poet Radio

    in Poetry

    Calling all poets, travelers, storytellers, and artists. Feel free to call in. Share your stories. Ask the Traveling Poet a question. Provide feedback. Love. Or anything else you want!
    I will update you in each episode of my travels around the world. You can also track where I am in the world by going to www.TravelingPoet.com

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