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    What's the matter with Kansas? "The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy recently reported that Kansas has the ninth-most unfair tax system in the country.  A Kansan earning $47,700 a year pays 9.5 percent of income in state and local taxes; but someone earning $1,191,700 pays an effective rate of just 3.6 percent."

    So much for the 'trickle down' libertarian economic theories masterminded by the Wichita plutocrats Charles & David Koch; and implemented by Gov. Sam Brownback and his cronies in the state legislature.


    Program Summary: 21 March 2015

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    What's the matter with Kansas? "The Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy recently reported that Kansas has the ninth-most unfair tax system in the country.  A Kansan earning $47,700 a year pays 9.5 percent of income in state and local taxes; but someone earning $1,191,700 pays an effective rate of just 3.6 percent."

    So much for the 'trickle down' libertarian economic theories masterminded by; the Wichita plutocrats Charles & David Koch, and implemented by Gov. Sam Brownback and his super-majority in the state legislature.

    Program Summary: 21 Feb. 2015

    Kansas legislative news shorts provided by the Kansas National Organization of Women, the Kansas Democratic Party, Kansas Farmers Union, local news media, etc.

    Hear what committee chief is holding up Medicaid expansion in Kansas, and why.  Also the latest last ditch attempt to keep irrigating federally subsidized crops in the Kansas southwestern desert.

    2nd Hour - Hear the latest from "across the pond" (released for distribution 20 Feb. 2015) from investigative reporter, Tony Gosling & "Old Labour" Martin Summer as they host from the U. K.'s Bristol community radio station the "Friday Drivetime" show. 

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    Re-Evolution Radio Light Upon Light Pt.5

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    Re-Evolution Radio presents the Light Upon Light Series Pt.5 with Imam Yusuf Abdus Salaam. Tonight the Imam goes into Synchronicities, this show is truly a beacon of light for the seekers.

    "The Pagan Ball worshipping superbowl reveals a story that must be told."

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    The great Republican sellout delivered lightning fast

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    Didn't take the Republican House long to break promises of the 2014 midterms.

    What's even more remarkable is they expected respect from Democrats for doing so.

    Friday's Don and Doug tracks the latest on fragmented attempts to shove a corrupt appropriations plan down America's throat. If any of Obama's executive immigration amnesty gets funded, those voting the appropriation become complicit in its treachery.

    There's other stuff bubbling too.

    Items of absurdity continue to compound. Some big, some small. All become data points, as Don and Doug continue connecting the dots in these perilous times. 

  • Feed Your Head and Progress Toward Democracy

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    'Feed Your Head' is off tonight.  Catch RA (Ruthann Amarteifio) over at 'Here-Be-Monsters on BTR for 'The Ceremony' with Gwendolyn Holden Barry and others as we celebrate the Winter Solstice!!

    "Progress Toward Democrcy w/ Brian Stetten and Ruthann RA Amarteifio' is happy to welcome Danny Weil back!!

    We begin by Brian Stetten briefly discussing right wing libertarian insanity and the promotion of freedom and democracy for plutocrats only.

    Then education/labor activist, and public attorney Danny Weil will discuss picking your poison: Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton. How the plutocrats made a mockery of representative democracy!

    Danny Weil is a writer for Project Censored and Daily Censored. He received the Project Censored "Most Censored" News Stories of 2009-10 award for his article: "Neoliberalism, Charter Schools and the Chicago Model / Obama and Duncan's Education Policy: Like Bush's, Only Worse," published by Counterpunch, August 24, 2009.
    Dr. Weil has published more than seven books on education in the past 20 years. You can also read much more about the for-profit, predatory colleges in his writings found at Counterpunch.com, Dailycensored.com, dissidentvoice.com and Project Censored.com where he has covered the issue of the privatization of education for years. He can be reached at weilunion@aol.com.
    His book, an encyclopedia on charter schools, entitled: "Charter School Movement: History, Politics, Policies, Economics and Effectiveness," 641 pages, was published in August of 2009 by Grey House Publishing, New York, and provides a scathing look at the privatization of education through charter schools.

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    The late, great comic George Carlin did a 3-min./12-sec. comedy skit a few years back.

    It basically encapsulated the entire thrust of what the Occupy Wall Street movement was all about.

    Only a handful of people actually have a say in the affairs of our country and that is because they own literally everything ---> land, buildings, corporations, banks AND most importantly, the AIR WAVES!

    They therefore OWN all of the rest of us.  They have us by the BALLS!

    They tell us what to think, how to react, what to focus on or not.

    The 1% know full well that, for the most part, MOST of us will do as we're told and not bother thinking about any BIG PICTURE.  They know full well that, for the most part, we are too bogged down with our own respective daily dramas - like survival - and that we will never mount any real concerted threat directed at their monopoly of power.

    We, in effect, play the part of the victim all too well.  We allow the mighty plutocratic machine to ram us up the arse continuously and relentlessly with the Red, White & Blue Shaft.  And, we don't really work up much of a lather to offer up a real objection or complaint.  We can only muster up a tinny whine and just continue to muddle along.

    Having lost so many hard fought rights and privileges over the last 30-35 years the Plutocrats are now going after our Social Security & Carlin suggests that they will get that as well.

    He closes his skit with a complete refutation of the so-called AMERICAN DREAM.  He intones:  "It's A Dream, Because You Have To Be ASLEEP TO BELIEVE IT!

    Worker Bees Of The World Throw Off Your Blinders.  You Have Nothing To Lose But Your Own MYOPIA.




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    Restructuring Your Mindset: The rise of the new super rich...are you one of them

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    A common theme that I have come across while researching and studying on how not to be broke is this: the middle class is disappearing. Have you ever seen the movies Elysium, In Time, and Looper? If you notice (or if you haven't watched it) there is no middle class: there are only the rich and the poor.

    We, the middle class, are currently in a situation similiar to the frog in the boiling pot. We, like the frog, don't know know that while we are sitting in comfortable warm water, the situation will soon become unbearable and by then, it will be to late to save ourselves.

    On tonight's radio show, we will talk about the trends that point to this future, what the super rich are doing about it, and how our current action steps determine which class we will end up in. 

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    Politics Done Right on KPFT - Should Middle Class be sharpening their pitchforks

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    This week’s show   
    September 1st, 2014
    Should Middle Class be sharpening their pitchforks yet?

    Today is labor day. It is a day to honor those who are the real heroes of the American economy. Unfortunately American workers are being abused and taken advantage of. As they have become more productive, they have not shared in the spoils.

    This can be directly attributed to the decline in unions and a purchased government that affords the plutocrats and capitalists reign over the entire economy. The American worker has become but a commodity. A commoditized worker creates a declining middle class and an impoverished nation.

    How much longer will the working poor and middle class acquiesce to said treatment? Should the middle class be sharpening their pitchforks.

    You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here.

    Let’s get busy.

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    Chrystia Freeland: Rise of The New Plutocrats

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    Reuter’s Digital Editor Chrystia Freeland explained the global growth of the plutocracy, the economic and technological drivers behind the growth of small sectors of super wealth, the impact of the bubble the plutocrats live in globally, the challenge the left … Continue reading →

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    Liberal Fix: Dan Bimrose Focuses In On Income Inequality

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    Excellence in Progressive Radio. Join us for our 30 minute progressive politics news update. A daily dose of politics and the Liberal Fix to fit your busy schedule.  

    Tonight Dan Bimrose talks about income inequality.  He discusses Nick Hanauer's recent article "The Pitchforks Are Coming For Us Plutocrats." at politico.com, and another article which suggests that the Bush tax cuts cost all of us a lot of money.

    As always, we offer news, commentary and analysis important to progressives and liberals across America. This is a must-add to your can't-miss directory of Progressive Podcasts or Liberal Podcasts.

    If you are interested in being a guest and for any other inquiries or comments concerning the show please contact Naomi Minogue at naomi@liberalfixradio.com.

    Liberal Fix Website

    Liberal Fix Facebook

    Liberal Fix Twitter

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    Dave Dayen & Dave Waldman • VS Sundays

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    Pitchforks, student debt and  GunFAIL, Dave Dayen & Dave Waldman discuss the hollowing out of the middle class in a slow growth economy, a solution for the absurdly high college tuitiions and student loan burdens as an example of counterproductive public policy. Also David Waldman's #GunFAIL project--and the NYTimes departure from that beat.  

    Political satirist Culture of Truth adds the most ridiculous moment from the Sunday morning talk shows. Follow @kagrox @ddayen @jayackroyd @bobblespeak



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