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    "The Dark Side of Cupid" author Eve Lorgen

    in Spirituality

    Make sure you hear this one!  Lavandar gives two thumbs up to this masterful author.  Eve Lorgen, author of “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships, and “The Dark Side of Cupid: Love Affairs, the Supernatural and Energy Vampirism"  is a 20 plus year researcher and hypnotherapist in anomalous trauma. This spectrum includes alien/ET encounters, paranormal experiences, milabs, and other dimensional visitations. The focus of her two books reveal taboo aspects of how love relationships have been orchestrated, interfered with or disrupted by paranormal sources.  Eve also holds a B.S. in Biochemistry, as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Her scientific and intuitive skills have contributed to her success in understanding these otherworldly experiences. While research is important, her priority is in support, healing and empowered sovereignty for her clients.  Her inspiration into the anomalous started early in life with her own paranormal experiences, and also through the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner and the UFO and alien abduction researcher, Barbara Bartholic.  Check out her website: http://evelorgen.com

    Announcing the next Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas, May 10-16, 2015!
    Email crystals (at) starseedhotline.com for more details.

    Joyous Holidays from all of us! Lavandar, Arielle, Anastasia, Tammie, Fiona, Vania and Klaudija.  Let there be peace on Earth.

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    Jim and Sandy Young of AngelTalkTV

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    At the young age of about 5 years old, Sandy Young was already  communicating telepathically with her Grandmother, who lived over 150 miles away.  Sandy can also remember well, seeing and talking with Angels by the age of 12 years old.  This began her path as an Angelic Communicator that she continues today.  In 2001, she married Jim Young,  a licensed Christian Minister, who was a child evangelist at the age of 12, a Healer, and Prophetic  Intuitive. He can remember communicating with Jesus as young as 4 years old. He is also a researcher/author/teacher oF the Ancient History of the Planet.   He and Sandy are co-hosts of Angel Talk Television, and have interviewed many high profile people, including the Dali Lama.  In addition to their broadcast work, Sandy has aided law enforcement with her psychic and remote viewing gifts, and she’s also a Master in several types of Reiki as well as a pioneer in Sound Frequency Healing.  Jim  is also a professional speaker,  Angelic communicator, and a laying on of hands healer.  Their work also includes ET communication and visitation.  On their Angel Talk TV show, they’ve predicted many major events, including the financial crisis, bank collapse, and their message of hope foretells of new technologies to revolutionize automobiles, and water supplies.  They are both currently ministers of the Living Light Center, a Church of Faith and Healing in West Virginia.  Check out their great website:http://www.angeltalktv.com

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    Announcing: The next Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas! May 10-16, 2015.  Email for more info - crystals(at)starseedhotline.com

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    Crystal Quest Stories Sept. 2014

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    Twice a year, in the spring and fall, we gather starseeds with the specific astrological Star Markings that identify them as a member of a particular soul group, which we call the Crystal Soul group.  People come to Arkansas from across the globe to answer the call of the crystals, receive crystal activations, personal empowerment and reunite with soul family.  There is soul recognition, and together each Quest group adds to the energy matrix of the previous groups in service to the Crystal Grid.  We're announcing the next Crystal Quest to Arkansas, May 10 to 16, winding up on Pleiadean Line Up.  At our last Quest in September 2014, we saw a nearly unbelievable pattern emerge, demonstrating that these gatherings are orchestrated from Galactic sources.  We're happy to have several from that group with us on the show to share their thoughts and stories about the Crystal Quest.
    If you have the galactic degrees of 25, 26, 27 in any of these signs - Aquarius or Leo, Capricorn or Cancer, Taurus or Scorpio, you have the Rites of Passage to participate.  If you'd like more info, just email crystals(at)starseedhotlineD0Tcom

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    Thanks so much for tuning in, and Happy Thanksgiving  from all of us at StarseedHotline: Lavandar, Arielle, Tammie, Anastasia, Fiona, Vania and Klaudija

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    November Pleiadean Line Up!

    in Spirituality

    Lavandar speaks about a galactic alignment between the Earth and the Pleiades, which happens every May and November when our Sun is at 25, 26, and 27 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio.  This is an important time for starseeds, especially those with Pleiadean missions.  These Pleiadean days are a time of celebration of The Blue Planet and their bloodlines, checking on the progress of certain projects, and helping us take another step up in our evolution.

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News segment with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream media!  We'd also like to thank Fiona, Vania, and Klaudija for their backstage contributions, and hosting the switchboard.

    Thanks so much for listening, and Happy Pleiadean Line Up!

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    "Potty Train Your Brain-Toltec Tools and Wisdom to Stop the Mind's Interference"

    in Spirituality

    Diana Adkins is deeply committed to understanding the nature of 'life, the universe and everything else', and her passions have taken her around the world - from barns to boardrooms, mountains to monasteries and from seeking to surely finding.  Toltec teacher, minister, coach and author of How to Potty Train Your Brain, Diana focuses her work on the Toltec Mysteries, yet she blends her training in Shamanism, Spiritualism, Wicca, Science, Energy, Pranayanna Yoga, Buddhism, Native American Church, Christianity and Life in her work.  She is a Reiki Master and is certified in the Law of Attraction, Rays, the Dervish Healing Order and Shamanic Healing. How to Potty Train Your Brain details Toltec philosophy, giving 30 tools to guide us to understand how and what we’re really doing inside – and how to retrain our brain to serve us rather that being a slave to our thoughts.  A ‘recovering accountant’, Diana worked as CEO/CFO for non-profits in ID, WA, CA, NM, TX and Indonesia…until she stopped.  She says, “I’ll be one of those people that, at the end, skid in sideways saying - Wow, what a ride!”  Diana has a free gift for our listeners, so be sure to hear the show.  Her website is http://makeitsacred.com

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    Thanks for tuning in!

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    Paola Harris on Exopolitics and Craig Campobasso Film "Stranger At The Pentagon"

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    This episode features two wonderful guests.  Paola Harris is a photojournalist/investigative reporter in the field of ET phenomena research for 30 years. A widely published free-lance writer, she has studied ET related phenomena since '79 and is on personal terms with leading researchers in the field.  From '80-'86 she assisted Dr. J. Allen Hynek with his UFO investigations, and has interviewed many top military witnesses concerning their involvement in the government truth embargo.  In '97, Ms. Harris met and interviewed Col. Philip Corso in Roswell, NM and became a personal friend and confidante.  She wrote the preface of his book, The Day After Roswell.  She has just written the preface for the Italian edition of astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell's  book, The Way of the Explorer. http://www.paolaharris.com

    Craig Campobasso has completed a feature-length screenplay ‘Stranger at the Pentagon’  based on the book by Dr. Frank E. Stranges released in 1967. The short version of the film tells the story of a Created Being named Valiant Thor, who was a documented guest of the Eisenhower administration from '57-'60.  It won best Sci-Fi Film at The Burbank International Film Festival in September '14. Emmy nominated casting director for Picket Fences, Campobasso’s other passion is to write and direct stories that cause people to think, raise their consciousness, and expand their minds about Creation, while still entertaining in the Hollywood tradition. His profound experiences over the past 3 decades can be gleaned in his book, The Autobiography of an ExtraTerrestrial Saga: I AM Thyron. http://www.strangeratthepentagon.com

    The Starseed News with Anastasia opens the show!

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    Apocalyptic Timeline & 2015-2016 Confirmations w Steve Steinman

    in Religion

    Apocalyptic Timeline & 2015-2016 Confirmations w Steve Steinman

    Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they discuss the latest apocalyptic headlines and warnings to an imminent breakout of global war, financial collapse and the calamities of Revelation 6 leading to World War III.  Tonight we also expect to welcome to the show brother Steve Steinman to discuss how the Lord has shown him through his Biblical prophetic research that we are on a 2015-2016 timeline as well.  

    God Bless You - See you there!


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    Waking Up in 5D with Maureen St. Germain

    in Spirituality

    One of our most popular guests, author and intuitive Maureen St. Germain returns with her newest book, "Waking Up in 5D".  She has traveled and taught workshops worldwide for almost twenty years, and her previous books, "Be A Genie" and "Beyond the Flower of Life" became Amazon bestsellers.  In 2003, she was given direct access to the dimension known as the Akashic Records.  Using the principles of her Genie System, Maureen has created a life filled with love, success and happiness.  Starting with an annual salary of $35,000, she single handedly paid off $50,000 of both her and her former husband's debt, put 3 of her 4 sons through college ($100,000), manifested the career of her dreams, landed a three book deal with a major publisher, went on to write her first two bestsellers, wrote and recorded 15 meditation CDs and married the man of her dreams.  It is her passion to help people grow and evolve, and her mission to help others manifest their heart's desire.  With her newest book, Waking Up in 5D, she gives practical tools to guide you through humanity's ascension to 5D, where love is the governing rule.  Check out her website, http://www.maureenstgermain.com

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    Thanks to Fiona, Vania and Klaudija for hosting the switchboard, and to you for tuning in!

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    The Children of Now Evolution by Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey

    in Spirituality

    Meg Blackburn Losey, PhD, is the author of the international bestseller The Children of Now, along with several other books including Conversations with the Children of Now, The Art of Living Out Loud, and The Secret History of Consciousness.  Dr. Meg is the creator of the Touching the Light Healing Modality and offers Certification courses.  She is an international keynote speaker and lectures worldwide.  Dr. Meg is a PhD of Holistic Life Coaching, holds a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics and has served as a consultant to Good Morning America and 20/20.  Her newest book is The Children of Now Evolution, where she revisits these spectacular children and discusses who they are becoming and how their growing influence is changing society for the better.  Losey offers concrete information for parents, and others, to understand what these kids need and how to help them function and flourish. Too often these children are mislabeled as ADD or ADHD or worse.  She also addresses the metaphysical realities that these children perceive.  With new research and reports from the field, The Children of Now Evolution is even more important to the families of today and tomorrow.  Visit her website at:http://www.spiritlite.com

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    "Axiatonal Light Grid" Master teacher Aimee Carruth

    in Spirituality

    As a near death experience survivor, Aimee has a unique outlook about life in general. A skilled teacher, author, lecturer, both on radio and television, she sees and hears energy and patterns in a client’s life which, when brought to conscious awareness, enable a person to deal with their life very differently.  Aimee is one of a very few in the world that teach and practice the Axiatonal Light Grid, an energy work that calls in the soul’s original intention to be physical. When that memory is (re-)called into present space and time, the client’s outlook, life and quite simply, the way they participate in the world changes.  She's the author of "Facts Are Beliefs Made Solid." She was a founding member of the National Institutes of Health Office of Alternative and Complementary Medicines, is a medical intuitive, and an advocate for alternative medicines.  Aimee has lectured and led meditations at the United Nations S.R.C. (staff recreation council) Enlightenment Society, for spiritual awareness.  Check out her website at  http://www.elighten.org  She is also the publisher of http://LoveRising.info, which is a rich resource of information and alternative technologies for forward thinking people.

    At the top of the show, it's Anastasia's Starseed News, bringing topics of interest to starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream news!

    Thanks to Fiona, Vania and Klaudija for their ongoing contributions to Starseed Radio Academy in hosting the switchboard!

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    "The Goddess and The Green Man" with Allan Green

    in Spirituality

    Allan Green has been guiding people through their Past Life & Spiritual Journeys for over 34 years, experiencing over 23,000 individual journeys with people. He has the ability to see what people see, and feel what they feel. The youngest he has worked with was 7 years old. Find your mission and purpose, heal past life wounds that cause pain or issues this life. View inner child, release fears, blocks and phobia’s. Allan has viewed 528 alien species and home planets with people. He guides people into their Soul Light, to meet with their Spirit Guides, see if you have wings, or a Dragon helper in Spirit form. You can talk to people passed over, and if need be, free them to the final light. Allan also does Higher Self and Over Soul readings, giving massive awareness, for your direction and the power of who you really are on infinite levels. Allan started removing implants 20 years ago, where he helped remove 57 implants from one person. That and energy healing, reconnecting, and helping people heal their relationship issues has been a lifelong mission and passion. He says, "It is humbling to be present and witness, the enlightenment and up-leveling people experience. "  Check out his websites: http://www.allangreen.ca and http://www.crystalearthhealingspa.com and his wife, Catherine, who's also been a guest here: http://www.catherinegreen.net and their Ompah, Ontario retreat called "The Goddess and the Green Man".

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News with Anastasia, bringing starseed topics that you won't hear in the mainstream media!

    Thanks for tuning in!

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