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    Daily Slant (11.04.15) - Week 9 DFS Plays

    in Sports

    Josh Hayes and Renee Miller cover their top cash and GPP plays for NFL Week 9, including how to use Derek Carr this Sunday, what to do with Jeremy Langford, which bargain bin tight end may be a better option than Gronkowski, and whether you should play Stephon Diggs on DraftKings or FanDuel.

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    Test show! Free Readings

    in Spirituality

    This is a test show dedicated to my Friend at Curious Time Radio Show, because she hate Lurkers!


    I Can also be Reached for private affordable readings at: www.keen.com/Winter Plays

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    Daily Slant (10.20.15) - Week 7 DFS Plays

    in Sports

    Co-founder of FantasyInsiders.com Dan Gaspar joins Josh Hayes and Renee Miller to talk strategy and bankroll considerations for live final qualifiers, along with some of his recommended plays for Week 7. Renee and Josh also discuss which Rams you should have exposure to, whether Ryan Tannehill is a stack or fade, where you can go cheap on defense, and what do with Christine Michael this week.

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    The role TasP plays in the expanded HIV prevention.

    in Lifestyle

    With advances in HIV biomedical prevention, there are new methods available to choose from – commonly referred to as an expanded HIV prevention toolkit. Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), the one pill once a day antiretroviral method taken by a person prior to exposure to HIV, is receiving the spot light in the news and public health conversations. And for good reason: this method is both highly effective and provides a user-controlled method that does not have to be negotiated with partners, unlike female and male condoms.  However, there is another antiretroviral-based prevention method that is even more effective: treatment as prevention or TasP. When a person living with HIV takes their medication as prescribed, the amount of HIV virus in their blood will reach a level of “undetectable”  which is not only ideal for their own health but dramatically reduces the risk of passing HIV to a partner/s. While TasP is currently the less famous HIV prevention method, it may be favored by some, including couples.  Not only is TasP is effective and cost efficient, the practice of TasP can empowering the person living with HIV and provides a tangible activity for balancing HIV-related stigma.

    Join us for a lively discussion on the valuable role TasP plays in the expanded HIV prevention toolkit.


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    College Daily Slant (09.04.15) - Week 1 Plays

    in Sports

    Matt Freedman (@MattFtheOracle) and Wes Huber (@PFF_Wes) run through the fantasy-relevant news items of Week 1, discuss the notable Vegas Lines, and give their DraftKings and FanDuel Plays of the Week for Saturday's games. Players discussed include Skyler Howard, Jaquez Johnson, Jalen Hurd, Alex Collins, Duke Williams, Jordan Payton, Joshua Perkins, and Travis Greene.

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    PODCAST: Erik Ayers Discusses Pivotal Plays

    in Business

    The foundation of the Pivotal Plays campaign is all about showcasing the often-unsung heroes who have performed amazing things that may have been overlooked.
    Much like athletes whose actions are vitally important to the outcome of a game – though aren’t getting the recognition they deserve -- Pivotal Plays are all about finding stories of achievement, progress and the things that define our every day.
    Whether it is something that occurs in the community, on the playing field in sports, in business or in government, the Pivotal Plays program is about giving credit where credit is due. We want to recognize the individuals, groups, teams and organizations that perform those achievements and bring them to light.
    Erik Ayers, Co-Founder of the Pivotal Plays Campaign, discusses why uncovering and recognizing these Pivotal Plays is paramount to the campaign itself.

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    College Daily Slant (09.25.15) - CFB Week 4 DFS Plays

    in Sports

    Matt Freedman (@MattFtheOracle) and Wes Huber (@PFF_Wes) run through the fantasy-relevant news items of Week 4, discuss the notable Vegas lines, and give their DraftKings and FanDuel Plays for Saturday's games. Players discussed include Matt Johnson, Skyler Howard, Patrick Skov, KD Cannon, Josh Doctson, and Tyler Higbee.

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    NFL, "Not For Long" plays, & What? Are you doing, OMG! Team memories :(

    in Football


    Packer fans are still in a little "shock" at the events of last year's NFC Championship game or I sure am, what a Debacle of major,” Packer Proportions”, & Sunday night the Pack will finish it :) I am sure Eldridge has some Raider, what are you doing, plays to share! Fred Thurston, joining us, awesome insight, Pack, needs a (Fuzzy) # 63, Karma sweep to finally crash Da Seahawks           


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    Daily Slant (11.19.15) - Week 11 DFS Plays

    in Sports

    Josh Hayes and Renee Miller dive into the Week 11 NFL slate and talk about whether Derek Carr deserves to be a top five option at QB, how to sort out all the mid-priced running back options, play another round of tight end king of the hill, and whether you should drop Mike Evans from your lineups.

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    Questions remain as Valeant plays defense

    in News

    The Moneybeat crew attempts to answer looming questions that remain after Valeant Pharmaceuticals attempts to defend itself.

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    in Politics Progressive

    Russia is launching airstrikes in Syria. Why do we care?